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Female Circumcision Is Barbarism

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Oppression and discrimination against women have become major concerns in many parts of the world, including Africa. Many women have become subject to all kinds of horrible situations, ranging from rape, sexual harrasment and physical battering, to psychological abuse.

In some parts of Africa and Asia men hold the view that “as a husband to that woman” they have the right to beat up their wives any time they wish to do so. The ignorant idea that girls are not as important as boys views women as sexual objects rather than industrious, hard working people.

An oudated practice going on in Africa, which has caused much health hazard to women, is female circumcision. In the Republic Of Sierra Leone an ethnic group calling its self “The Bondo Society” still carries this practice. Why female circumcision? The idea behind this barbarious act , which has caused so much misery and sickness to thousands of women across Africa, is to “help” the woman to be faithful and stay with only her husband.

Female circumcision is practised in 26 countries across Africa and the significance behind this act is totally meaningless and not beneficial to women in any way. Women are not going to be tied down by this outdated tradition. The world must fight againt this wicked act. It’s totally inhuman.

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  • Female or male, I believe it is barbarism.

  • bhw


  • Eric Olsen

    thanks for bringing up this vital topic Joel, I totally agree

  • Circumcision of males is far less traumatic than the horrific mutilation inflicted on millions of women in the name of “traditional values.”

    The vast majority of men never experience anything that would let them really understand what these women endure. The prospect of attempting to explain it in terms men can relate to is daunting, but I’m going to try anyway.

    Removal of the foreskin is painful, no doubt about it. But, in order to experience anything comparable to some forms of female “circumcision,” a male would have to suffer not merely the foreskin but the entire penis being removed. Not quickly and cleanly cut off with a sharp scalpel, mind you, but slowly scraped off, with a dull razor blade, or with a piece of broken glass.

    Other forms of female genital mutilation are not quite so complete. A male who experienced something analogous might still have an organ superficially resembling a penis. He might even still be able to ejaculate, (and thus reproduce) but most of the nerve endings that are required to experience sexual pleasure would have been scraped away.

    You may think I’m exaggerating. Just remember, in order to sit still while enduring this procedure, a child who has barely entered puberty often must be held down by at least three or four people, in addition to the person who wields the rusty razor blade or fragment of soup can, or other far less than precise instrument of surgery.

    This is why the term “genital mutilation” is far more accurate than the word “circumcision” to describe what is being done to these young women.

    I hope none of you will ever really understand what they go through.

  • joel savage

    Hello Victor, thanks for your comments on this topic. Your views over this “female genital multilation” is not an exaggeration but a true fact.

    I travelled to many African countries, practicing this “female circumcision” But never witnessed a male who is handicapped or had any health hazard, after circumcision.

    But I have seen scores of women and children, who are totally handicapped, or walking with the aid of walking sticks, as a result of “cutting off the clitoris” It’s inhuman.

  • lol You want to talk about equal treatment about what’s barbaric? Let’s talk about ending MGM (male genital mutilation).

    BTW, I found this page Googling “tommy lee circumcision” (no quotations) and I *hope* Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson left their sons Brandon and Dylan intact, but I kind of doubt it unfortunately.

  • Male circumcision is nowhere near as barbaric as female genital mutilation, and so it will naturally remain a comparative non-issue in the minds of educated people for the time being.

  • hello im 14 years old i read a book about FGM its called no laughter here before i read it i didnt know what it was after i read it i didnt know what it was but when i read your comment victor i figured it out and yesterday my friend she was born in africa i found out this happened to her and i helped her start a website to let the world know this is happening

  • To try to do something about stopping female genital cutting, I wrote President Bush about it: my postcard to Bush about female circumcision

  • Tom Froh

    hello I had fgm performed last year on me, it was great, I’ve enjoyed it so much I had it done three times. everyone should have it done!!! Its great. I also happen to know that Jessica Alba had it done in the same clinic as me.

  • Captain John

    I totally agree with you Tom. I had it done twice, I LOVED it.

  • Asadullah Khaskheli

    Male circumcision is legitimate and allowed in Islam and has good effects on your health and married life. But Female circumcision is totally inhuman and barbaric and should be stopped at once by the concerned authorities.May ALLAH all people educate about this issue.

  • esimaje dorsu

    female genital multilation has caused the increase in the acquisation of infections, with the use of unsterilized object, which has led to the dealth of so many africans or country in such practice.

  • Peter

    Interestingly its Ok to mutilate male genitals bt not ok on females.

  • Adriana

    circumsion of males cannot possibly even begin to compare what females go through when they have FGM performed to them. This act is barbaric, inhumane and something so horrible. who is anyone to take away a womans desire or pleasure during intercourse. I really feel for anyone that has undergone this. this is so sad and all these people that believe in this are nothing but a bunch of savages and in my eyes need to have their own genitals scraped off instead of damaging little girls and women in these 3rd world countries.

  • Rashida P

    I hate the way they think that it is okay to tramautize young girls my mutilation. It needs to cease immediatley.. It’s terrible.

