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Flavor Of Love 2’s Buckwild Needs A Reality Check, Not A Show

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For an August 12 segment of her show on BlogTalkRadio, Becky "Buckwild" Johnson makes it clear she likes being famous. The segment's main goal? To help her get back on Flavor Of Love. Those who are aware of the former rap hypeman's train wreck of a reality show on VH1 will know that the series has been brought back for a third season.

During the second season, Ms. Johnson, who was a contestant for the heart of Flavor Flav, dropped out of the race because she was on the verge of violating her probation. It's believable that Buckwild loved Flav. For all the black-acting she did and has done since that season ended, it is clear that she is in desperate need of attention and feels somehow that her being white makes her plain.

Ms. Johnson needs to know a little secret — being black is no more a paradise than is being white. The trouble is the brothers and sisters that Becky associates with aren't being real with her — they are merely posing. Not all African-Americans like the same things or act the same way. In fact, she would be surprised to find out that some black people are as dry as the white people she attempts to disassociate herself from.

Yes, I said it. There are such things as "dull black folks". I'm one of them.

I suppose the only way you make it in life is by wearing a pair of rose-colored glasses and never seeing the forest for the trees. In her case it got her on Flavor Of Love, Charm School and as a result — a following on her online talk show. The more we see of soul sista Buckwild and not Becky Johnson, the more people won't know what's real.

As of now, she is working on an attempt to be given another chance for the heart of Flav for the third season of his series. You think I'm lying? Head over to the casting website and search for Buckwild. However according to the rules, no contestants can re-enroll if they have appeared on the show previously.

Even though I claim not to watch or like the show or the people who get on it, I will say that Courtney "Goldie" Jackson makes the Gong Show antics of anything associated with Flavor Of Love watchable. It's too bad that she got fired from Monique's tour for joking about her arms. Why can't VH1 put Goldie on there one more time? I know she left because she wanted to be Flav's friend, but still — she could raise the ratings by being there.

So far the powers that be on the casting website have managed to keep Buckwild's attempts down to a mimmum, but her profile is still on the website. I get their thinking — let her live in the delusion she will get an eleventh hour acceptance until she sees that she is not selected. Then she will realize there's more to life than playing pretend.

On second thought, VH1 could give her a show with BootzThe Ghetto Ebony and Ivory Variety Hour!

In all seriousness, someone needs to have a sit-down with Becky Johnson, not Buckwild. Not so much as to remind her she isn't black, but to remind her that what she considers black culture isn't really "black". When she discovers who we really are, she'll find that the grass is not really that great on the other side.

Meanwhile if anyone at VH1 reads this, please consider giving Goldie a show.

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  • I think you’re onto something with Bootz getting her own show. I’m seeing her hosting a talk-show, where she interviews public figures, asks them the tough questions and then threatens to knock guests the “F” out if they don’t give her the answer she wants.