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Feminist World Politics: Bash Bush, Push Hillary

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On my blog, I devote regular space to bashing Bush (though I also cover books, sex, laughs, and philosophical thoughts).

Why? He drives me crazy, because in my view, he represents the worst of America: morally dubious because he covertly backs torture; socially suspect because he favors the rich and ignores the poor; economically unsound because he’s a borrow-and-spend profligate who’s made America the world’s biggest debtor nation; politically twisted because he’s ideologically and religiously driven instead of practically minded; and personally abhorrent because he does not appear to be a man of any culture, smears his opponents underhandedly, and wears that smug, self-entitled, rich-boy smirk…and it’s a shame that someone who represents the worst should be up there representing ALL of us.

In the eyes of the world, Bush makes me ashamed of being an American. I would like the world, and me, to be proud of America again. I bash him to help ensure that his like will never get to such a high position again. I think he is spoiling the path for his like already, thank God (at 38%, his job approval rating is lower than Clinton’s during the Lewinsky scandal). It’s not a matter of party politics either: think how different America would’ve been if a Republican like McCain had been president instead of the Incompetent Chimp. All politics is not only local; it’s personal. To me, Bush is a secretive, withholding, lying, warmongering guy with no empathy for the underdog – typically MALE.


Increasingly, my blog is going to turn its politics into another direction: pushing Hillary for president. Not because of politics either, but because of who she is. Of course, she’s a very shrewd political operator and opportunist of the first water, yet I could give a shit that the left will call her a sell-out and the right a dangerous liberal. What she is, is an efficient, hard-working Senator who serves on the Armed Services Committee with distinction. I guess you could call her a Christian centrist with progressive values who supports our troops — or something.

But her politics is not why I want her to be president. I want her to be president for one reason only: because she’s a woman. She is the anti-patriarch: the Good Mom vs. the Bush Bad Dad who blows the family’s money on irresponsible mad schemes.

I believe the oppression of women is still, and has always been, the #1 problem in the world, because it’s this problem that causes the other #1 problem in the world: poverty. If women weren’t oppressed, poverty would begin to vanish.

So my blog will be pushing Hillary simply because she is a woman. If the leader of the world were a woman, things would change in fundamental ways we cannot yet foresee. Germany, the #3 economic power after the US and Japan, is getting a woman leader, Angela Merkel. I believe that with Hillary and Angela on top, things will change massively for women.

A huge psychological shift is bound to occur in sexist Arabia and Africa, for example — among both women and men. Sexist attitudes will simply not be viable with two women leading the world. It will be impossible for any man to run down women, or to make women feel or be inferior. And it will be impossible for women not to strive for all they can be, whatever their menfolk might say. There it will be for all to see: two women in charge of America and Europe, and hence, in charge of the world. I don’t know what the position of women in China is, but I don’t see them represented in the top leadership, and it will change their men for having to deal with the two power women of the West, too.

This is what the world needs most now. This is bigger than American politics. This is world politics; world history. This will be a culmination of the most important struggle on earth ever, the struggle for gender equality and women’s rights. And so I hope you will join me in seeing the world-historical importance of getting Hillary elected to become president of the US, and devote your bloggings and conversation and whatever you can muster, to this Biggest of All Political Causes.

Hillary for President: it will change the world for good more than anything else currently attainable. It can happen, it must happen, it will happen. We owe it to half the human race, to all our born and unborn daughters. And you can do your bit. So do it.

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  • Nancy

    I agree with you completely, but prepare for virulent attacks not only from those who never made it out of the 5th century, but the Chimp Cheerleaders as well.

    I have asserted for years that no woman could possibly fuck up national or world affairs any worse than millions of years of men already have, and recent events in New Orleans have proved my point. Is Blanco a lousy governor? Probably. But she’s no worse than any man that’s ever occupied the office.

    Women (Barbara Bush, Smirk’s mom, aside) tend to have more empathy with the unfortunate, yet be well aware of those trying to pull the wool over their eyes with excuses … because they have already been thru the same crap with their kids & they’ve heard it all already. The Women In Charge I know (Nursing Heads of Staff, one woman Army Officer, one Mother Superior of a Catholic religious order) are kindly but tough. They know when to give hard luck sufferers a break, & when to break those trying to get away with something. They work collectively much better than men – teamwork. How ironic. Men tend to first set up a pecker order – who’s in charge; women tend to set goals & worry about aggrandizement & public credit later. They’re nowhere near as ego-driven as men. That alone should be a major plus in favor of any woman.

    And hormones have nothing to do with it. I know far more ‘moody’ men who are hell to work with than I do women, and I should know: I’ve spent most of my life working in male-dominated fields. I’d rather have a woman boss any day. They’re far more reasonable & easier to work with. I’ve never had to stroke any woman’s ego, play ‘yas, boss’ to prop up her authority, or make her feel important. I have with each and every male I’ve worked for, NO exceptions. Not to mention the macho shithead games & politics men like to play, with their subordinates & each other, manifesting itself as aggression in various forms.

