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Finding Myself with Crown Chakra Healing

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When someone hears the words “drug addict” they usually give a dirty expression and the images of strange persons cloud their minds. I think this way because, years before, I used to feel the same. Little did I know that that perplexing persona would grip me too.

Unlike my acquaintances, I wasn’t drawn to drugs out of curiosity but out of a kind of compulsion. The”art of treating me” at home was something that every teen would fear. I was beaten, trashed, and looked down upon. This constant torture made me hate the power that looked after me, and moreover, I started hating myself because nothing was able to rescue me.

Those concerned got me examined but nothing helped. Some of them asked me to seek chakra healing experts. I just thought that was the stupidest thing and that it was only meant for the old folks. I was proved wrong very soon. The much-loathed meeting finally took place and I was told that over the course of time, my crown chakra had fallen out of balance.

What exactly is the crown chakra? There are a total of seven chakras in out body. Out of them, the crown chakra stands last numerically but holds most of the powers. Located above the head, it controls our connection to the spiritual power and self. It holds the feeling of understanding, trust, and confidence and of being looked after when it’s balanced. Our consciousness is bonded with our subconscious. We aspire to be more flourishing and successful.

Being sincere and obedient were traits of mine in the past. I was pretty content too, since these traits were in vogue at that time. However, over the course of time, I started backfiring at my parents, wouldn’t share my desires or whereabouts with them. I felt disheartened and always thought that nobody loved me or cared enough to look after me.

To curb this feeling I bowed down before the drugs. I suffered from constant headaches and bumped into things. When I had been diagnosed, my doctor revealed that due to an unhealthy environment at home, drug addiction filled the niche of family in my life.

I was told that chakra balancing plays a vital role in a person’s existence and his choice of actions. In my case, the topmost chakra, the crown chakra, had become unbalanced, which pushed me away from myself.

After my treatment, I felt my life getting back on track. I couldn’t change the way my family chose to treat me but I surely learned to protect myself. I don’t feel alone or unloving anymore. Crown chakra healing has done wonders for me. It saved me from living the life of a drug addict forever. If you are undergoing a somewhat similar experience or any problem at all, I would advise you to seek chakra healing.

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