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This just in: there is a better place. Yes, mylastemail.com
may not be the post-mortem messenger of choice. Turns out FinalPartings.com delivers the goods by land as well as by e(mail).

So, the choice is yours: you can die with one, or you can die with the other. ‘Course, you could really take a walk on the wild side and go bare.

Then there’s always the belt + suspenders type, who’ll want to sign up with both services. My take on FinalPartings.com, which does offer a choice of venues to deliver the news, is this: though it offers a lifetime subscription, alas, it’s the company’s lifetime that concerns me, not mine.

I am reminded of Alcor and all the rest of the cryonics companies, which you pay to keep your body frozen in a tank of liquid nitrogen forever. That’s all well and good, until somebody forgets to make sure the emergency generator’s charged before a massive power outage.

That’s a lot of expensive fertilizer in those tanks. And, like Soylent Green, it’s people – namely, you.

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  • Final Partings appears to be the only one with a solid business behind them. They are owned by Computer Medics of America, Inc. which has contracts with Dell and others.

    My Last Email says they are solid but their are no links to the companies they mention.