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Flash Games: Indestructo Tank, Jetspeed, Bloons, Dwarf, JellyJumper, PiPi The Jumping Bubble

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Today is Friday, and this is Friday Flash Games!

Say that aloud in your best Ryan Seacrest voice, and you should get the full effect.

Every week, I present three or more games for you to play. All of the games depend on the Adobe Flash Player and the web browser of your choice. I provide information about the sound and music in each game, in case you're playing in a quiet environment. All games work on both Mac OS X and Windows, and probably other platforms as well. The Adobe Flash Player is neat like that.

Last week, the day got away from me. The week got away from me! I missed my deadline, and it wasn't really Friday. How could it be, without Friday Flash Games? Today, I resolve to make up for that with a double dose of games. That might be more special if I hadn't been delivering mega-bonus editions every week, but this week there's a reason for it, and that's that.

Indestructo TankLet's start off with blowing things up. Blowing things up is always relaxing, and in Indestructo Tank, it's all self-defense anyway. In fact, you can't be blown up yourself, though helicopters keep dropping bombs on you in futile attempts to kill you. Instead, you're just thrown around a bit by the explosion, leaving a swath of destruction through the air, and then you bounce back down to earth. It's very warthog-ish, for fans of Halo.

Your goal, then, is to use the left and right arrow keys to speed up or slow down to make sure the bombs actually hit you, and then steer yourself in the air (which is impossible, I know; it's a game) to destroy the maximum number of helicopters. If you pretend the choppers are remote-controlled, you can enjoy wanton destruction without any loss of life. Frankly, as dumb as the choppers are, I could believe in a lack of human intelligence pretty easily.

And oh yes, you've got to do this before you run out of fuel. Think of it as a timer.

There is sound, and I've found the game to occasionally be a bit buggy. That is, you can sit (especially on higher levels) for a long time waiting for choppers to come along. In one round, on level three, I saw three choppers before my fuel ran out. Three! Not enough to rack up many destruction points, which made the game impossible to win. That was just once, though; usually level three is fine.

JetspeedJetspeed is a fast-moving game that will test your reflexes. You're flying low — very low — over a busy freeway, and your goal is to destroy a particular truck with missiles. You've got your missiles, and you know how far the truck is, but you're flying so low that you've got to watch out for other cars on the freeway!

Yeah, you're a jet, but that's just how low you're flying. Plus, some of the "cars" are actually jets or other aircraft, so it makes slightly more sense than it sounds like now.

So you speed up and slow down, flying around (but never over) vehicles, always knowing just how far the truck is. Sometimes the other vehicles might not leave you an easy way through, so you use a missile to eliminate them. But be careful! You only have a few missiles, and if you run out, you've failed. Save at least one for the truck.

And oh yeah, there are drones scanning for you and firing missiles at you if they see you. And everything moves really quickly. Did I mention that?

There is sound and music, and it's all fast-paced. You'll need your arrow keys to maneuver and the space bar to fire missiles. Easy, right?

BloonsWe'll finish last week's games with Bloons, 50 levels of aiming and clicking.

You're this monkey, see, and you've got these darts. Who trusts a monkey with darts? Some crazy person, that's who. Some crazy person with a lot of balloons, including some magical ones. So there are all these balloons, and you've got the darts, you monkey you, and you need to pop them. You need to pop a certain amount on each level, and sometimes the magical balloons (they're marked) are the only way to do that. Sometimes, however, they'll stop you.

You aim (with the mouse), click to shoot, and however long you hold down the mouse button, that's how much force monkey puts into the throw. And then — hopefully — pop!

There are sound effects, mostly of popping balloons. Fortunately, no screaming monkey. Bonus feature: the game remembers which levels you've completed, so you can resume wherever you left off.

Now, on to this week's good times!

More BloonsMore Bloons! Seriously, some crazy person has tracked down the monkey from Bloons and given him still more darts. Another 50 levels worth, and these levels start to get tricky pretty quickly. Consider them to be levels 51-100 of Bloons.

It's all familiar: minimum number of balloons to destroy, marked magical balloons that help or not (including some really neat light-saber balloons), and a certain number of darts. Some blocks bounce, while others deaden. You aim, you click, and you release — pop!

Like the previous game, there are balloon-popping sound effects. Like the previous game, no monkey screeching. No poo-flinging, either. Just darts. And auto-resume.

Dwarf CompleteFrom the many who brought you Grow comes Dwarf Complete, an intermission game for the MMORPG Lineage II. That's irrelevant, though, because Dwarf Complete doesn't need any of that to be played. It's — wait for it — complete!

It's all puzzles, too, no fighting. You wander around and pick up pieces and assemble pieces and unlock doors, aiming for the end (which I have not yet reached).

I'm embarrassed to admit that I got stick on the second screen at first, before I thought to check for shadows. In fact, before I realized the shadows might tell me something, I realized that quitting the game and then resuming it later meant escaping apparently-locked rooms! Not a trick on which to rely, though.

As long as you've got a question about a part of the game I've already finished, I'm happy to help in the comments. Some of you may pass me up quickly, though.

There is sound and music, and I already mentioned the ability to resume an ongoing game. This is a finely-polished game.

Jelly JumperLogitech would like you to buy one of their keyboards, please. They're apparently black. And one of them is the playing field for JellyJumper.

You're an amorphous blob with a keyboard. You're playing a game in which you are represented by an amorphous blob on a keyboard. Sorry, was that too personal? I'm thinking of myself. You're svelte and athletic, but you're still represented by an amorphous blob on a keyboard.

There are green target keys, yellow teleport keys, and red keys of death. Your goal is to bounce to all the green target keys without touching any of the red keys of death. You've only got a certain number of jumps to do it, and there's a target for each of the 50 levels.

If anybody knows how I'm supposed to clear level 12 in only four jumps, please let me know. I can do it in five, easy, but haven't figured out how to do it in four.

That aside, use your keyboard to jump around their keyboard, and you can get discounts on Logitech products as well. Fortunately, that's easy to ignore. The game features sound and music, and it remembers which levels you've finished.

That's two weeks of games, but here's a bonus apology game, since I missed last week:

PiPi The Jumping BubbleYou may have seen games with a similar style, but I never seem to get tired of games like PiPi The Jumping Bubble. Simple, cute, and fun, PiPi wants to jump from bubble to bubble, and each impact with a bubble sends you higher. You start at ground level and eventually exit the atmosphere and encounter stars and… well, finish the game to find out!

The controls are very simple: click the button for the initial jump, and then just move side to side with the mouse to make sure you always hit a bubble. Clouds and airplanes and stars give you more points, but only bubbles move you up and help you survive, so don't lose focus!

It's all a commercial for an Israeli blogging site, and it makes me wish more websites developed games as commercials. PiPi makes sounds and has background music.

That's it for this week! Let's hope I don't miss another deadline, so we can keep this train going.

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