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Finding Tim Burton

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Tim Burton is a remarkable filmmaker who has produced some brilliant work and is destined to produce more films to amaze us in the coming years. In fact, in 2005 he has a couple of promising films coming out, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Corpse Bride.

One of the greatest things about Tim Burton – at least in my biased opinion – is his penchant – or the penchant of his design team – for using fonts which I designed. They’ve shown up in various forms in his past films and are going to be featured in these two upcoming films as well. Very flattering, very gratifying, but sometimes frustrating.

Here’s the rub and why I’m posting about this on Blogcritics as well as on my own company website, in hopes of reaching the widest and most knowledgable audience. In the trailer for The Corpse Bride Burton is using my Buccaneer font for the titles. That’s great, except that he seems to be using an early release which has a variety of design defects in it which I hate to see immortalized on celluloid. The capital ‘A’ is kludged together, the numbers are entirely wrong, and there are some defects in weighting and spacing which stand out to a trained eye. This version of Buccaneer was originally released almost 10 years ago and was replaced not long after with an improved version and then another revision was done in 2002 which made it just about perfect.

As an artist I hate to see an imperfect version of my work being used in a prominent place like film titles from one of my favorite directors. But I have no idea how to get hold of Tim Burton, which of my company’s customers might be on his design team, or how to contact some appropriate person to get them a current version of the font. This is never something I’ve tried to do before, but there’s no contact info on the movie website and I don’t know where to go from here. Does anyone out there know a secret way to get hold of Tim Burton, his production company or his graphic design team? If you’ve got the secret key, please drop me an email.


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  • As an addendum to this I ought to mention that timburton.com is not much use nor is the Warner Brothers site or any of the fan sites. If they were useful I wouldn’t be blogging about it.

    In addition, if you do have the secret info, remember to email it. Don’t post it here or anything like that.

    Hope springs eternal.


  • Dave, Tim Burton is going to be having a garage sale on March 11 in CA, in case you’re in the area:


    Friday, March 11, Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13, 2005
    207 North Aspan Avenue Azusa, CA 91702
    9:00am – 4:00pm
    (Absolutely No Early Previews or Early Sales)

    Previously owned items by director Tim Burton and his actress wife former girlfriend Lisa Marie. Designer furniture (Herman Miller, Noguchi, Knoll, Ashland & Hill), clothing (Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, YSL), lamps, ceramic kiln, fine crystal, make-up, electronics, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver, movie memorabilia, props from movie sets and tons more. This sale will be held in a warehouse in Azusa, CA, a 45 minute drive from Studio City.

  • mermy

    Official Word from Tim…

    “It recently came to my attention that a warehouse sale, claiming to include “previously -owned” items of mine, is scheduled to take place. Allegedly, these items include props, memorabilia and costumes from various films I have directed, as well as some drawings of mine that were private gifts–never meant for public display or purchase. Since I have not been contacted by the sellers, it is important to note that I can in no way vouch for the authenticity of these items. I am completely against the selling of personal items in such a public way.”

    So if anyone was planning to go and possibly buy something, the items may or may not be authentic.

  • Mykuh

    With all of the “defects” in the font, did it ever cross your mind that maybe it’s NOT your font? Or are you too self-centered for that to make sense?

  • No, the defects are what identify it as my font. It’s the first shareware release of the font and it has a noticably different version of the capital A, among other smaller details. It’s just an early release, and the current release is better. But trust me, I can recognize my own work.


  • Perhaps Mykuh is suggesting that Tim Burton deliberately created an identical font for his film, complete with defects…

  • Yikes, how diabolical of him!

    Actually, one of Burton’s partner companies did hire me to create a font clone of the hand lettering used for the other titles in The Corpse Bride, so they could do the title in Spanish and French.

    So it’s all very twisted and incestuous now.


  • Toni Hearn

    Have you found Tim Burton yet. I too am on the hunt for Tim Burton and would like to find Tim. The reason for my search is that I am a Graphic Artist/Designer from Australia and would like to contact Tim Burton about some possible work experience. My plan is to come to Los Angeles and I am hoping to find Tim Burton to see whether work experience with him or any contact with him at all, as a fellow artist, is possible in anyway. My dream is to work as a designer with Tim in film and I hope that people will help me fulfill that dream of finding Tim.

    If anyone can contact this blogsite with any information at all, which can then be passed on to me, I would be very grateful, cheers.

    Ms. Toni Hearn

  • Maybe Tim’s hurting for money if he’s having a garage sale.

