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First France, Now Australia: Trouble In Paradise

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Is the world really going to hell in a handbasket this quickly?

My vision of Australia used to be of paradise, or as close to it as one could ever hope to come. I suppose that view will have to be modified some, considering the racial riots currently erupting across the continent.

Earlier this week, members of a Lebanese immigrant gang reportedly assaulted two lifeguards at Sydney’s Cronulla Beach. Violence erupted when young white Australians made a powerful display of force and protest at Cronulla, attacking the Lebanese and anyone else of Middle Eastern descent while wearing Australian flags and chanting racist chants such as “No Lebs,” “No wogs welcome here,” and “We grew here, you flew here!” The nearly 5,000 Aussies said they were protecting their own, defending their turf – Cronulla Beach, which they consider theirs – and said that the payback was justified.

Police have managed to quell the violence around Cronulla and other Sydney suburbs where gangs of Muslim youths smashed cars and shop windows with baseball bats. They are confiscating alcohol in the areas of unrest and increasing the penalty for rioting from five to 15 years.

Prime Minister John Howard condemned the violence, calling it “sickening,” and asserted that it was atypical of the Australian way of life. Morris Iemma, a state minister from New South Wales, declared Nicolas Sarkozy-style, “These criminals have declared war on our society and we are not going to let them win.” Caches of firebombs were found in storage on rooftops near another popular Sydney area beach and a school holding a Christmas-carol performance by students was shot up.

As with the racial unrest in France, the violence has spread to other areas of Australia, where people of Arab descent were attacked as far away as Adelaide and Perth. Text messages were sent around the Gold Coast of Queensland urging Australians to gather at the beach to “crack some Arab skulls.”

Although they are disenchanted with the War in Iraq, there is no love lost between Australian citizens and Muslims. Australians were enraged by the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and the 2002 Bali terrorist bombings. Furthermore, Lebanese immigrants had a bad profile in Australia at least a decade before the Islamofanatic attacks.

The unrest has many nerves on edge for good reasons. As Labor Party politician Harry Quick noted, “We are getting a sample of what happened in France a few months ago.” The unrest in the antipodean nation is occurring just as life in France is resuming some semblance of normalcy.

I can understand the anger and frustration of Australians in dealing with the criminal aspect of some of the immigrant communities, but a racist show of force can not be defended. It is especially disconcerting considering that the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils was one of the first Muslim organizations to admit the problems within the Islamic community in light of the July 7 London bombings.

Australia is changing, becoming more diverse with every passing year. But the law in Australia against criminals will simply have to be enforced. Thuggish behavior will not change things; it will make it worse. White and Middle Eastern gangs alike are as responsible as the other for the aggression as both have taken part in and encouraged the continuation of hostilities.

Here’s hoping this is just an unfortunate blip on the radar screen of an otherwise wonderful and gregarious nation.

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  • Aaman

    There is a dichotomy in assuming these incidents are a ‘blip’ in ‘white’ Australian society and ‘criminalism’/’terrorist sympathy’ is typical/rampant in Muslim communities, but one wouldn’t expect y’all to appreciate that dichotomy, not meant personally

  • tommyd

    “Diversity Is Strength” is the biggest LIE ever shoved down the throats of White people the world over. Orwell couldn’t have said it better.

    Diversity in NOT strength, but a media and government backed plan destined to wreak chaos on White countries the world over until the One Worlder Controllers achieve their dream of wiping out Whites altogether and bringing forth their new “superman” race of Coffee-colored docile subjects/worker slaves.

    God, isn’t it obvious already?

    Thank God some Australian whites are fighting back.

  • Aaman

    Tommy, since you are not representative of the best the ‘white’ race has to offer, the world can rest easy


    Aaman, you really deserve “Comment of the Day” for the above, it’ll take hours to get the coffee dried off of this keyboard.

  • tommyd

    Brown immigrants start trouble in whatever White country they go to (univited by the majority of said countries, I might add)and Whites get pissed off and point out the obvious, and somehow I don’t represent the “best of the White race”???

    No wonder everything is fucked up.

  • Many immigrants are ungrateful for the asylum and chance for a better life in their white host countries and do deliberately stir things up.

    Many more immigrants are hard-working and accept their host country without problem or incident.

    You cannot paint everyone with the same brush, tommyd. I’m not going to throw the politically correct mush at you that we should all embrace multicultualism because everyone – white or not – is not going to like somebody else – white or not – just because they’re told to (and it’s not solely a problem affecting whites – in the British city of Birmingham blacks and Asians were recently at each other’s throats).

    But I will say that you’re wrong in making such across-the-board, blanket statements. There’s good and bad in every community, no matter what race(s) they’re made up of.

  • tommyd

    Mark, thanks for your reasoned response. However, what I find seriously objectionable is that when so-called experts write about “persistent racism” they are always, always insinuating that it’s the White man who is always the guilty party. I’m sick of it, and so are alot of other people.

    Racism isn’t my problem. I don’t want my country overrun by brown invaders who, if given the chance, would wage outright war on Whites in order to take their land. But I’m the racist? The brown invaders ARE THE RACISTS, but you’d never hear that in our “free media”. It’s always the Whites who must give up more and more to our distinguished “guests” to atone for our “racism”.

    What a crock of doo-doo.

  • Aaman

    ‘You’ ‘whites’ were the invaders once, and mostly, if history is any judge

  • tommyd

    Ok, I’ll give that one to you that Whites, especially in North America and Australia were the “invaders”, yes.

    But if that’s the way you feel, then in return, stop driving a car, stop heating your home, stop flying on planes and stop using your computer, and stop using indoor plumbing, because, well, ya know, um, those were all invented by “invading” White men.

