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If you’re reading this website, presumably you’re a sports fan. And as someone who follows events in world of sports, you likely already knew that ESPN NFL analyst Michael Irvin has had numerous drug-related problems in the recent past. You’ve probably seen him doing his job as an NFL analyst on ESPN, too. And if you’re like most people, you think he comes across as a clueless, buffoonish loudmouth.

For those two reasons alone, Michael Irvin should be “forcibly retired” from his broadcasting career. But now there is another, even more important, reason to can him:

Michael Irvin is a racist.

On Monday, Irvin was on Dan Patrick’s radio program and had much to say about Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo:

He doesn’t look like he’s that type of an athlete, but he is. He is, man. I don’t know if some brother down in that line somewhere, I don’t know who saw what or where, his great-great-great-great-grandma ran over in the ‘hood or something went down.

If great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandma pulled one of them studs up out of the barn, “Come on in here for a second,” you know, and they go out and work in the yard. You know, back in the day.

Let’s try to break down and “analyze” Irvin’s semi-lucid rant:

• Tony Romo doesn’t “look like” a great athlete (because he is white)

• But Tony Romo is a good athlete

• Therefore, Tony Romo must be at least part-black

• And Irvin feels this is a reasonable assumption because people who are 100 percent white are incapable of being good athletes

• BONUS RACIST/SEXIST STEREOTYPE: Romo’s supposed black ancestry must have come about from one of his female ancestors having sex with a black man on the side. It is not plausible, nor even thinkable, that one of Romo’s male ancestors would have voluntarily had sex with a black woman.

Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder was fired from his job as a football analyst at CBS for similar comments. Rush Limbaugh was forced to resign from his job at ESPN after making comments that some people interpreted as being racially-insensitive. Just this year, Steve Lyons was fired from his job as a baseball “color” commentator at FOX because of racially insensitive comments.

Clearly, the precedent has been well established: If you make a racist comment while working as a sports broadcaster, you lose your job. Michael Irvin has made an overtly racist comment. Therefore, he needs to be fired.

Feel the same way? Then contact ESPN.

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  • Barn? Stud?

    Sounds to me like Irvin’s implying Tony Romo is part-horse.

  • Sadly, that will probably be how he attempts to defend himself, if the MSM actually bothers to report on this…

  • jar jar binks


  • RedTard

    Do you believe that african americans may have a leg up, for whatever reason genetic or otherwise, in athletics where speed/quickness are required?

    A large percentage of the population does although due to PC suppression they can’t openly admit it. Irvin said out loud what many people believe in secret. I wonder how many of those are the ones ‘offended’ by his comment. Would the actor who plays Kramer have been ‘offended’ before last week?

    That out of the way, the whole barn/stud thing was a little over the top in my worthless opinion.

  • “Do you believe that african americans may have a leg up, for whatever reason genetic or otherwise, in athletics where speed/quickness are required?”

    Maybe, maybe not. But let’s reverse the roles here. Let’s say a white commentator had suggested that the reason a black quarterback was so good at calling timely audibles was due to a supposed white ancestor. If that had happened, that white commentator’s comment would be on the front pages of every newspaper in the country, and he would have been fired in a millisecond.

    Michael Irvin’s comments do not offend me personally; after all, he’s a complete moron, so anything that comes out of his mouth is likely worthless. What bothers me is the obvious racial double-standard at work here.

    Doesn’t that bother you?

  • RedTard

    “What bothers me is the obvious racial double-standard at work here.”

    The simple answer is that there is more liability from a business standpoint in letting a white person make those sorts of remarks. Extortion lawsuits from the race industry salesmen (Jackson, Sharpton, et al) are real threats to businesses from an image perspective. Minimizing themselves as targets of race smears and getting rid of the problem is in their best interest.

  • I agree. You are correct in pointing out the way things presently work. But wouldn’t you like to change the way these things work, when obvious racial double-standards are at play?

    You can only effect change when you try. You can try by clicking the link provided in the article and giving ESPN a piece of your mind.

  • MCH

    “And if you’re like most people, you think he comes across as a clueless, buffoonish loudmouth.”

    I still think he’s ten times better than Rush Limbaugh was.

  • Personally, I have grown weary of the double-standard all around. If we’re going to let them speak let them ALL speak. I agree. His comments don’t bother me at all but if it were reversed it would be a bigger issue.

  • RedTard

    The double standard in the NFL is much more than that. I was just watching the pregame show praising and fawning over minority coaches in a special 10 minute segment. A representative of one of the organizations let go of this little gem “our preference was to hire a minority candidate”.

    Now last time I checked racial preferences in hiring were unconstitutional. Little things like that don’t matter these days as long as it’s in the favor of minorities. I know I have to suspend my limited right wing sense of logic and just accept things for how they are. There is a double standard and fighting against it will only get me labelled with the new scarlet letter, racism.

  • Went back and listened to the clip. Patrick and Olbermann were so not touching that response. It was extremely funny.