    That is all.

  • Axolotl

    I don’t have any College experience. There isn’t much to my life other than I have had these story ideas running around in my head for 9 years. I actually wrote a script for my story back in my freshmen year of high school. It was a very long script of 1,717 pages, all hand written so it wouldn’t have come out to be that many pages if I had the chance to type it out. Unfortunately my mother after I had finished the script nearly at the end of freshmen year found part of it as I kept the script in various notebooks in my room, and she decided it was Satanic, dark, morbid and unholy and threw out the first 300 pages which were all she could find. It was in fact no way any of these things, my mother has a bad habit of thinking everything is evil and didn’t stop to conceder my feelings or how badly it would affect me. Needless to say, it discouraged me so deeply that I nearly threw down my project. I also drew many scenes for it. The story has since changed and improved and I wish dearly it could either be made into a novel, stop-motion animation or a live-action film. I’m 21 years old; I have no idea how to get my project off on its wings for everyone to see. If it was ever made into anything, I wouldn’t even really care if I got that much money off from it, I simply want to share it widely enough that people from all over the globe could watch it and then decide if they liked it or not. If I did make money from it, this is off topic but I would donate most of it to animal shelters, the Animal ASPCA animal rescue, and Grant a Dream foundation to help young children and use some of it to buy a house and a car that I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking down when my husband makes the nearly hour long trip to work each morning.
    I care for the characters in my story. I don’t want them to die off. I think if I could ever see it made into something big, and then I would feel so accomplished. As for College experience, I got married last year in August and haven’t had the money for college as of yet but hopefully in the near future I can afford it. I live in a very small apartment and a computer and sketch pad that gets me by in the meantime with my ideas. I wanted to post about this because these are my feelings on Tim Burton. Tim Burton is an outstanding director who’s way of thinking and visual expression has brought him a great deal of amazing affection from fans spanning the globe. Tim Burton, if you ever come across my post, I want to say that I envy you and respect you for your talents and the fact you are able to get your ideas published, out into the public eye, and enjoyed by so many people. You are so lucky because you are able to get your ideas published in the way that you do, and the way that your imagination has created such wonderful films. If I ever had the chance to get my ideas made into a film I would want you to be the one to cradle it, to make it happen. The only thing that I would want is that the characters and the story line to stay original, but I am completely open to improvement and ideas. You really have no idea how lucky you are Tim. I know you get that a lot, but I had to mention it.

    I am very excited. My husband and I are going to watch Corpse Bride at the Theatre later this evening. I have been waiting to see this adorable film for some time now. Later we’re going to watch James and the Giant Peach because my husband hasn’t seen it yet and I’m pretty excited for him to see it. It’s one of my favorites.

    If anyone has any comments about what I have written, please respond to my email, or if anyone is interested in knowing what my story is about, I am eager to share it! Please feel free to share your feelings. I am open for constructive criticism.

  • You’re an odd girl, Axoloti.

    2,000 pages is way too long for a screenplay, but that must have been a lot of hard work.

    Give us a pitch and tell us what the story is about in a few sentences and maybe then we can tell you if we think the idea is interesting. No one reading this works in Hollywood, but that might be better constructive criticism for you.

    That is all.

  • Axolotl

    Hey Bob, thanks for replying. My Story is very Fantasy/fairy folklore based and mixed with both Celtic and eastern style. I wanted to go with something very original. My story is about a young male Sidhe Loki, (a fairy based off from Celtic Dialect and folklore stewed with my own word tweaking) named Shane Poe Laupebaude who accidentally kills his closest friend after he neglects the warnings of his nations elders and enters the dark lands in search of flowers he wished to give as a gift to a young female Sidhe Loki. At the time he was attending a school to learn the arts of earth magic and how to control the essence of a sacred ore called Mystrile used to summon spirits and dead organics. After heading the warnings and he murders his friend he is expelled from the school and escorted back to his nation’s kingdom of Coiced to receive punishment.
    Shane and his escort arrive in Coiced only to find that their nation and homeland is being ransacked and demolished by a dark race (similar to elves) called the Drow that were created 4,000 years prier by the dark gods in an effort to control the creation. Shane finds his mother and sister have been killed and his father is still at best, barely alive and conscious. Overwhelmed by the situation at hand, Shane discovers he had obtained a dark power and lust for revenge that consequents from disobedience entering the dark lands and uses it to kill off the Drow. Unfortunately in his attempts to do something right for his people, Shane ends up demolishing ¼ of the kingdom and wiping out a nearly uncountable amount of his own race.
    Forced to face fault and guilt, Shane is exiled from Coiced by the queen feeling he is far too great of a threat to even be imprisoned safely, and forced beyond the Loki’s realm of Tir-nan-nog into the realm of the humans to face an uncertain fate. Overtime these events that piled up so rapidly eventually leave Shane torn, dull of emotions and leave some important angles open for curious proceedings.

