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Flash Games: Orb, Orb 2, Orb Avoidance, Orbox B

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Oh, is it Friday again already? Then I suppose it's time for Friday Flash Games!

Every Friday I present three or more games for your entertainment, all of which require the Adobe Flash Player and your choice of web browser. This week I was sorely tempted to include a game that doesn't require Flash, but I'm a man of my word, and Flash will be required for every game.

I'll let you know when there is music or sound, so that you can adjust your computer's volume level before waking up the neighbors.

This week, in honor of Independence Day on July 4th, four games! For no particular reason, they're all about orbs.

OrbOrb is a maze game. You pick up the Orb at the starting point and take it to the end. As far as that goes, the mazes are really simple. Of course, there are complications.

First of all, you can't touch the edges, which is more difficult than it sounds. Also, there's a lot of leafy foliage and pipes to block your view. They go translucent when you pass underneath them, but they're not there to be helpful. There are switches and things that make you grow or shrink, some of which are necessary, and some of which are only there to ruin your day.

There is music that plays throughout the game, and I don't see any way to mute it. Sadly, the game does not remember where you left off, nor does it provide level codes.

Orb 2Orb 2 is a maze game. As with Orb, the mazes are simple, but the obstacles and challenges have gotten more creative and challenging. There are some new view-blockers and animated clouds. There are more switches. Most importantly, there are more levels to play once you finish the first game.

The music can be switched off in-game, but the sound effects don't, so that's of limited help. There are some challenge modes to make things really interesting. Most important of all, the game remembers where you left off, so you don't have to play the entire game in one sitting. This is most definitely a worthy sequel.

Orb AvoidanceWith many games called Orb out there, sites look for ways to distinguish one from another. So it is that this game gained the name Orb Avoidance. Your method of control is unusual — you control your cursor! That's all, nothing else. Little orbs chase your cursor, limited by gravity and orbits, and your job is to keep your cursor away from them and from the boxes that appear on screen. Don't spend too long with your cursor outside the playing area, either.

It isn't just a survive-as-long-as-your-can game. You've also got to "trick" the orbs into running into the boxes. They have eyes only for you, and don't even notice the deadly boxes, so this should be that hard, right? It isn't — with one orb. Or two. But a dozen? Two dozen?

Each color of orb moves slightly differently. Light blue orbs are faster than red orbs, for example, and therefore have much wider turning circles, making them tricky to kill when they're mixed with the red ones.

The repetitive music does not appear to have any in-game controls.

Orbox BOur bonus game for the holiday week is Orbox B, a puzzle game.

Your pulsating self can move up, down, left, or right, but once moving, you'll only stop when you hit a wall. You need to move from wall to wall so that you can end up directly in the goal. There are also bombs. Touch them once and they'll count down nine seconds before exploding. Touch them twice and they'll explode immediately. They won't harm you — they'll just be in your way, or not there when you need them. On some levels, you must blow up all the bombs before exiting. At higher levels, there are also one-time bricks, teleports, and more.

There is no music, but there are sound effects (for level end and exploding bombs). The game uses passwords to resume at any level.

I hope everybody had a happy Fourth of July, whether it was a holiday for them or not. Have a good weekend!

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