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Film Review: “Adore”

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Robin Wright and Naomi Watts as Roz and Lil

Robin Wright and Naomi Watts as Roz and Lil

Adore is a film adaption of Doris Lessing’s best-selling novel “The Grandmothers” and stars Naomi Watts (The Impossible, Fair Game), Robin Wright (House of Cards, Moneyball), James Frecheville (Animal Kingdom), Xavier Samuel (The Twilight Saga:  Eclipse) and Ben Mendelsohn (The Dark Knight Rises, The Place Beyond the Pines). The film was directed by Anna Fontaine.

Roz (Wright) and Lil (Watts) have been friends since they were girls and have done pretty much everything together.  They both swam, surfed, went to school together, married and had children (one boy each).  They even live across the street from one another, they’re so close.  They are the best of friends in every way. 

When Lil’s husband Theo dies, she and her young son are comforted, of course, by Roz and her family.  Years fly by and Lil has been able to move on from her husband’s death, although she isn’t seeing anyone but her best bud.  Their sons have grown and are now strapping lads and best buds themselves.  Tom (Frecheville), who is Roz’s son, is dark-haired, blue-eyed and broad-shouldered while Ian (Samuel), Lil’s son, is blonde, slender and just as good-looking as his friend.  Both love to surf and are constantly together.  But one of them will cross a line that will take this tale of togetherness to a whole different level.

Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville as Ian and Tom

Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville as Ian and Tom

If you’ve been reading my reviews, you know I am not one for spoilers.  And I absolutely refuse to spoil Adore because doing so will ruin it for all.  The premise had me intrigued from the beginning and it helped that Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are featured; both are excellent, especially Ms. Watts. 

But Frecheville, who left a lasting impression on me after Animal Kingdom, and Samuel were exceedingly good.  As Ian, who was affected the most by all that went on in the film, Samuel’s range of emotions made him believable as a young man in turmoil.  Frecheville’s Tom was more the brooding type but when he put a smile on his face, I could imagine every girl in America falling to the ground in a collective faint.  As to Wright and Watts, besides being unbelievably talented they both seem to defy time.  These mothers are in remarkable shape and look absolutely fantastic in every way.  Ms. Watts and Ms. Wright made women of a certain age in bikinis very sexy, indeed.

The biggest star of this film is Australia itself.  Adore was filmed in Cedar Rocks, a small seaside town perfect for this story.  The beach was absolutely breathtaking and the water clear and inviting.  The town is pretty small, which provided a very intimate feel to the film and its subject matter.  I have a feeling Cedar Rocks will start seeing an influx of visitors in the near future.

I highly recommend that you see this film because the plot will definitely have people talking, but also because the cast is so talented.

Adore is out now in theaters and also on Video on Demand.

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    I like this article. Now I want to see the movie and visit Australia.