    Practice what you preach.

  • Tommy , if you can take the nukes back we will return everything else.

  • tommyd: I too am sick of the constant inferences that racism is only ever practiced by whites, and that we shouldn’t dare accuse other peoples of racism when they can be just as pernicious in their thoughts and actions as whites are thought to be. Very true.

    But you sounded like too much of a white supremacist at first (I’m not saying you are, but you sounded like it), which alarmed me as much as it did others. You can be frustrated with PC as much as I am – but you shouldn’t move to extremes with this frustration. That’s all I’m saying. I repeat, there’s wonderful, lovely people in all races, classes and communities, and there’s trash in all races, classes and communities. Nobody can be said to be inherently racist or inherently good.

  • But of course, as I noted, the Lebanese have had a bad reputation in Australia for many years before any high-profile anti-Western terrorism: This is building up over time. My understanding is that these Leb gangs would mug and intimidate anyone not from their own, acting arrogantly, without fear and with little attempt to assimilate into Aussie society. The whites around the areas of Sydney affected thought, “Right, enough’s enough.” That beating up of the two popular lifeguards was the last straw. So for the media to turn this into an issue of “racist whites” is off-the-wall. When riots like this erupt, they tend to be loud, offensive and racist in nature – it’s human nature. Many years of frustration with an ethnic criminal class comes out in this fashion. It may be wrong, but for the white Australians, I admit, it’s perfectly understandable.

  • Mark, If that is understandable, why are the violent reactions of some of the oppressed and colonised Arabs not understandable – they’ve been oppressed by both the ‘whites’ and their own people. They lack jobs, education, etc.

  • I think it’s nice that tommy has decided to fully embrace his ethnocentric philosophy. Back when he just hated jews he seemed so unfulfilled. Now that he hates everyone who’s not ‘white’ I think he’s really coming into his own.


  • gonzo marx

    tommyd sez…
    *But if that’s the way you feel, then in return, stop driving a car, stop heating your home, stop flying on planes and stop using your computer, and stop using indoor plumbing, because, well, ya know, um, those were all invented by “invading” White men.*

    ummm..first, thanks those “brown” Jewish folks for the alphabet…so we white folks coudl write….then thank those “brown” arabs for inventing algebra…

    without those two inventions NONE of what you listed could come to pass…

    add to it the wonderful things “white” culture has done with some of the things others have invented…the “yellow” folks made gunpowder…for fireworks…it took white folks to use it for killing on a massive scale

    on and on

    oh yes..and what “brown” invaders are taking over america?….not those of african descent i hope..after all, we imported them ourselves…treated them like shit, and reneged on our Pledge to them almost as heinously as we did to the “red” folks we committed genocide on when we got “here”

    as my good friend troll would say…
    take your poorly thought out, factually dubious racist bullshit off my bridge”

    nuff said?


  • beadtot

    OMG, who sent real Muslims into Australia? We are all supposed to be documenting the effects and phenomena of an oracle-bead shrine site in the state of Pennsylvania — a tiny artifact protected beneath a limestone monument in a cemetery.

  • Aaman, these situations are similar, BUT vastly different at the same time. Even though I advocated that France take very punitive measures against the rioters and to lay down the law to the fullest extent, I saw that there was a good reason why the French Muslim underclass rioted. The electrocuted boys were simply the spark they needed to air greivances. France’s socialist economy excluded them from ever getting a foothold into French society; they were a disenfranchised class because no opportunities for entrepreneurship were there for them. As one young Muslim rioter said, “We haven’t got an American dream. We haven’t even got a French dream.” That said it all about the French situation.

    The Aussie situation is not comparable. One, Australia operates on an “Anglo-Saxon” economy, so opportunities to make the most of one’s self are there to be exploited. No excuses on that front. Secondly, France opened the doors to their country for their colonial subjects. Australia never owned Lebanon; the Lebanese just simply immigrated (Australia did not ask them to) and a fair chunk of these Muslim immigrants have formed a criminal class who intimidate Australian citizens going about their law-abiding business, among other criminal activity. Australians decided to fight back with a protest demonstration. Yes, it turned nasty, but however wrong the racist violence was, I maintain that in Australia’s case, it was understandable.

  • A protest demonstration that ends up with the severe beating of a woman bystander demonstrates the power of the Lord of the Flies.

    I mean, it shows the social frustration yearning for an outlet valve

  • i think that is really cool info

  • STM

    And just to clear up any misunderstandings: it was a one off, there’s been no violence since, and muslim kids have been recruited as lifesavers (with the SLSA even providing burkinis, or head to ankle lightweight swimsuits for muslim girls). All those, for the most part, involved in the riots have been prosecuted.

    A lebanese boy who tore down the Australian flag from a beachfront Returned Services League club and urinated on it at the height of the drama, recently was sponsored to walk the Kokoda Track in New Guinea, scene of some dreadful Australian Army battles against the Japanese during WWII.

    He came back a changed person, in tears, and spent the first week in quiet reflection with his Sydney family, saying, and I quote: “I didn’t understand”.

    But for the most part, this is a place that is very harmonious in terms of relationships between races and cultures. And Mark, Morris Iemma is the Premier of New South Wales – like Arnie is the Governator of California

  • Dr Dreadful

    We were staying with a friend in Coogee, which was one of the flashpoints, and left a day before the rioting. When we heard about it, we were e-mailing her and not getting a response, and thinking ‘Oh, shit!’ But she turned out to be OK, thank goodness.

    Glad to hear that everything’s settled down and that there seems to be some real creative reconciliation going on. Paging antagonists, various, in Middle East: are you listening?

  • hammer

    Dont make us do it again.