    Back to what other said, firing him basically justifies the canning of people like Steve Lyons, who was just making a bad joke. If making bad jokes are grounds for firing from network TV, well, then count me out from a career in analyst work.

    By the way, if Troy Smith is such a great passer, then one of his great great grandaddies must have gotten down with a fair-skinned Buckeye cheerleader. There, I said it. What’re they gonna do, fire m+++++ NO CARRIER +++++++

  • Funny, Suss. Don’t get me going on Lyons. Fox ain’t so clever for doing what they did.

  • Oh please..

    Are you just looking for things to complain about. Prediction. Keep up this attitude toward everything the slightest bit “Un PC” and you will end up as one of those old bastards who used to yell “You kids get off my lawn” from a closed living room drape. Who cares what MI said.
    He isnt the sharpest tool in the shed and as a white man (as I am as well) did you take real offense or are you just sick of feeling persecuted. Feeling bad for Kramer ??

    I dont believe one word of your angry rant against him.

  • Don’t be a hater. Mike is no racist. Everyone occasionally says something that doesn’t come out the way they intended it. It just so happens that Mike is on TV more than you so more people hear his inane remarks.

    Irvin forever!

  • Great column by Mike Freeman with CBS SportsLine…

  • Robert

    This is a classic example of what is happening at every level of journalism across this country. I
    call this “cut and paste” journalism. This is when
    someone does a “cut and paste” of what another person said and essentially extracts a phrase or
    sentence of what someone said and then attempts to
    build a case around and “extracted” statement to
    support their argument. When this is done it can entirely change the meaning and context in which the statement was made. I just happened to be listening to the “conversation” between Dan Patrick and Keith O. when Michael Irvin made those comments… Dan, Keith O. and Michael were
    playfully joking around taking light-hearted shots
    at each other when the comments were made. This
    was not a serious conversation. It was lockeroom jabber. But right after Michael Irvin said this, Dan Patrick asked him jokingly… “Is that the only he could be a good athlete?” To which Michael Irvin said…
    “No, it’s not the only way, but it’s certainly one of them”.

  • Ken Smith

    Please do not compare Micharl Irvin to Jimmy the Greek. What Irvin said was in jest, and Jimmy the Greek said was the focal point of a very bad point. Also, why do you not address how dan patrick handled that comment. How he prodded him along? How he talked and laughed about it later in the show?

  • buzmeg

    Yesterday (11/28) on The Dan Patrick show, Irvin was very contrite and aplogized for his remarks of last week regarding Tony Romo.

  • todd priest

    Oh geez.save it.There is nothing racist about his comments at all.get over yourself.

  • sgrivette

    By the way, in September, Michael Irvin, on the Dan Patrick Show, said that NFLer Chris Hovan is being pumped up by the media because he is white. Didn’t Rush Limbaugh get fired for saying basically the same thing??????

  • No, Limbaugh said the media wanted to see a black quarterback — not a white lineman — succeed. HUGE difference.

  • OJ is innocent

    Why isn’t Jesse Jackson calling for Irvin to be fired? He’s the biggest racist double-standard-promoting idiot here.

  • OJ is innocent

    oh, and by the way, STEVE LYONS was joking when he made those remarks to Pinella on the air too, and his employer wasted NO time in firing him.

    I hope this Irvin situation starts a new presidence in that people are LESS pc out there and look at the context in which statements are made before making rash decisions like in the Lyons fiasco…. in a perfect world, maybe…

    Whatever. Double standard.

  • VIP

    I cringed when I heard Mike Irvin make those comments live on DP’s show. They were wrong. However, they were not worth being fired over & the person mentioned (Tony Romo) was quoted as saying that he wasn’t offended. It’s not the same as Jimmy “The Greek” or Rush Limbaugh’s comments (which he shouldn’t have been fired for either). Don’t believe me…look at the transcripts. This delayed blow up, is about a bunch of self righteous people who don’t like espn’s monopoly of sports and how it’s presented. There is also a thinly veiled personal contempt for Irvin’s position as an ESPN analyst. This being said, there are double standards across the board in media and sports so let’s not just talk about it when it’s convenient for your point.

  • Rich

    Remember when Mexican President Fox said Mexicans take jobs not even blacks take. You had Jesse Jackson flying to Mexico City to call for his resignation. Definitely a double standard.

  • The Haze

    and you wonder why there’s a problem in this country? Irvin shouldn’t be fired…he should have never been hired. The guy who hired him should be fired,but wait….that would be racist,right?

  • Jake Walh

    Stop, think for 60 seconds (seriously) and tell me you can’t immediately think of 20 hall of fame former NFL players who are smarter, funnier, and smoke less crack than Michael Irvin.

    What’s the upside on this guy? Am I missing something?

  • joseph

    I want you to know that you are an A**! and you can email me to jerk!. As an African-American, I get sick of seeing this (backhanded) racism from supposedly (objective)writers. Yeah, and how about that HALL OF FAME RING NOW! I google Mike and get this. Save it!

  • RJ

    Very intelligent comment, joseph. You’re quite the wordsmith.

