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Figure Four – Suffering the Loss

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I remember Ric Flair perfectly executing the figure four leg-lock as a kid. He was flawless; crippling his opponents with every implementation. It was painful. It was devastating. It was beautiful.

While Figure Four (the band) strives to attempt the same effect (more or less), sometimes their follow through leaves gaping holes (remember, strong grip on the toes and heel firmly). Songs like State of Mind totally set you up for a perfect execution, but in the end there are quite a few songs that are simply too easy to kick out of (ok, that’s the last of the wrasslin’ lingo) simply because they aren’t memorable.

However, looking at the back of the CD case it would seem that all of members in Figure Four could put me in a leg-lock that would handicap me for life (I couldn’t resist). Especially that guy in the Hatebreed shirt (he really looks pissed).

Mike Frost

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  • The Theory

    yeah, this cd sucks. And good job on forgetting to mention that a GIRL is in the band… and even SHE could disable you for life…