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Five Reasons the Internet Is Making Us Less Social

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It is not difficult to see that the Internet now dominates modern society. Anyone and their dog, and I mean that quite literally, can have a webpage and it almost seems like it’s the only way we can keep up with others and businesses. However, something that is supposed to link the world is only making us less social.

1. You Learn About Your New Friends on Facebook

Ten years ago, in order to get to know someone, you would have to actually talk to them. Maybe you would both would grab a coffee or chat on the phone. In today’s society, the normalcy of getting to know someone has drastically changed.

You can now meet someone once, add them on Facebook, and then learn their whole life story. Are you wondering if you share interests? Look at their info. Do you want to know what they do or how they looked in high school? Look at their pictures. Want to know what kind of person they are? Look at their wall posts to get a glimpse of their personality.

Gone are the days when you actually got to know the person. In are the days when you digitally stalk them to learn about them.

2. Romance Is Dead

Once upon a time, if you were single, your friend would set you up on a blind date or you would mingle to find your one true love. Then computers took over in the love department with online dating sites.

According to the match.com commercials, one in every six relationships now starts online. I’m not sure how you can feel sparks when you’re chatting back and forth online, but apparently it works for some people.

3. No More Personal Touches

I love mail and I’ve always been a sucker for cards and letters. But today, people simply send e-cards and e-invites to events. The only time I get cards anymore is on my birthday and Christmas.

This is so sad; whatever happened to the 99-cent “thinking of you” cards? You can’t put an email on your mantle or on the counter. But of course, emails are more convenient.

4. Traditional Shopping Is a Thing of the Past

This may be the girl in me, but I thoroughly enjoy going to stores to shop. Even if I walk out empty-handed, I always love browsing and a part of me also loves the people-watching. But now with online stores, the total concept of shopping is gone.

When you sit at your computer and click “add to cart” and then “head to checkout” to complete your purchases, you miss out on so much. I understand shopping online for things that you can’t find in stores, but I know people who do all of their holiday shopping online. You forgo the atmosphere, the physical touching of the products you’re purchasing, the people, and actually leaving your house to get out and walk around. But of course, convenience is more important to some.

5. You Play Games with Friends…Online

Once upon a time playing board games and going out to the park with friends was fun. But now it seems perfectly acceptable to sit alone in your room for hours talking to online “friends,” some that you don’t even know. I have nothing against games, they’re actually quite fun! But when the majority of your friends are online? Oh, brother.

So how can this social phenomenon end? Well, unfortunately, the Internet is here to stay. But it is possible for our population to get away from being so dependent on the Web. Instead of e-mailing a friend, call them. Instead of catching up on their life over Facebook, invite them to coffee to talk instead. If we weren’t so lazy, we could actually socialize without a glowing screen in front of our faces.

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