  • Shawn

    Congrats to all us Irvin haters


  • RJ


  • Brian

    VICTORY??? – You really think he won’t be hired by next season by another network? If you don’t, you’re wrong!

  • Cindy

    If the comment didn’t offend Tony, why should anyone else care. Racism is still alive…The question we should really ask is how many caucasins would trade places with an African-American. I don’t think many could handle the truth, pressure, weight,sterotypes or bias that many african americans carry on a daily bases.As far as Michael Irvin being a moron,I think his paycheck speaks for his intelligence. I don’t see anyone calling Rush L,or Jimmy the Greek a moron. What is Tony Romo’s response about Michael’s comment?

  • Paul

    I’m from Wisconsin now living in MN. Ran into Michael Irvin today at a gym in Dallas (same gym we belong to in Minneapolis) – visiting the sister-in-law. My kid was crying because the pool was closed. Michael tried to console my kid (patted him on the head a few times) and then after we left the locker room, I asked him to take a picture with my two sons which he agreed. Nice guy. I love the Pack – hate the Cowboys (although I think Romo is from Scony so that is cool). He was a gentlemen and when my kids see the picture in several years and figure out who he is, they’ll think that is pretty cool I think.

  • L Mo

    “BONUS RACIST/SEXIST STEREOTYPE: Romo’s supposed black ancestry must have come about from one of his female ancestors having sex with a black man on the side. It is not plausible, nor even thinkable, that one of Romo’s male ancestors would have voluntarily had sex with a black woman”.

    White slave owners raped black women for years.
    White men has raped or stolen from every race.
    Ask any race of people how they feel about white men.

  • michael irvin is the best reciever to ever play the game and all you haters are probably, 49er, buffalo,giant,eagle,skins fans with no idea about the game. there is not another reciever ever with the ability to get deep and make the big catch over the middle like the playmaker…i am not talking about drag routs and crossing routes like little jerry rice ran with little dbs chasen him..
    can you think of another nickname that fits anyone better than the PLAYMAKER!!!!! KEEP IT REAL

  • Ray

    Irvin is one of the greats and when he said that comment he was just joking around. I heard the comment live and im white and im a great athlete on my high school team and I was not offendid at all. Many of us make jokes like that how many white people have said smart black people have some white in them because there so smart in a joking way? I’ve heard it before its not a big deal Irvin is a beast.

  • Brian

    Come on!!!!!
    Michael Irvin is entertaining. I am upset he is off the air. I am white and I love that guy! [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor.]

  • Ramon

    By the way if someone hasn’t mentioned it already Romo is neither black nor white he is Mexican American, full name Antonio Ramiro Romo.

  • RJ

    Read this:

    Romo is a third-generation Mexican-American on his father’s side.

    Romo’s mother is of Polish-German descent.

    Polish = European/White

    German = European/White

    Mexican = part-Native American and part-European/White

    So, he’s over 50% White. Hell, Tony Romo is more White than Barack Hussein Obama is Black!

    But for some reason, just as the media keeps insisting that Obama is “Black,” they keep calling Romo “Mexican-American” (even though he’s only half Mexican-American), and that he’s a great example of what immigrants are capable of (even though his Mexican-American ancestors have been in the US for three generations now).

  • martin

    i did not like micheal because he always pulled the cowboys out of trouble. Do you think Jay Novacheck also has some black ancestry in him. he was so good, always getting that first down when the cowboys needed it most.
    Now I admire michael.

  • mulu

    This is what I think…you are a hater and a racist….live and let live

  • jisaac88

    I am the biggest Cowboy supporter in the sports world. I bought an authentic Cowboys jersey back in the day with my favorite number on it…88. Nevertheless, in this day and age of professional athlete debauchery, I put my own name on the back because if the current holder of “88” murdered his wife or was implicated in a dog rape expose’…I would still have my jersey without the shame. To that end…I still like the “Playmaker -HOF2007” but the man has his own life challenges like US all (Black,White,Hispanic,et al).

    “Look up… Get up… and Don’t Ever Give Up!”

  • Brian

    wow! I can’t believe how many people really care about what others have to say. Maybe this is why our country is percieved by other countries as “soft”. The funny thing is that Romo dismissed the comments as a joke, so why can’t the rest of the country?

  • Drika

    It seems like the writer of this article despies Michael and it was easy for him to write this article. People make jokes all the time that are taken out of context. I’d rather watch Irvin on ESPN than a lot of those other lifeless idiots…Michael brought character to the set because all the analysts seemed like they were having fun while still doing their job. Nobody regardless of race likes a stickler!

  • dee

    michael irvin is not a racist! he’s one of the most caring and sharing people in the world!! he’s deep into the church!! true enough, he’s had some drug issues, but he never meant any harm!! he’s real good friends with dan patrick; and they talk about black and white issues all the time! he just forgot that they were on the air; and the things you discuss with friends, you can’t necessarily discuss with the public!

  • Shialie

    Guess that makes Romo part N-word.