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Fire Sean Salisbury

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Socrates is a model for many who yearn to instruct the youth of today. One of the more appealing characteristics of the great man was his willingness to admit he was in error. In our post-modern society, where doublespeak and BS rule, few are willing to admit an error. Instead of “I made an error,” we hear a convoluted statement amounting to nothing but a waste of time.

Therefore, instead of taking the easy route, The Critic decided to step up and admit his wrongness about Sean Salisbury.

Previously I wrote it was up to debate whether Salisbury’s slip of the tongue was indicative of some inner anti-Semitism. However, after listening to a cleaned up version and a copy of his radio show I’m more convinced that Sean is a dirt bag.

The question of ESPN retaining him is ridiculous. He deserves dismissal and anything short of it is absurd. His alleged foray about sending female co-workers pictures of his penis over his camera phone, over-the-top pronouncements, and slip of the tongue at that precise moment serve to further embarrass ESPN at a time when more and more sports fans are becoming hostile to the company.

It also begs the question: What did Harold Reynolds do to deserve being fired, and was the same standard applied to Salisbury? It’s difficult to believe that some preferential treatment wasn’t given to Salisbury, either because of his race or friendship with ESPN execs. Or, like Matt Millen, perhaps he’s rewarded for his massive shortcomings.

Let me put it bluntly; fire Sean Salisbury.

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  • The Haze

    Could we throw Michael Irvin in too? He’s an idiot and a racist. Why should he get a free pass?

  • I don’t even understand what this is about, really, which is a serious flaw in the original article.

    But if Sean Salisbury did in fact make a “racist” or anti-Semitic” statement, then Michael Irvin needs to go too.

    Fair is fair. No “affirmative action” for bigots.

  • john doe

    To the critic…
    Trying to rock the boat again I can see. To say that Salisbury is anti-sematic is ridiculous. If you listened to the verbage it would not have made sense unless it was chew.

  • stevenson canoe

    Sean Salisbury is a prety smart. He said the Bears will win 100 percent if delbin hestwa has a kick return for a douchtown???? vwat isea dat??

  • stevenson canoe

    i dont like yandwers chiillll out

  • Casey

    Salisbury calls his wang the Salisbury Steak.

  • Cory

    You got your wish. He’s gone.