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Finding Tim Burton

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Tim Burton is a remarkable filmmaker who has produced some brilliant work and is destined to produce more films to amaze us in the coming years. In fact, in 2005 he has a couple of promising films coming out, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Corpse Bride.

One of the greatest things about Tim Burton – at least in my biased opinion – is his penchant – or the penchant of his design team – for using fonts which I designed. They’ve shown up in various forms in his past films and are going to be featured in these two upcoming films as well. Very flattering, very gratifying, but sometimes frustrating.

Here’s the rub and why I’m posting about this on Blogcritics as well as on my own company website, in hopes of reaching the widest and most knowledgable audience. In the trailer for The Corpse Bride Burton is using my Buccaneer font for the titles. That’s great, except that he seems to be using an early release which has a variety of design defects in it which I hate to see immortalized on celluloid. The capital ‘A’ is kludged together, the numbers are entirely wrong, and there are some defects in weighting and spacing which stand out to a trained eye. This version of Buccaneer was originally released almost 10 years ago and was replaced not long after with an improved version and then another revision was done in 2002 which made it just about perfect.

As an artist I hate to see an imperfect version of my work being used in a prominent place like film titles from one of my favorite directors. But I have no idea how to get hold of Tim Burton, which of my company’s customers might be on his design team, or how to contact some appropriate person to get them a current version of the font. This is never something I’ve tried to do before, but there’s no contact info on the movie website and I don’t know where to go from here. Does anyone out there know a secret way to get hold of Tim Burton, his production company or his graphic design team? If you’ve got the secret key, please drop me an email.


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  • lu

    hey i am also wanting to get in contact with tim burton as i am a make-up artist and would love to work with him, so if u now how i could get in contact leave a message.. thanks

  • Zeycan Altinkut

    I hope when i finished this writing you will read and care about me dear Mr. Burton.I am from Turkey.You can not imagine how i want to be a hollywood star.I know a story which is about Johnny Depp and you.You discovered him.I am sure you will discover me too.As you see i am helping you to discover me,actually =)I am just 16 but i really want to come there, meet these people and be star!Of course i am gonna get my education in the best way.All i want from you is ;if one day i could find you help my dream comes true!
    Zeycan Altinkut
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Joseph A. Mascort

    I have watched most of Tim Burton’s movies and I have always enjoyed them. I want to be an actor one day and I know it may seem laim to post this up here, but if anyone cares I just want them to know that I would be honored to work with such an artist. If possible I would want my first movie to be directed by him. I’m not saying I’m a good actor or I believe I’m a good actor, I’m just a kid with a dream and this is my way of reaching out so that I don’t pass it up. His imagination goes beyond any person I have ever met, and I respect him for displaying it on screen.

  • James Green

    Great work!!

  • richard

    tim burton should do a more adult version of alice in wonderland

  • richard

    damn i just find out that my idea was not unique…..creazy

  • Ally

    I was wondering if anybody had any contact info for Tim Burton in the UK or an email address? I’m 17 and I’ve decided to do stop motion for an A level project. If I was able to contact Tim I could ask him for advice on creating stop motion and is it possible to work on a low budget (like I said, I’m 17 and cash is hard to come by! hahaha!)

    [Personal contact info deleted] thanks guys!


  • RecycleBinLadin

    Please make a movie with Johnny based off H.P. Lovecraft stuff, anything you want but may I suggest “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” That would be sweet.

  • mansoor ghader

    i want recive mail than him

  • Jeramie

    I will help Tim make a film about my life altering event. I think a film close to my life would be a hit film!

    Recovering From a TBI (Trmatic Brain Injury)!

    I think it will be best to start relaying the unfortunate event that placed me in the position as “Auto-biographical Author”!
    On December 8 2003 I was driving from Casper Wyoming to Sheridan Wyoming to finalize a agreement between Reliance Resources and a Land-Owner for Reliance-Resources to build a coal bed methane well on the land to gain access to the mineral rights lease Reliance Resources had obtained from the state. I think it snowed pretty much the whole night on December 7th. I had scheduled the meeting on Monday because my 4 kids wife(now X-wife) and had just closed on our new house in Casper, our move in date was just a week earlier. I was about Driving a RIO to Sheridan ion the morning of December 8 2003. I was just NE of Midwest WY on Highway 387. I was driving up a hill ad about 400-yards in front of me at the crest of the hill I saw a Expedition SUV sliding across the centerline into my lane. I Lowered my speed and pulled into the scolder of my lane in an attempt to avoid a collision with the on coming Expedition. In the 400-yards the expedition continued sliding all the way across my lane. We had a head-on collision in my lane’s shoulder. The speed of each vehicle was approximated at 25 miles-per-hour. I do not remember much of the next two and a half months of my life because I was in a comma. As I was becoming conscious again I was told by the doctors what had happened, over and over. I was told about the accident then the elaborated on their work, my physical injuries. I was told I had fractured both femurs’, I had shattered both knee-caps. Broken a foot, almost had, had my left pinky severed off and had a Traumatic Brain injury, TBI. One of the first things I remember shortly after I woke up was my oldest son’s 7th birthday was in a week or two. I quickly mad it my priority to find out ho close it was to March 12 2004….

