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Finding a Healthy Source of Weight Loss Motivation

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It can be difficult to feel motivated to lose weight. Indeed, many people identify weight loss motivation as the biggest challenge in losing weight. You have to know that if you are overweight, it is probably due to a failure to stop overindulging in food. However, this can be a difficult pattern to break.

Overindulgence in food can result from a number of causes. In some cases, people gain a great amount of pleasure from eating, and they are in a sense eating to fill some kind of void in another area of their life. For example, someone who has gone through a painful breakup might eat to soothe the pain of being alone. In other cases, overeating can result from a lack of self-esteem or low self-confidence. When these problems become manifest the person experiences comfort in food, whether it be desserts, large meals, or excessive snacking.

As these eating habits persist, they become hardwired in the brain. Food becomes associated with a feeling of relief from emotional pain. It is at this point that eating disorders may develop; individuals who feel “guilty” as a result of their overindulgence may negatively compensate for their extra weight. Others might feel extreme pressure to remain thin. Eating disorders such as bulimia, a cycle of binge eating and purging, can develop when a person who overindulges feels excessive pressure to stay thin.

Others can simply develop an addiction to food that can actually interrupt their ability to function on a day-to-day basis. As the person’s mind becomes consumed with thoughts of food, it is impossible to move past thinking about eating.

For those who would like to lose weight, achieving a healthy source of weight loss motivation is necessary. In particular, the desire to lose weight can’t come from a superficial desire to look good. As appearances will always be transient, a person’s self-image underneath his or her appearance is what really matters. When someone has low self-confidence they will never truly be happy with the way they look, and they’ll continue to try to modify themselves, whether it be through losing weight or other means, in order to try to feel better – this is how extreme relationships with food begin.

The right reason to lose weight lies not in a desire to look good, but a true desire to be healthy. Every person will experience hang-ups surrounding the way they look – it’s only natural to focus on flaws instead of the better aspects. But the person who can actually accept the way they look, in spite of whatever flaws she may have, will succeed in losing weight.

If you would like to find a sure-fire source of weight loss motivation, all you need to do is think about the health benefits. Losing weight can help you in the long term; it puts you at a reduced risk of heart attack, heart disease, and diabetes, to name a few related illnesses. And those who have a healthy body weight have actually been found to have increased longevity. If you look at it from a health perspective, your life is in your own hands. Losing weight can help you to feel better about yourself and experience a healthy, happy life.

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  • Great article… digging deeper in to the reasons behind what causes unhealthy eatings habits…and what maintains such bad habits. Really enjoyed reading your article.