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First Impressions: Killzone 2 Beta

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Ever since the first screen shots and videos of Killzone 2, I have been stoked to purchase this game.  Considering how well the first game was, I have had tremendously high hopes for this title. Lets just say I did my fanboy scream when I finally got a hold of playing Killzone 2 beta.

Anxiously waiting for the download to complete on my Playstation 3, I was searching the web for Killzone 2 pictures and videos to get me pumped up. Finally, the 'blip' noise sounded off, confirming the completed Killzone 2 download.

Starting the game, my arms and legs shaking with excitement, a familiar tone of the Killzone theme played. I quickly shifted through the menus to jump directly into the game. Finally after a painfully long wait, I was playing Killzone 2.

Thrown into unfamiliar territory I quickly made my way to a building. Pushing L3, I sprinted up a staircase into a war blown room looking over what appeared to be a central plaza. Spotting an enemy trying to hide behind a concrete wall, I zoomed into my Green scope, aimed, and shot. Falling to the ground from a head-shot, the enemy rolled around in pain on the ground screaming for a medic.

From there, I was spotted. Getting shot presents an awesome blood stain on your screen and on the walls. Unfortunately, I was not able to run away quick enough and I died. There I was given a 10 second count down timer, where a medic can come and revive you before you respawn.

This time, before I jumped into the action I took time to look at the graphics. I was certainly impressed by them. The best I've seen yet. The details in the game are incredible, I love how your arms move back when you shoot to show you the raw power of the guns. The environments are ones to be reckoned with as well, blown up concrete pieces are scattered throughout the level. Buildings with holes in the side of them make you wonder if they are just going to collapse half-way through the round.

Overall, I was highly impressed with the Killzone 2 Beta. If this is a sign of things to come, Killzone 2 is a definitely a must have. Gamers, mark you calender on Febuary 24, cause that's when this gem is coming out.

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  • mal_tez92

    How can I get into the beta?

  • Darius

    Yeah I agree with you its brilliant Just needs a few touches here and there.

  • rory

    that wasn’t much of a review, you talked about your first moments, and the graphical detail. and thats it, i’d have preferred if you had gone into a little bit more depth.

  • Luke M

    I have to say, thank you for letting us know….just a LITTLE about your KillZone 2 experience. As for this site, this is not what I expected from ‘A Sinister Cabal of Superior Writers!’

  • Limanima

    @mal_tez92: You can apply to the beta by downloading the Killzone 2 theme from the PSN Store.

  • Matthew Valdez

    I’m sorry if its just a few little details. But this is not a review just my first Impressions. Plus, there is a strict NDA that I can’t spill the beans on anything on the game that well isn’t general knowledge really 😀

    You needed to be a PSU member to get in the beta.

  • First I have to ask how this would be viewed as a review when the title is not Review: Game XYZ. Then I have to ask how this would be a review of a game that is not even out yet.

    Really, folks, could you maybe read the article?

  • -Dr.MURDER-

    I can’t wait I’ve been waiting for kz2 to come out since 2006 that’s when the rumors started so I went to gamestop and preordered the game that’s been over 2 yes now so thanks for the good revue and I’ll c u there on 2/24/09 …. ItsMURDA

  • shoupoo711

    ??? what do you mean the killzone 2 beta it hasnt even come out yet and you have to wait for an email to get the code ???? wat do u mean i “have kizllzone 2 beta” if you want to contact me add me on playstation network username “shoupoo711”