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Five Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom Who Has Everything

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Empty Nest Syndrome can be a very difficult thing for parents – especially moms. It seems the trend these days is for mothers to cope by using any extra time and money they have to pamper themselves, whether to finally take that dream trip, or buy an iPhone that she doesn’t quite know how to work. So now, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, the question is: What do you get a mom who has everything? Well, don’t fret. Here are some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that will really make an impact on her.


Messier 9 Star Cluster - Courtesy: NASA.gov


If your mom is stellar, consider buying her a star. It is surprisingly easy to do this, and for most people, this is a gift you can’t go wrong with. The big exploding ball of hydrogen and helium may not be tangible, but they have a star in the galaxy that will be theirs for the ages. Buying a star usually comes with coordinates so that your mom can find her specific star in the sky. This gift may be most effective accompanied by a telescope.

Moms, especially ones with an empty nest, love things that keep memories of their loved ones around. Nothing says “I miss and love you” like a fluffy teddy bear. The Serious Teddy Bear Co. is a place to get some seriously plush, cuddly teddy bear gifts for mom. For full effect, put the bear in some clothes that look like you. This gift will melt your mother’s heart from kindness and thoughtfulness!

If you have a mom who likes to live on the edge, buy her the NASCAR Experience. This will let her take three laps as the driver or passenger around a NASCAR track. This rush is something that you could never put a price tag on. She will feel like the coolest mom on the block. How many people can say their moms were NASCAR stars?

Mothers are always looking for some peace and quiet, maybe a place to which they can just get away. Well, there is no place quieter than Mars. That’s right, Mars. For Mother’s Day this year, buy your mom an acre or two on the red planet. She may not be able to use it for a while, but your mom will trump all of her friends with her Zen area that is truly out of this world.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray.” Sound familiar? This tune will make just about every mom smile. So this year, let your mom know what a ray of sunshine she is to you. Get her a jar of sunshine that she can have with her anywhere. Leave the jar in the sun, and when nighttime falls, it will illuminate like a ball of sunshine, a constant reminder to your mom that she will always be the light of your life!

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