    I’m sure women who run things have drawbacks as a group, but off the top of my head I can’t think of any that are worse than what men have demonstrated for the past several thousand years.

  • “Those who rebel against society are still allowing society to define them”

    In push for a woman to be president solely because she is a woman you particpating in a patriarchial society just as much as sexist men. Voting for someone entirely because of their sex is just as devoid of logic as not voting for someone because of their sex.

    The feminst movement, when it doesn’t have its head up its ass, is attempting to create a society based on merit. Where people succeed on their abilities not race, sex, or orientation.

    Yeah, sure you might help get a woman into the white house, but its a tainted and false victory because she got there BECAUSE OF HER SEX.

    You are tearing down a partriarchial system, you are re-enforcing it. Idiot.


  • JR

    ryan: In push for a woman to be president solely because she is a woman you particpating in a patriarchial society just as much as sexist men.

    Reverse the adjectives to make this statement true.

  • what.?

  • Mike

    If you’re supporting Hillary just because she’s a woman, are you also supporting Harriet Miers just because she’s a woman? Are you willing to support any female candidate for public office no matter her political views? Somehow I think not. Surely you’re supporting Hillary not just because she’s a woman but because you also like her politics.

  • Maurice

    So you would be cool with Condi Rice?

    She is a woman. A black women.

    I would vote for her and not just because I’m black.

  • Nancy

    I will have to admit error & state I probably wouldn’t vote for someone just because they were female; but if they were (in my mind) closely qualified, it would definitely tilt the balance. No … I’ll back down on this to a degree & say I prefer qualified over other criteria; however, the way things are currently, non-whites & females get very few chances to acquire the same qualifications as white males. Look at the current congress: hundreds of people, and only a handful of women, and 1 black. Is anyone going to seriously tell me there ARE no intelligent, educated women or minorities out there? That out of 51% of the population, no one is qualified to sit in congress?

    It’s not lack of qualifications; it’s lack of support both by the behind-the-scene powers that run everything (conspiracy theory!) & the MSM owned by them who have the unbridled opportunity to slant everything to their goals.

  • Maurice

    Is this the same racist Nancy that said, “mighty white of you”?

    And the same bigoted Nancy that said “Goddamn right” when I asked if she was a racist and hated religious people?

    Why are you now saying nice things about us stoopid black people?

  • Nancy

    You didn’t read my original prior statements in their context – or I just don’t write English very well on occasion.

    Yes, I made the ‘mighty white’ comment; I had meant it as sarcasm, meaning ‘well isn’t it nice of you to stoop to our humble level’, because that’s what I’d been told it meant. I seem to have been mistaken. No offense for my ignorance was intended.

    A racist – not that I know of, but then I actually think everyone is a racist to some degree no matter how hard they try not to be; but I do value American lives (of any color) over non-Americans, when it comes to war, yes. If I remember correctly, the issue was US troops vs muslims abroad. Guilty as charged.

    Religous people who insist on pushing their beliefs on others, absolutely, altho hate requires more energy than they’re worth; call it disdain & disgust.

    I don’t lie to anybody knowingly, so I won’t insult your intelligence or mine by trying to claim some of my best friends are black, as I don’t know many black people very well, altho I work with quite a few & like them as well as I like anybody else.

    Don’t know if you’ll believe me, but there it is. And yeah, anyone who deserves it I’ll say nice things about; I’ve even said nice stuff about Al Barger & Dave Nalle!

  • Well, im not backing hillary for pres, even though if she got the nomination i would most definitly suppost her for president. However i dont like the republican-light stance on the war, i know itsa tough position for her to be in, i questioned the intelligence from the start of the whole thing with no reason to do so other than may distain for the man, but i was right, an there were people out there saying as much, Bliz, Ritter, Wilson. I like her stance on abortion, keep it legal try to make it rare but her video game stance is stupid, as someone who as played all sort of video games throughout my life and someone who know the idustry and how they are produced i think its rediculus to go after them on what tey put in the games for content. why dont they do that for cartoons. cartoons where initially made for adults but were more well responed to by kids. Now there are cartoons that are pretty much made just for adults agian, should they not be made because a child might find them intreging, besides the only kids that really find those “violent” game intreging are the ones who are old enough to know that its not reality and its just a game not to mention right from wrong. So i guess my early pick for 08 is Al Gore, he had the forsight to see the internet comming and what could be done with it and if he were in office today at least the fbi would be able to get email, might be handy in this war on terror, not to mention his clear agenda of moving us tword energy independence and clean industry, without destroying the enviroment and making the economy work within these boundires. I guess i just have to convince him to run, but im a geek and hes a geek and i think he represents me best.

