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First Thor Image Unveiled

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Yahoo Movies, how I envy you. The lucky ducks have gotten their hands on the first — repeat,FIRST — official image from Kenneth Branagh's Thor movie. Whatever they did to deserve it, I want to learn how to do it.

Thor has somehow managed to undergo filming for a couple of months with no real images, even fan snaps, coming out. Now Yahoo has the first image of Australian actor Chris Hemsworth as the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, and that's pretty awesome. The image shows a bit of Thor's armor, which looks remarkably similar to how it does in the Marvel comics and actually looks quite good. Unfortunately, without seeing anything else from the movie, we can't tell just how good the outfit looks. We have nothing to compare it to and, therefore, can't tell how well it fits into the universe and the film.

Even so, it's pretty damn cool to finally get our first look at Thor. Hemsworth seems to have the look (okay, I'm pretty much basing it on the hair and facial hair as it looks Ultimates-esque although Hemsworth looks younger) but, like I said, it's hard to tell from one still which focuses on only half of him. The other main factor in how well Hemsworth pulls off Thor will be how he sounds as Thor. He needs to be imposing, authoritarian, but also assuring as he's a God.

Branagh's Thor is the first big screen outing for the Norse God of Thunder. He's long been a favorite of many a Marvel reader and his transition to the big screen is being eagerly anticipated. Everyone just wants to know how this tale of gods will pan out on screen and within the existing universe. The film is set for a May 6, 2011 release and stars Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Kat Dennings, and many more.

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About Troy Mayes

  • WC

    This man screams THOR!
    Now, the suit looks like something from Batman Forever (minus the nipples)but overall, I have faith in this film and I will see it indefinitely.

  • tosug

    Troy, not to be that guy, but the quote is “No, I am your father!”

  • Michael

    I just saw Iron Man 2 and enjoyed watching it. What got my hear racing however was after the credits there was this scene where the camera panned onto Thor’s hammer. I didn’t realize Thor was coming out next year. Thanks for the update and can’t wait.

  • Troy Mayes

    Haha that’s alright man, I appreciate you being that guy and telling me. It’s slightly embarrassing

  • Troy Mayes

    Yea that scene was pretty awesome, I was surprised they had something that big at the end. I just can’t wait for the first trailer, I just want to know what it’ll look like

  • Zeus

    Great Image. Looking really good. I wanna see the hammer and helmet.

  • Zeus

    Where is Mjollinor? Hope to see it soon. Bring on The hammer Of the Gods. Let’s see “The Legends Reborn”!!

  • Troy Mayes

    I wonder if he’ll even have his helmet, depends whether they go classic Thor or not. Quite often Ultimates Thor doesn’t have his helmet. Hopefully we’ll start to see some more shots soon. What i really wanna see now is Loki and what he’ll look like

  • Klip

    I just saw the completed trailer for the first time . . . .AWESOME! It’s only a matter of time before it opens in theaters. If I am not mistaken, I believe it is still set to hit theaters in May.(like three days before my birthday) I know how I am celebrating.