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There are changes afoot in the organisation that runs the Inferno Festival (in Norway)/Inferno London. Time will tell what effect it has on the series of successful black/death metal gigs.

It’s time to make it official!

My reasons for leaving are one or two, but to make it short I want to end it while the festivals brainchild is still the key as it was from the start when Jens F. Ryland, Inferno Metal Festivals founder, asked me to join in 2001.

I am proud to have been a part of Inferno’s expansion and status we have achieved since its birth.

My hope is that the festival will continue in the same vein, and have an accepted growth to keep its black soul.

I want to thank all participating media and all members of the old school (yeah, you know who you are 😉 ) for making my work a living hell…kidding…for making Inferno Metal Festival to what it is today. You all better soldier on next year!

Even though this is at the end of the road for me and Inferno, my company Khaoz Productionz (www.khaoz.no) will keep it going full time. I’m currently working on two European tours featuring my rooster bands, so I will most likely see some of you bastards trying to get the free booze backstage 😎 during the tour.

Yours truly,

Ann Frestad

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