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Fish Fly as Skanks Tank

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For the the third year running the Yankees have NOT won the World Series, falling to Josh Beckett’s complete game shutout (his second of the postseason), which is cause to celebrate regardless of any other considerations.

This is the 100th anniversary of the World Series, and the Yankees domination of the Fall Classic over the last 80 years is nothing short of obscene: 26 championships in 39 World Series appearances, almost triple the appearances (15) and wins (9) of the second most prolific team, the Cardinals. My Indians have won two in five tries.

Money has built the Skankee tradition and the tradition is self-perpetuating as the best players are lured by the team’s unlimited funds and high probablility of success. Who doesn’t want to play for a habitual winner?

The big question now is will Steinbrenner’s ego allow him to forgive Joe Torre for this dry spell? How dare he allow his team to lose in the World Series twice and the playoffs once? Oh, and I really do feel for the poor Yankees fans – yes, I FEEL that if they don’t see another winner for the next 1,000 years, that will still be too soon.

Hats off to the crazily overachieving young Marlins, by the way, and to their aged manager Jack McKeon! Go Tribe!

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  • You mean heads aren’t already rolling in the Skankee (I love that! LOL) front office?

  • Eric Olsen

    Well the Zim says he’s gone because he can’t stand Steinbrenner anymore

  • My default position for rooting for teams in the World Series is “whoever the Yankees are playing.” Unless you’re from New York, it’s an American tradition to hate the Yankees. The Yankees are the Microsoft of baseball – or maybe Microsoft is the Yankees of software?

    Whatever – Go Mariners!

  • i know what you mean about the microsoft analogy…though it doesn’t quite work because despite how we may feel about them, many of the yankee teams actually have been good.

    microsoft, on the other hand…

  • Perry Perdis

    Skankee is good, i usually use the term “Stankees”.
    As a Diehard Red Sox fan i despise Steinbrenner with a passion. I generally dont think of the players of that team as human. (until they leave that organization)I’m very sick and tired of seeing the Stankees in the world series so much and of good ol George in the stands waiting to fire someone. The ONLY person in the Stankee organization i will give respect to is Joe Torre. He has become a managers manager. I thought the salary cap was supposed to end this type of dynasty building? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Calling them the Stankees, unfortunately, insults the memory of the great Eddie Stanky, who played for both Brooklyn and the NY Baseball Giants and who probably hated the Skanks.

    I agree 100% with Mark on Microsoft. Microsoft would be as if the New York Rangers of the last 5 years got an automatic berth in the finals because of their high salary number even though the team has been shite.

    There’s no salary cap in baseball. Once you exceed $117m, a luxury tax kicks in. Only the Skankees have paid it.

    I am hoping Comrade Stalinbrenner explodes a la 1981, the last time his team lost a 6 game world series in the bronx three years after a multiple champeenship run. anyway, that team might have to replace 4/5 of its rotation, its setup relievers.

  • It also debases Samantha Stanky, who was Milhous’ first girlfriend.

    Skinner: “I’d like you all to meet… Samantha Stinky!”

    Samantha: “Stanky.”

    Skinner: “Oh… how embarassing for you.”

  • i was a yankee fan when i when i was a little kid (in southern connecticut, it was a requirement)….but steinbrenner drove me nuts in the mid-to-late 70’s…and i went over to the other side.

    and yes, microsoft is the ‘leader’ because they can…not because they should be.

  • Babe Ruth

    Not all us from NYC are Skankee fans. Mets have had little to shout about, until Saturday night that is.
    I saw this quote in a NY paper today: George Steinbrenner has vowed changes for next year, “Of course I was disappointed, but we will be meeting soon to make whatever changes are needed to bring back a stronger, better team for New York and our fans.” I guess what he is saying is that he will buy the Marlins now.

  • yeah–i know a girl from long island who was trying to get to me about the LCS because she claims to be a skankees fan. i have hugely pissed her off by saying that i dont recognize her razzing because she should be a mets fan. i dont know how f.o.s. i am with that, but it works.

  • Eric Olsen

    Little canned, Zim gone, Indians aren’t Marlins – MLB update here