    Important notes: Sidhe Loki are vegans. They do not eat meat or Dairy and this plays an important roll in my story and they do not look like or act how a person would expect a fairy to be or do. They are tall like humans and only the males have horns. There is a lot of different races and creatures, beasts in my story, far too many to mention in a short summery and a very in-depth plot that leads up through the hardships and fate Shane is forced to face. If anyone would like to find out more, please email me and I will gladly share. I do not know if I should get the story written in novel form, or try to publish it as a screen play. There is so much work put into it, 9 years worth. If anyone knows anyone that I could contact to get this work published/recognized, please let me know. Any help will be most appreciated!
    I can draw some and I am not sure if my style of writing is anywhere near expectable as good writing. If anyone is interested, I also have bits of it typed out to see why I don’t think it’s exceptable. Constructive criticism is most appreciated!

  • Yeah, that’s what I expected.

    It’s too abstract fantasy/sci-fi and no one will be able to relate to it. No one knows about any of those things.

    Get outside your own head, don’t coop up in your apartment writing in your own fantasy world so much, and write about things that people can understand and relate to emotionally and socially. Write about your friends and family, write about your crazy, intrusive mom, write about your high school years.

    In other words, take it down about a hundred levels and write about what you know and experiences from your own life.

    Make it funny, sad, angry, just make it true and interesting.

    That is all.

  • Axolotl

    There’s a million published books, movies that most people can’t relate to, yet people enjoy them for this reason. People don’t want to be trapped in a world that they can only relate to, they want to expand and explore the imaginations and talents of other people. I appreciate your comments, but I do intend to get this work published if I can at all. Just because you don like it mean I’m going to drop 9 years of work and effort and focus on something else ^_~. Many people I know and admire like my story. They have all pushed me to try and get it published or made into something, expand it.
    No one knew about Nightmare before Christmas, or could relate to it, but yet it’s a very outstandingly beautiful movie with a clever storyline and became very popular after it was released. It is still very popular because of the work that went into creating it and also the witty storyline. I would still like to hear from other people or from anyone that can give me information on how to get this out in the public. It really is an interesting story. People just need to give it a chance. There’s far too much work in it for me to give it up, and don’t worry everyone, I’m not too isolated in my little apartment ^_~. I get out quite often.

  • >>It’s too abstract fantasy/sci-fi and no one will be able to relate to it. No one knows about any of those things.<< Babs, you're clearly not familiar with the culture of 13 year old girls. Dave

  • Axolotl

    I don’t see what 13 girls has anything to do with my story other than maybe goth teen generation, but I really hope that my book doesn’t get thrown into that catagory. I’m aiming for it not to. My story has a mature rating on it. If anyone is familiar with Japanese anime, a good portion of that market is dished for mature audiences. The biggest reasoning is because of the comlex story lines, and of course the occasional adult situation, dialect, or situations that are too complex for children to understand. If I limited my story to things that people could only relate to then it would be no more complex than a basic animated or live anction disney movie. No thanks, that is not my cup of tea, and i am sure once a wider range of people know and understand my story to its fullness, they will enjoy it very much. I want people to give it a chance before they mock it.

  • Well, princesses are one thing.

    But Celtic goblins and anime wizards are a whole other thing.

    Lemme guess, Axoloti, you really, really loved Lord of the Rings?

    Don’t give up all your hard work, by any means. But just realize that there may not be a huge market for what you’re doing — since you said you’re interested in anime and have already drawn this out in storyboard form somewhat, why not consider making a comic book out of it? You might find a lot more receptive attention there.

    That is all.

  • If I was faced with your dilemma, I’d consider contacting the studio the films in question were produced by. In fact, you should be able to find an industry directory (such a thing is usually available in industry agencies, film schools and so on) from which you can find out who the right person to contact is. Write a polite letter, giving the details of your query and instead of asking to “get access to Tim Burton”, send along a CD rom resource or the URL to a website from where the up to date font can be donwloaded. The more professional and un-fan-ish you appear, the more likelihood of success you’ll have.

