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Finally someone in the music industry is THINKING

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This is an awesome idea! Clear Channel Concerts is testing (in Boston 🙁 ) a new way of distributing music! They’re planning on taping the concert you just saw, and burning it to a CD – to be available for sale about 5 minutes after the show!! Now this I would jump on the bandwagon for! $15 for a copy of the concert I just saw? How cool is that? Of course, these files would *still* be shared on the net, unless they had a way to protect themselves. I would have loved to have a copy of the INXS concert I went to at St. Andrews Hall (In Detroit) – or a copy of the Lords Of Acid concert at Clutch Cargos (In Pontiac) – I hope this takes off, and the RIAA doesn’t bitch too much – But i’m sure they’ll find something wrong with it…

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  • i’d be interested in hearing what kind of cut clear channel will be offering the bands it’ll selling bootlegs of. i’m all for real-time experimentation and marketing of the recordings if they are quality soundboard recordings, but clear channel taking the first step makes me a little wary…

  • The idea itself is great. I love it.
    But the problem that arises is the same with everthing else released on CD. Someones gonna rip it and stick it on the net.
    However, most bands live off income made at concerts rather than CDs in a record store. If 50% of the money went to the band I could see them going for it.

  • Clear Channel sucks. Do not support them. There is another company that actually started it and clear channel is just trying to suck the life out of them.