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Feminist4Fathers: Fathers4Justice Bedlam protest draws hundreds

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Take a look at this Feminist4Fathers (and mothers) exclusive SLIDE SHOW of the Fathers 4 Justice Bedlam demonstration in London Friday.

Hundreds of fathers, mothers, children, extended family, concerned citizens and professionals joined Fathers4Justice in London Friday for the Bedlam demonstration in support of overnight stays for children and their noncustodial parents.

Fathers 4 Justice is part of a worldwide civil and human rights movement fighting for equal rights for all fit parents through family law reform. There are Fathers 4 Justice groups in several countries including Canada and Italy. Also prominent are groups like Fathers For Virginia and Fathers and Families New York and radio personality and columnist Glenn Sacks.

Reformists say current law facilitates conflict and separation of fit parents from their children. Parents must spend thousands of dollars fighting each other, making each other look the worst so they can get the cherished and powerful title of custodial parent.

They say these same couples could share physical custody, and use collaborative co-parenting plans, which leaves them money to put towards establishing two homes or the child’s education.

Advocates say children in most divorces want to maintain the same amount of contact they had with their parents before and after the separation. They say when a parent is only available to a child 14% of the time, or they only see them every 2 weeks, the child often wonders if they’ve done something wrong.

Activists say even when the laws are correct and the court orders a just decision, a custodial parent is able to ignore the court order knowing they will not be taken to task. They say in cases with visitation orders, enforcement must happen.

They all say with equal* joint physical custody and collaberative co-parenting, there is no need for visitation orders. (*parents can have equal say, and can negotiate any timeshare they prefer)

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