  • I’d be cool with Condi Rice, too, even though I don’t like her pro-war stance. Not that she’s a neocon, or a theocon. If it were Hillary vs. Condi, I would be in pol heaven, knowing that a woman will be president of the US. For the same reason, I’m with Harriet Miers because she’s a woman. There is so little representation of women, they’ve got to be quite horrible, say, like Phyllis Shafly, before I can be against them. I also happen to like Hillary’s politics — or lack of it, she’s so centrist, Christ knows what she stands for, besides sweet reason — so I’m doubly on her side. But it’s her being a woman, with the political cred and power and charisma to run for prez, that puts me behind her. Women like that don’t come along every day, and the further they go, the more they open the way for other women. It’s shocking that in the US, certainly the best place on earth to be a woman, we have so few women Senators, CEOs, etc. The poor women of the world — a billion or more — need to see women up there in power positions, so their men can get out of their way and let them be all they can be. Affirmative action is what it is. Having Hillary as president is simply the best thing that can happen for the women of the world, and since it’s actually attainable, we should all get together now to make sure it happens in 2008.

  • Maurice

    My concern with Hillary is her lack of connection to working people. She lamented about ‘money laying around doing nothing’ that could be used to finance UHC. The money she was refering to was 401k accounts that people are counting on to retire. To me this is every bit as bad as congress using SS funds for their pet projects. This total disconnect is as offensive to me as someone saying ‘mighty white of you’ and not realizing they are offending black people.

  • Nancy

    BTW, Maurice, please tell me what that phrase DOES mean. I’ve never used it again, I was so taken aback by the response to it; obviously it doesn’t mean what I was told it did. Is it NOT a sarcastic comment on someone acting like a (in their own mind) superior jerk? Thanks.

    Part of the problem I have with either Hillary or Condi is that neither one is really “in touch” with all the working stiffs; both are covered by life-long, special, privileged, all-expenses-paid-til-death-even-after-they’ve-left retirement & medical plans courtesy of our tax dollars (not to mention their own private income) that the rest of us don’t have, & will not even begin to approach as far as the level of coverage. Ms. Rice may have started relatively humbly (?) but she’s come a long way & it’s been a long time, and she’s made it clear many times since she’s long since forgotten & put away any working/middle class roots.

    On the plus side, both women are extremely sharp, well educated, and literate; it’s unlikely it would take either one almost a week afterwards to glom on to the fact that people in a major city had been trashed by a hurricane, a la The Chimp, who obviously had to be prodded into responding & then spent his first few days decrying Trent Lott’s house loss!

  • Demi

    Looking at the bankrolls of most, if not all presidential candidates… None qualify as being aligned with working people. They’re all rich!

    A Margo Thatcher? Who would vote for that one?

    Personnally I think Hillary would make a fine president… just leave Billy Boy out of the picture.

  • Nancy

    But he’s the one with the working-class roots! Besides, I think he’d make a great First Gentleman: he knows something about food & nutrition so he could plan good state dinners, and he can play the sax & tell jokes well, so he could also provide the entertainment afterwards.

  • Cunning linguist

    The feminists of today have nothing to do with equality for women. They’re a mouthpiece for the far left. Just go on the website ofany feminist organization and you will see that.

    When Clinton was president and all the woman who accused him of sexual harassment were not supported by these so called feminist organizations. Why is that? HMMM…

    And what kind of moron views Hillary Clinton as a role model for women? Let’s see she stayed with a cheating husband so she could ride his political cooattails for her own career. She had aides as first lady of Arkansas and of the country who did all of the domestic chores in her household such as cooking, cleaning, laundy etc….. then has the gall to claim to be able to relate to the average mother…… remember the stay home and bake cookies remark folks? Then she rants and raves about how we need to pour more money into the public school system while her own daughter has never even attended public school.

    She’s a hypocrite and the only women that support her are those on the far left. You know.. the man hating butch dykes that make up the groups like National Organization for Women and the feinist majority.

    You lefties are all gung ho for Hillary but you severely underestimate the hatred for this women. You guys think you hate Bush? well take how you feel about Bush and multiply that by oh…. let’s say 1000 times. There are people who have already decided that Hillary Clinton will never be president and these are the kind of people who always get their way one way or another if you catch my drift. So I’m not worried about 2008.

  • Nancy

    Threats to Hil, CL? Are these men so afraid of a woman making decisions they feel they have to kill her first? Talk about being insecure in their macho!

    Y’know, if the Secret Service has managed to keep Smirk from being blown away by everyone who despises him thus far, I think they can manage to protect Ms. Clinton.

    And as a feminazi, I can assure you I’m nobody’s mouthpiece but my own. Dream on.

  • Cunning linguist

    Same old tired inaccurate response huh Nancy? It has nothing to do with Hillary being a woman. It has to do with her being an evil, destructive, socialist, whackjob. I’d vote for Condeleeza Rice in a heartbeat. But to you lefties she is neither a woman nor a black person because she is a conservative republican. Rice is just an “uncle tom” right Nancy. She’s a “race traitor.” She’s a “token black in the GOP,” she’s a “pawn of the vast right wing conspiracy.” Right Nancy? Democrats and liberals like to scream and call Republicans racists and inconsiderate of minorities. But god forbid a black person,let alone a black woman dare to vote republican or express a view that is right of center…….then hell have no fury on that person like a liberal scorned by those they take for granted because race equals political and social ideology in leftland.

    Right nancy?

    You lefties are nothing but a bunch of fucking hypocrites when you get right down to it.