  • Cystal O

    I think it is gross and un-needed. All those countries were the woman are forced to do this.
    If we’re going to go through laybor we need some kind of enjoyment before it. Men can’t always have it their way!

  • Cystal O

    god didnt give us body parts to be cut off

  • African man

    During the development of a person in the womb, the female clitoris if formed from the same source as the male penis. As a man I can’t imagine what it would be like to have your penis (not foreskin) cut off without anesthesia. And I am a married man and I would not think that a mutilated woman would be better than a non mutilated one.
    This barbaric and traumatizing demonic behavior must stop immediately.
    May God paralyze the hand that tries to mutilate an non concerting child from now on.

  • Momo

    I think it’s disgusting a lot of you support male circumcision, but not female.

  • 94.9% of the world’s women are protected from genital cutting by law.

    The number routine male mutilations in the US alone dwarfs the global number of female mutilations.

  • I’m always sorry to see this kind of discussion descend, as it so often does, to “My mutilation is worse than your mutilation.” When both procedures are done in similar conditions, the outcomes are similar – nearly 40 youths died of tribal circumcision each year 2000-5 in Eastern Cape Province alone. (You don’t see them when they’re dead.) Doubtless the pain and danger of FGC could be greatly reduced if it were done in hospitals, as some have advocated. But can’t we agree that they’re both barbaric, both human rights violations, and must both be stopped? That’s the position of the book you recommend, “Prisoners of Ritual” by Hanny Lightfoot-Klein.

  • fredr

    It’s about time females get a taste of their own medicine. At first, when men started forcing women to worship their male gods, taking their right to choose who’d father their children and when away, the only thing they could do is cut their sons prepuce, the flesh of enhanced sexual pleasure, off and teach them it was ugly and the heavenly father god demands it, to get them to do it to their own sons. Then they learned that cutting the frenulum delta on some circumcised boys would cause sexual dysfunction so they could use it as a form of eugenics. Women didn’t know of the long term social, spiritual, and physical negative side effects it would have, and now it has doubled back onto them.
    Sometimed the delayed PTSD of neonatal circumcision is so intense that it resurfaces after puberty as paranoid delusions with audio and visual halucinations causing men to actualy think that god is talking to them and giving them vissions. Hence the Prophets, circumcision induced paranoid schizophrenics. Even pro intactivists will deny this as it means that they are worshiping a false god, too.

  • Deanna

    To make comment on the blog topic – Female genital cutting/mutilation/circumcision is horrible. This poor women suffer needlessly, often at the hands of their own mothers and family members. It needs to stop but it will be difficult to enforce when their culture accepts it and the women mutilated will often perpetuate this act onto their own daughters.

    Now to comment on the comments – this one specifically
    “Male circumcision is legitimate and allowed in Islam and has good effects on your health and married life. “.
    So…Female circumcision is allowed and encouraged in Africa and the Africans think it is good for their females health and married life. HOW exactly does it makes sense that your way of thinking is okay because it’s “right” with Islam but the African way is “wrong”????

    Let’s call genital cutting on a non-consenting minor of any race, any religion, any culture what it is – WRONG!
    No parent or religious leader has a right to demand any body part of any individual harmed or removed.
    It’s asinine that anyone would think it’s okay to do something to a certain race/religion/sex but not okay to do it to another.
    Leave innocent children’s bodies alone!

  • sirius

    It’s amazing that there are so many women who attempt to justify neonatal male circumcision – the forced amputation a sexual tissue from non-consenting boys – by being against female circumcision. It’s always the same riff: male circumcision is not as “bad”, so it’s alright. It’s a slippery slope: in Indonesia little girls are circumcised by just removing the prepuce of the clitoris for exactly the same reaons: better hygiene, fewer infections, eliminates vulvar cancer, etc.

  • Dekpe Solomon

    Male Circumcision is normal and acceptable worldwide. But female circumcision at this modern age, is not only uncivilized, it’s also barbaric and wicked.

  • Isaac

    Oh right so it’s alright for you to Circumcision a baby Boy but when it’s a Girk it’s all oh no blah blah blah.

    get a taste of your own medicine

  • John Wilks

    Victor Plenty is not a moron because personal attacks ar enot allowed. But in reality, he is. Both male and female circumcision are horrific.
    What the intelligent and educated “Victor Plenty” wants you to believe is that he actually knows what he’s talking about.

    The foreskin contains over 20,000 nerve endings. The clitoris contains 8,000.
    To say that circumcision is hardly as painful as a clitoral removal, is to openly admit he can’t do simple 4th grade math and is a moron.

  • John Wilks

    Dekpe Solomon (a jewish name) thinks circumcision is accepted worldwide????

    88% of the world think it is disgusting and think people like you are subhuman.

    At least get your facts straight, moron.

  • Dekpe Solomon

    John wilks, why the insult, can’t u make your view know without insulting others? Where do u get your fact? Let me know. Why can’t u get your fact straight b4 blasting others. Behave mature