    Of course I could try to trace a college buddy of mine who’s worked for Burton in Sleepy Hollow, but that would probably be next to impossible now… (sadly). Good luck anyway!

  • Areej

    Did Tim Burton design all his movie fonts?

  • No, Areej. As the article says, he has used many of our fonts either as published or slightly modified, as well as some original hand lettering. I don’t know if the original stuff he’s used is his own work or someone else’s.


  • moonatika

    how can i contact tim burton…??? I really need to send him an email…


  • Jo

    Hi there
    AXOLOTL: its a shame your story recieved such bad criticism but sadly, that is what you have to come to expect if you want to be a writer. I do agree with Bob as far as people can’t relate to it but thats not necessarily a bad thing. Don’t bring Burton’s work into your arguement though as there are so many recognisable story themes to his work: love, power, lonliness etc etc which any average intelligence person could see. If you want people to love your work- humanise the characters enough so that they have emotions and things which we can see in ourselves. if in 9 years nothings happened either you aren’t trying hard enough or your work wasn’t meant to be.
    My final piece of advice is don’t expect your work to be made into a film- think book first, film later. Your work seems in the league of Dark Crystal… just don’t get ahead of yourself. No one likes a whiney author who has failed at their chosen profession.
    Thats all for now- thanks 4 your time

  • wow, if you could get a contact with tim burton i applaud you, i’ve been trying, he has had a huge impact on my art, the eerie settings and long thin appendages and all. I have a dream to one day be one of those people to help work on one of his story boards. so if ever you were to find a contact could you help me out?

  • Me

    Did you you find Mr.Burton yet? (sorry, Mr…I can’t help you…i don’t even know his address)( yeah, i agree with you Mr. Burton, its kind of wrong to sell personal items…my mom gives away some of mine and i feel rather empty…) I, like billions of people out there am trying to find him. My reason for trying to find him is not for buissness. My reason is just to contact him somehow, meet him, or possibly become his friend (It would be great to meet him because he’s been my idol ever since i wqas 6 yrs old, and ever since I’ve looked up to him…and his work kind of got me through life…but i doubt that he would just want to talk to me just for that so i wrote 2 screen plays…maybe he’ll like one and i can work by his side and that would be one of the best things i can get out of life…) Well anyways… I hope the rest of you find him! Same to you Mr. Graphic designer! and congratulations Dave Naell for contacting him and the same for the rest of you people! (can you please help me contact Mr. Burton? If you have time/want to that is…)

  • Margaret Moore

    Dear Mr Burton,
    I’m writing as a last resort. My son has been accepted to the California Institute of the Arts. He chose this college for it’s specialty in his chosen field which is animation. You have been a HUGE inspiration to him and have been a major influence in his choosing this field. He applied three years in a row before finally being accepted. He has almost half his tuition paid for in the form of grants and scholorships. The rest must be paid in the form of a student loan. We, his parents have applied to co-sign. After we were turned down he had his aunt and uncle also apply. They were approved but the uncle got cold feet at the last minute. My husband and I are currently awaiting an answer from another lender. We would hate to see him not get the financing that he needs, as he has worked so hard to get this far! Is there any chance you could help us? Your consideration would be greatly appreciated!
    Margaret Moore
    You may contact me on Blogster.com as Maggiemae

  • Ben

    Tim Burton
    c/o William Morris Agency
    1325 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10019-4701

    Tim Burton Productions
    Warner Hollywood Studios
    1041 N.Formosa Ave.
    Writer’s Building Suite 10
    West Hollywood, CA 90046

    Tim Burton
    5301 Loma Linda Avenue 8
    Los Angeles, Ca 90027

    Tim Currently resides in London, but these addresses are accurate and are the best that can be acquired.

  • Noah P. Lederach

    Tim: Your books and movie’s have moved me. I wish there was a direct way to contact you, but since there is not (according to my research) I must say what I must say here and now…:

    I would love to work for you. In fact, you may be the highest bracket of persons I would love to work for… No, no: you are the holy grail. You; tim burton.
    When I think of film, I think of the ability of that to innact the very essence of what a person can be. And your film’s contents inable an actor to go where neither the writer, the director, or the seer of the final product could ever imagine. Because of that, if you chose me, I would go to the very extremes of my mind body and soul to complete the task at hand at whatever it may be. I know I would be a spec in the scheme of what is to be, but, my spec would indeed sparkle.
    A film test, or preferably, the chance to meet/greet/ or enchant you (i know i am being to bold) would thrill and boost my mind body and soul.
    To perform under your guidance would be the opportunity of a lifetime. If you would only but give me a chance, I would… I would be humbled and thank you.

