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Flickr Highlights #50401

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For the first full week of April, 2005, here are a few very nice Creative Commons-licensed images found on flickr.com this week. Be sure to click on each image to see a larger version and browse each photographer’s other photos!


by Vaughan
Alto Firenze!

by iv0/genericgrl
salpiglosis innards

by hurleygurley
Itsukushima Shrine

by Night Owl City
Dragonflies on the water

by Renee May
Mushrooms 2

by natural gas
Worried Farmer

by Shepherd

by rheros

The Creative Commons is having a massage, says flickr, so these are just a few of my favorites. While it appears that I can legally link to non-CC-licensed photos using this format, there are so many wonderful photos in CC-land that I don’t think I’ll need to fall back on that.

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  • This is great, Phillip — thanks. I’m always looking for good CC stuff to use. Some of these pics are amazing. Really dig the shrine.

  • I’m thinking about doing some themes, but without the CC search working on flickr, I went for a random smattering this week. Most of them are from my “favorites.” I forgot to include any of mine, which is stupid. What’s the point of writing a feature if I can’t pimp my own stuff? 🙂