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Fire 1.0 Released

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The Fire team is pleased to announce the availability of Fire 1.0… the culmination of 14 months of development effort. Please note that we now have a different download for 10.1 and for 10.2 and later. Please download the appropriate disk image depending on which OS you are using.

A big thank you goes out to everyone involved in this release: Alan, Graham, Nick, Mark, Manuel, Alessandro, Lasse, Jan, Daisuke, and everyone who sent in fixes and reported bugs with our beta releases.

Download it now!

I really like Fire, and it is great to see it hit such a huge milestone in its life. Direct Connect over the AIM proticol still does not work correctly. I also notice (still in 1.0) that when some people IM me, I do not see it at all.

But since I have friends and clients that use Y!, ICQ, MSN, and AIM, I could not live without Fire. It would not be fun having ALL those clients open at once.

I use iChat about 20% of the time, and Fire the other 80%. The one thing that I like about Fire, other then the fact that it is a great multi-IM client, is that it starts up and connects a lot faster then iChat.

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  • Tom Johnson

    Um . . . maybe a description of what Fire is would be in order?

  • Ken Edwards

    I eluded to what Fire is in my comments…

    The one thing that I like about Fire, other then the fact that it is a great multi-IM client

    Fire is a Multi-Protocol IM Client For OS X. It does Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Jabber and is even a light weight irc client.