    Recently I have been in Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical, where I played five different characters. Which made me think of your films. I can do five different people enthusiastically, and would love to show you. After my next show (Lesbian Vampires of Sodom) where I play three different characters, I feel I am ready to take on most anything.

    Five, three, or one character… I don’t care. Maybe just remember my name? And know I would love to shake your hand and greet you face to face…


  • tk

    im just looking to get a fresh start at my dream…if anyone could get tim’s or any director info ,i.e. email ,p.o. box ,something that would be helpful i wont forget it!

  • Dan wilson

    Can someone PLEEEEASE tell Tim Burton to make a second Beetlejuice!!! It was my absolute favorite movie as a child, and if he made a second- darker, but just as funny if not more. I don’t know how to get a hold of him, but just say “Beetlejuice 2” to him and that will atleast get his wheels turning. It’s kind of hard to bring back someone after being eaten by a sandworm though… damn sandworms.

  • alyssa smith

    I always wanted to know what happened on the nightmare before christmas 2 oogies revenge are you going to make the next movie I can’t wait!!! I love your movies all of them keep going!!!!!

  • Jessi

    The “nightmare before christmas” is the worst movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its worse than the movie “Disterbia”!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike wilson

    Would like to know if the vows used in the CORPSE BRIDE r actual vows used back then?? if so, they r the best vows EVER!! if/when i get hitched, im DEFINATLY using those.

  • Calum

    Hi guys,i wonder if any of you can help me.I see a while back a couple of you requested for information on how to contact Tim Burton,Im a college student in the UK study art(animation) for A-level. And i was wondering if any of you managed to get any contact information for Tim,as im hoping to contact him to ask him some questions about the projects he has done.I saw there was a couple of american addresses,but im in the UK so they are not really any use to me.
    If you could please email me any information i’ll be very grateful.


  • Christy,

    While I don’t claim to be a die-hard Burton fan, he is quite appealing and intriguing. I teach high school English, and one of my favorite short stories (and authors) is Franz Kafka. If Burton has an assistant to scour the internet for him or scours himself or someone knows how to contact him – please send my interest in seeing him develop a movie version of “The Metamorphosis”! I imagine that, along with Vincent Price, Burton must have been influenced by the writings of Kafka. What a wonderful piece that could be – Burton analyzing Kafka. I’m already in line for tickets.

  • kira harmer

    hi tim burton,
    i was just wounding why you didn’t you make a second nightmare before christmas because i find it really good and i wish you would make another.pleeeese

  • Laura

    hi, i am currently studying A level media studies and for my coursework i am creating a movie in the style of sweeney todd. Before i go to university i would like to do work experience, preferably with a movie director as that is what i want to become. i was wondering if anybody had contact information for tim burton in the UK? i have noticed information for the USA but i now need UK contact infomation. i am also going to a film acadamy in america soon to practise the art of directing and will also get a diploma, but this would help me alot! so please if anybody has UK contact information, then please email it to me. thank you, laura.

  • Louisa B

    Hello!! I just read that Mr. Burton is doing a remake of Alice in Wonderland!! My favorite Disney movie for real!!
    I would LOVE the chance to audition or work on the movie…ANYTHING!!
    I’m from Nunavut (Canadian Arctic Territory) and I would love to be able to experience what it’s like to work on a big set 🙂
    I personally wouldn’t like to see Lohan get the part, not to be mean but I just can’t see her in a quirky “Tim Burtonish” movie 🙂
    Does anyone know how to contact the movie company?

  • myrthe

    i em from the netherlands so meybe i dont spell all of this good… 0=) end i god dyslexia or how you whrid it 0:) xD

  • Audition for Tim, you are hard to track down, I would like to read for Alice in person but here is a rough idea for the time being!

  • MiLi

    hi im mili i’d like to known tim’s e mail

  • zefanya deby

    hi, i’m zefanya from indonesia. my boyfriend made a great comics, and i came with this crazy idea to send his comics to tim, because my boyfriend is a huge fan of tim. i wish he will be happy hearing tim’s comment about my boyfriend’s comic. what a crazy idea.. huhu

  • If I have a dream, it would be to work for Tim Burton.

    It’s the only thing I ever think about. Him and Danny Elfman have inspired me more than anyone could ever know or understand.

    It’s like an escape from everything else, to sit down and watch one of his movies.

    It’s like magic.

    Maybe someday I could be a part of it?

