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Fiendish Friday Interview: Larry Silverman of Discovery Channel’s A Haunting

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It's October, which means it is time for an interview. Today we interview Larry Silverman from The Discovery Channel's hit cable TV show and one of the only scary shows on TV, A Haunting.

Earlier this month I had a chance to sit down with Larry and talk to him about "A Haunting". If you didn't know, A Haunting is one of the only horror shows left on TV today and features a new story of horror each week.

The coolest part? It's actually scary and features great special effects and wonderful music. The other sweet part is that all these stories are based on actual accounts from real life people. The show is set up as part documentary and part dramatization of what these people went through. Did these events really happen? That's up to the viewer to decide…

We bring this great interview to you in MP3 format:

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  • Jeff

    Up to to viewer to decide? I think the only thing I’m “discovering” from these “documentaries” is that most people are gullible and that other people will take advantage of that.

    By producing such shows, Discovery is fomenting stupidity and belief in in things that don’t exist. Nice going.

  • Josh

    Perhaps if they included some factual information and exact locations, cited sources, it would be more believable. It is an interesting show, but its entertainment until proven otherwise.

  • Ethan

    A T.V. series that is loved by people who believe everything they are told. Its like watching a documentary on why Santa Clause is real. “A Haunting” on Discovery channel is nausiating to a guy like me.

  • Silvan

    An amazigly well produced horror themed docudrama that is obviously embellished.While I believe most stories are real in basis, the stories have too many commonalities such as the work-all-day dad-who-never-experiences-anything until the end to ghosts who are so overt they might as well be on Oprah.Nevertheless the scripting,music and format is award winning stuff.

  • PhnkG

    Commonalities…just like the commonalities that the sociologist identifies…we are all unique, yet a lot of us fit into patterns…and “WASP’s” in denial is one…