  • lucy-chan

    to: tim burton
    good afternoon …. I hope you can read this if it would be a great pity for me … good to the point .. not if you read … I guess if .. There is a book that came out recently called ghostgirl and is a person named tonya hurley .. the book is very interesting .. at least I did and I was a girl who is dying to be popular and literally died and the truth the book has a gothic air so I was thinking why not make a movie of that book with the typical stop motion which is his specialty and would very well .. only a suggestion .. the truth is that I am a fan of his movies especially the stop motion just like the nightmare before christmas, corpse bride, vincent, finally all his movies … and thought it would come forth perfect make a film of that book with his style wiii … good I hope you read this if not … mmm que mal ..

    P.D. ……. His last movie alice in wonderland charm me … I never expect to see alicia in a silent so cool

  • cherrylyn go

    dear Mr. Burton,

    I have a story that you can make a movie.
    The title is My Twin Sister.
    It is about they were getting along, but they are different person.
    Jenny is a vampire, because her father is a vampire.
    Then Jessie is a human, because her mom is a human.
    They live together being family.

    Cherrylyn go
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • brismom

    Alice in Wonderland…sequel.
    If a fantastic writer could assume that Alice (in her day and age) could conquer China’s trade (against all odds), considering how China views women…esp. back then, and make her would-have-been father-in-law a fortune….thru her connection as the White Queen’s Champion, she realizes she is needed in Underland…this time, to battle the Red Queen & her one-eyed Champion, whom have escaped their banishment, and pose danger to a peaceful Rule…naturally, all of the old allies would be there.
    This would mean many of the original Cast would have to agree for a sequel…and the screenwriting would have to be more compelling and dramatic…but in a way that it is still in the original PG (or at least PG13) rating.
    With Orlando and Kiera “jumping ship” (so to speak) on the last P.of Carrib. movie, I imagine it’s time for Depp to move on…and he was very compelling in “Alice”…so it just means they need to find a magnificent story to tell…one that makes ppl. want to see “what happens next”. That would be up to a Very Good writer, and Mr. Burton.
    I see Positive possibilities…but again, it all depends on the script. the original cast, and having Mr. Burton making it a success. That’s a lot of pressure.

  • Christina

    So, i realize this hasn’t been updated since 2005-2006 but i just saw his exhibit in new york and it was wonderful.. and i noticed that they eye plant he had was such a great idea. But since he seems to work with eyes a lot i thougth it might be a good idea to give him some that really do look like human eyes and not some cheap ones purchased online. So, tim if you are out there i make real artificial eyes and would love to make you some that would really make your work pop. [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Ashley

    Wow if your really hurting just send him some mail the old fashioned way through his business address…

  • Jamilya Moore

    I would love to act in one of his movies.

  • Jamilya Moore

    I am a film student and even before i started studying film Tim Burton was and always will be my favorite director. His work is crazy and i love it. I would drop everything to star in one of his movies any day!!!!!!

  • Heather

    Tim Burton Productions

    8033 Sunset Boulevard
    Suite 7500
    West Hollywood, CA 90046
    Phone: 310-300-1670

    Tim Burton Productions
    7175 Willoughby Avenue
    West Hollywood, CA 90046

    Tim Burton’s Agent:

    Mike Simpson
    William Morris Agency
    One William Morris Place
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    Phone: 310-859-4000

    Tim Burton’s Publicist:

    Kristin Borella
    Bumble Ward & Associates
    8383 Wilshire Boulevard
    Suite 340
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211
    Phone: 323-655-8585

    Tim Burton’s Attorney:

    Melanie Cook
    Ziffren Brittenham Branca Fischer Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffman & Cook
    1801 Century Park West
    Los Angeles, CA 90067
    Phone: 310-552-3388

    - hope this helps

  • michael ulrey

    dear mr burton i just wanted to tell you that u are one of my favorite directors and i have seen and own almost every one of your movies and cant wait to see whats in store next. p.s. I think sweeney todd was your best movie and u should have gotten an accademia award for it

  • Juliet melissa

    Hello you know you’re Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are great friends and making movies together for years know this because I follow this partnership for a long time already watched all the movies without missing a Johnny come and even ask you to help me make a My dream and desire to participate in a day of filming on the set of Dark Shadow but if it is not possible if you really drive Pirates of the Caribbean know that some scenes will be in Brazil I could do figuration always wanted to be an actress but life and not always as if you want but can not give me the chance to take the test to be an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean go until 5 or filming DarkShadow at least invite me to attend the premiere of the film along with the cast, especially with Johnny Depp I do everything to meet him personally because I’m Brazilian and never give up please do as Mr. Willy Wonka Borton in the Chocolate Factory a chance of me looking better than you to help me could ever meet and my biggest single Johnny depp idol by the way loved all the movies you made are really too await the answer regards juliet.

  • robin

    I’d like to just leave acomment for tim burtom..the show “face off” on the syfy channel just aired an episode called burtonesque I think you should take not one but four of those characters and build a movie around those characters..the highstrung rather mischeivous bellhop,the endearing cellist who breaths life into her one and only love ‘the cello’ by playing him..the adorable ice cream clown with a heart of gold who has no idea how scary he really looks and all headed up by the understated brillant plumber who sports a wealth of contraption that gets him out of many tight spots in his backpack….create a movie around those charaters and you’ll have the best movie ypou’ve created…..tim burton fan robin