    -Maggie Erika Lynn Anderson

    I’m only 15 though. I have plenty of time, I hope. Though I can’t wait.

  • Beth Luxton

    I am 13 and I’d love 2 work as an art director for tim burton it’s my dream!!! I am doing my art & textiles GCSE early! I really wanna send him letter does anyone know his address?!

  • Idealist

    Mr. Burton if by chance you read these comments or if anybody on this forum with desire for one or two or three more great movies direct this message to him. There is a video game named fallout and is a post apocalyptic role playing game it was first made in 1998, fallout 2 (sequel) was 1999, and now recently Bethesda is making fallout 3 for fall of 08. I believe with all of fallout’s fans along with its new popularity and new fans a movie released soon would make a killing however as a fallout fan myself i would like to see it put to justice i believe you can give it that. BTW if you need an actor for it i will work for free! with exception of travel fees and possible injury fees. Besides the fact that the protagonist can be a minimum of 16 and i am currently 13 i can only be in certain small roles however i have acting experience. please reply here.

  • Faye

    Hey, Im about to go off to college, and I am going to study mostly on art and graphic design. I wan’t to be an art teacher, but if there is anything I could use these for to help burton, that would be amazing. I always loved tim burton’s movies, and I remember watching the nightmare before christmas when it came out and i was 3 or 4 years old, and singing Jack’s Lament along with him. It would be amazing to work with him, or even just to speak with him. I’m along with a lot of the people who have posted here, I just want an e-mail, or an address or something. Thank you for your help. ~Faye

  • Bec

    biggest Tim Burton fan in the room, but do you guys really expect to find his information? There’s HUGE stetups for people like Tim Burton to prevent stalking etc.

  • Maddie

    Heya! Does Tim Burton have an email address or something? I was told that I should write to him about my one story (as it’s halloweeny and has a whole lot of pumpkins and is kinda spooky). I hate writing letters, but email is much better. Does anyone know how to contact him?

  • c.kuehnel

    gimmie gimmie gets nothing.everyone here complains too much. they would look beautiful with fresh neckties though.

    message for,
    A Letter will come For you i Hope. containing one book. i would very much be satisfied if you read it. it is a childs chapter book, so dont worry. i would like to share it to everybody, but in a different way If you have already read it, that is perfectly fine.

    thats all.

  • Raina

    okay so i may only be 15 and still be learning about my writing abilities, BUT i have been writing a story for a bit of time. Every single moment i write i have some sort of something involving tim burton in my mind. He has been my insperation in creating this story throughout the whole proccess, i want to be a screenplay author or whatever the technical name is, and the story is written in screenplay format with movements and what not. I greatly wish that i could be lucky enough to contaact Tim and have him read it. Maybe give suggestions, and what not. I do wish that it could be made into a movie though there is not a very high chance of that happening. It would be SO amazing if Tim produced/directed it. Just a dream/wish. But i still do want to get feedback from him, but i need contact info. Oh and basically my story is of a group of friends living in Maine, everything seems normal but their friends keep turning up dead.. the rest of the world thinks they are commiting suicide though the main character and her friends are murduring everyone. Its a bit more complecated but it is what you think a basic chick flik with a twist. It is meant to be very bloody 🙂 crazy deaths and what i think is a quite interesting ending 🙂 so yeah. ID LOVE TO HAVE TIM’s CONTACT STUFF 🙂 it would be much apresheated. (sorry forr any inccorect spelling, i am an awful speller.)

    Raina < 3

  • brando

    all you guys are respectable but tim burton nor any producer are going to listen to you. Dont be mad because i am in the same situation. None of them look at websites like this… I wish they did but they dont. I have loved tim burton since I was three years old and have every film he has ever made. I also wish I could tak/work with him but unfortunately it probably wont happen. My twin brother passed two months ago, and we always wanted to make a film produced by tim burton but i know it is nearly impossible to make. I am an art student who has completely been influenced by tims style and drown in his stylistic genius. I wish we all could get him to recognize us but it is impossible. I have over five script ideas in the works and would love to make them a reality but it feels hopelless… maybe if someone would like to work on an idea for a film without tim and then maybe get him to recognize it, that would be great… im sure all of u have talent but thats not always enough… you need contacts… if anyone does and is interested in a horror/halloween film which u have several of, get in contact with me… or help me get in contact with someone tim might know..
    enuff rambling for me…
    pumpkins scream in the dead of night…

  • lu

    hey i am also wanting to get in contact with tim burton as i am a make-up artist and would love to work with him, so if u now how i could get in contact leave a message.. thanks

  • Zeycan Altinkut

    I hope when i finished this writing you will read and care about me dear Mr. Burton.I am from Turkey.You can not imagine how i want to be a hollywood star.I know a story which is about Johnny Depp and you.You discovered him.I am sure you will discover me too.As you see i am helping you to discover me,actually =)I am just 16 but i really want to come there, meet these people and be star!Of course i am gonna get my education in the best way.All i want from you is ;if one day i could find you help my dream comes true!
    Zeycan Altinkut
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Joseph A. Mascort

    I have watched most of Tim Burton’s movies and I have always enjoyed them. I want to be an actor one day and I know it may seem laim to post this up here, but if anyone cares I just want them to know that I would be honored to work with such an artist. If possible I would want my first movie to be directed by him. I’m not saying I’m a good actor or I believe I’m a good actor, I’m just a kid with a dream and this is my way of reaching out so that I don’t pass it up. His imagination goes beyond any person I have ever met, and I respect him for displaying it on screen.

  • Great work!!

  • richard

    tim burton should do a more adult version of alice in wonderland

  • richard

    damn i just find out that my idea was not unique…..creazy

  • Ally

    I was wondering if anybody had any contact info for Tim Burton in the UK or an email address? I’m 17 and I’ve decided to do stop motion for an A level project. If I was able to contact Tim I could ask him for advice on creating stop motion and is it possible to work on a low budget (like I said, I’m 17 and cash is hard to come by! hahaha!)

    [Personal contact info deleted] thanks guys!


  • RecycleBinLadin

    Please make a movie with Johnny based off H.P. Lovecraft stuff, anything you want but may I suggest “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” That would be sweet.

  • mansoor ghader

    i want recive mail than him

  • Jeramie

    I will help Tim make a film about my life altering event. I think a film close to my life would be a hit film!

    Recovering From a TBI (Trmatic Brain Injury)!

    I think it will be best to start relaying the unfortunate event that placed me in the position as “Auto-biographical Author”!
    On December 8 2003 I was driving from Casper Wyoming to Sheridan Wyoming to finalize a agreement between Reliance Resources and a Land-Owner for Reliance-Resources to build a coal bed methane well on the land to gain access to the mineral rights lease Reliance Resources had obtained from the state. I think it snowed pretty much the whole night on December 7th. I had scheduled the meeting on Monday because my 4 kids wife(now X-wife) and had just closed on our new house in Casper, our move in date was just a week earlier. I was about Driving a RIO to Sheridan ion the morning of December 8 2003. I was just NE of Midwest WY on Highway 387. I was driving up a hill ad about 400-yards in front of me at the crest of the hill I saw a Expedition SUV sliding across the centerline into my lane. I Lowered my speed and pulled into the scolder of my lane in an attempt to avoid a collision with the on coming Expedition. In the 400-yards the expedition continued sliding all the way across my lane. We had a head-on collision in my lane’s shoulder. The speed of each vehicle was approximated at 25 miles-per-hour. I do not remember much of the next two and a half months of my life because I was in a comma. As I was becoming conscious again I was told by the doctors what had happened, over and over. I was told about the accident then the elaborated on their work, my physical injuries. I was told I had fractured both femurs’, I had shattered both knee-caps. Broken a foot, almost had, had my left pinky severed off and had a Traumatic Brain injury, TBI. One of the first things I remember shortly after I woke up was my oldest son’s 7th birthday was in a week or two. I quickly mad it my priority to find out ho close it was to March 12 2004….

  • lucy-chan

    to: tim burton
    good afternoon …. I hope you can read this if it would be a great pity for me … good to the point .. not if you read … I guess if .. There is a book that came out recently called ghostgirl and is a person named tonya hurley .. the book is very interesting .. at least I did and I was a girl who is dying to be popular and literally died and the truth the book has a gothic air so I was thinking why not make a movie of that book with the typical stop motion which is his specialty and would very well .. only a suggestion .. the truth is that I am a fan of his movies especially the stop motion just like the nightmare before christmas, corpse bride, vincent, finally all his movies … and thought it would come forth perfect make a film of that book with his style wiii … good I hope you read this if not … mmm que mal ..

    P.D. ……. His last movie alice in wonderland charm me … I never expect to see alicia in a silent so cool

  • cherrylyn go

    dear Mr. Burton,

    I have a story that you can make a movie.
    The title is My Twin Sister.
    It is about they were getting along, but they are different person.
    Jenny is a vampire, because her father is a vampire.
    Then Jessie is a human, because her mom is a human.
    They live together being family.

    Cherrylyn go
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • brismom

    Alice in Wonderland…sequel.
    If a fantastic writer could assume that Alice (in her day and age) could conquer China’s trade (against all odds), considering how China views women…esp. back then, and make her would-have-been father-in-law a fortune….thru her connection as the White Queen’s Champion, she realizes she is needed in Underland…this time, to battle the Red Queen & her one-eyed Champion, whom have escaped their banishment, and pose danger to a peaceful Rule…naturally, all of the old allies would be there.
    This would mean many of the original Cast would have to agree for a sequel…and the screenwriting would have to be more compelling and dramatic…but in a way that it is still in the original PG (or at least PG13) rating.
    With Orlando and Kiera “jumping ship” (so to speak) on the last P.of Carrib. movie, I imagine it’s time for Depp to move on…and he was very compelling in “Alice”…so it just means they need to find a magnificent story to tell…one that makes ppl. want to see “what happens next”. That would be up to a Very Good writer, and Mr. Burton.
    I see Positive possibilities…but again, it all depends on the script. the original cast, and having Mr. Burton making it a success. That’s a lot of pressure.

  • So, i realize this hasn’t been updated since 2005-2006 but i just saw his exhibit in new york and it was wonderful.. and i noticed that they eye plant he had was such a great idea. But since he seems to work with eyes a lot i thougth it might be a good idea to give him some that really do look like human eyes and not some cheap ones purchased online. So, tim if you are out there i make real artificial eyes and would love to make you some that would really make your work pop. [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Ashley

    Wow if your really hurting just send him some mail the old fashioned way through his business address…

  • Jamilya Moore

    I would love to act in one of his movies.

  • Jamilya Moore

    I am a film student and even before i started studying film Tim Burton was and always will be my favorite director. His work is crazy and i love it. I would drop everything to star in one of his movies any day!!!!!!

  • Heather

    Tim Burton Productions

    8033 Sunset Boulevard
    Suite 7500
    West Hollywood, CA 90046
    Phone: 310-300-1670

    Tim Burton Productions
    7175 Willoughby Avenue
    West Hollywood, CA 90046

    Tim Burton’s Agent:

    Mike Simpson
    William Morris Agency
    One William Morris Place
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    Phone: 310-859-4000

    Tim Burton’s Publicist:

    Kristin Borella
    Bumble Ward & Associates
    8383 Wilshire Boulevard
    Suite 340
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211
    Phone: 323-655-8585

    Tim Burton’s Attorney:

    Melanie Cook
    Ziffren Brittenham Branca Fischer Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffman & Cook
    1801 Century Park West
    Los Angeles, CA 90067
    Phone: 310-552-3388

    – hope this helps

  • michael ulrey

    dear mr burton i just wanted to tell you that u are one of my favorite directors and i have seen and own almost every one of your movies and cant wait to see whats in store next. p.s. I think sweeney todd was your best movie and u should have gotten an accademia award for it

  • Juliet melissa

    Hello you know you’re Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are great friends and making movies together for years know this because I follow this partnership for a long time already watched all the movies without missing a Johnny come and even ask you to help me make a My dream and desire to participate in a day of filming on the set of Dark Shadow but if it is not possible if you really drive Pirates of the Caribbean know that some scenes will be in Brazil I could do figuration always wanted to be an actress but life and not always as if you want but can not give me the chance to take the test to be an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean go until 5 or filming DarkShadow at least invite me to attend the premiere of the film along with the cast, especially with Johnny Depp I do everything to meet him personally because I’m Brazilian and never give up please do as Mr. Willy Wonka Borton in the Chocolate Factory a chance of me looking better than you to help me could ever meet and my biggest single Johnny depp idol by the way loved all the movies you made are really too await the answer regards juliet.

  • robin

    I’d like to just leave acomment for tim burtom..the show “face off” on the syfy channel just aired an episode called burtonesque I think you should take not one but four of those characters and build a movie around those characters..the highstrung rather mischeivous bellhop,the endearing cellist who breaths life into her one and only love ‘the cello’ by playing him..the adorable ice cream clown with a heart of gold who has no idea how scary he really looks and all headed up by the understated brillant plumber who sports a wealth of contraption that gets him out of many tight spots in his backpack….create a movie around those charaters and you’ll have the best movie ypou’ve created…..tim burton fan robin