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Female Balls – the beauty of Ben Wa

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“You don’t have the balls for it.”

“Oh yeah? Let me skip, hop and let the balls roll down my vagina.”

Insane conversation like that would generally never take place. It seems kind of silly to think that a couple of metal balls could cause stimulation in the female nether regions. Not that I have tried it but how is it different from a tampon?

Hmmm…..Lets see maybe its got to do with dry friction as the Ben Wa balls rub against each other while being held in place by the vagina walls as opposed to the moist menstual feeling of an expanding tampon.
Imagine doing aerobics and plop the balls would decide to let go. Ping, ping – they would bounce on the floor for all to see with the owner trying to grab the balls as they would roll in different directions.

Or walking down the grocery aisle and feel a sudden orgasm. Right! Now that is a sight I’d like to see; a mom with a wailing kid ,a cart load of groceries suddenly trying to smother a passionate moan and at the same time trying pay an impatient cashier.

If only these balls had a spark that could ignite shivers of pleasure at will then it would be fun to own them. 24/7 orgasms would be akin to achieving universal enlightenment as expounded in Tantricism or Buddhism. It would be a high so good for calming the mind and soul that most medicines like Prozac or Valium would become extinct.

Women would in general be a happier gender, less inclined to make demands on their boyfriends/husbands for attention or sex. A man could easily watch the game as his wife/girlfriend would have a powerful orgasm while sitting next to him.

It would mean liberation from inserting penis shaped objects to attain the ‘little death’. Men would become redundant and there would be a definite reduction in accidental birth rates.

Abstinence would be easier to follow, female masturbation would also be rare, atleast for those who would be able to afford the electric Ben WA balls.

The down side of such a sex toy could be monumental. Men would feel left out, deprived of the familiar feeling of a moist home coming or neglected even in daily life as the bond that comes with a healthy sex life would not be there with their female partner.

The institution of marriage could take a cold meaning and twin beds might make a come back or worse still there might be stipulated conjugal dates when the women would be mandated to take their balls out for dutiful sex with the hubby/boyfriend and they might prefer the Ben wa explosions opposed to good old fashioned humping orgasms.

Ah, something as small and harmless as Ben Wa balls with a little tampering could jolly well change the gender equation and the very structure on which society’s based.

If this science fiction fantasy does come true I wonder whether I would invest in these balls. By the time they do come up with these sorts of sex toys I’d probably be in my dotage. Would I want them ? Better still, even if they come up with it within ten years would I want be constantly flushed, dewy-eyed and sex-fried?

Probably not, as it would be a sort of an addictive selfish pleasure, unlike healthy masturbation indulged in once in a while.

It would be instrumental in cutting out the partner from an act that in general keeps a couple bonded.

Since I do have access to the real thing which drowns all the senses in a mass of mingled fleshy sweat why on earth would I want a clinical orgasm no matter how good, would be devoid of the loving touch of another?

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  • ben wa

    omg LOVE ben wa. i wear them throughout ovulation. i feel so sneaky and sexy

  • Fan of the Ben Wa

    I think they are great! Work those Pelvic floor muscles girls it can only make for better pleasure!

  • Jess

    “If only these balls had a spark that could ignite shivers of pleasure at will then it would be fun to own them. 24/7 orgasms would be akin to achieving universal enlightenment”

    It’s called a corded bullet with the controls strapped in a garter.



  • HotRod

    being a man or adiquit size i find that over the last 25 almost 26 yrs of marrage that there are many things you can try like the ben wa’s with you wife ……if only folks would open there minds ……..i belive them to be hot when use with your wife in the right setting

  • marie c sterna


  • S.T.M

    I’ve got a mate named Ben Wa … he runs the Lotus Garden up the road, which does an excellent crispy-skin chicken with plum sauce.

    Having read this, I can only express the heart-felt hope that he’s been washing his hands before entering the kitchen.

  • rt

    Adam, as long as the men don’t talk. Until that day I’m good with my duotones.
    I don’t understand this holding them in thing. They stay in on their own…

  • Farmers daughter

    Never saw a ben wa ball. Sounds like something we all did on the farm. My little sister and me would sneak off at night when all in the house were asleep and head to the cornfield. This was done when the corn was ready fer picken. First had to chase the coons and deer out. Well Molly Bell would find the bigest and tie 3 together with the string she brought with her. For me unlike Molly Bell Id shuck the corn. Did not want that kind of rufage if ya know what I mean. Well after we put them in with about 20ft of string between us we would run backward like a bat out of hell. Sure were the good old days.

  • Suburbia

    I have ben-wa balls and i think they are great. I just got them, tried them, think they rock. The day I got them I put them in and held them in for 10 minutes. Right after took them out and went to town on my man. I definately recommend them.

  • Flungshithi

    What the freck does this have to do with pit bulls? Ben Wa is the top dog at the Chevron pit bull classic held in Sacramento Ca on 3-15-05. Never mind Im on the won blog. Sooooosorrie.

  • K-girl

    HUH, I always thought that strong pelvic floor muscles made for better sex. Face it girls after having children our muscles down there are not what they used to be! Dont lie now… Anyway kiegles suck and I would try the Ben-was just for the same reason I exercise my body; Muscle tone! I wouldnt be afraid of not having anytime for my husband, because my sexual appetite is very large; Out come the balls and in come my man! A little exploration never hurt anyone anyway!

  • Good one, Dr Pat πŸ™‚

  • B. Lyle

    Whats next on the agenda,a report on the
    “Joni’s Butterfly” maybe ?

  • Perhaps ben-wa balls, not blonde hair, is the reason for Paris Hilton’s vacant gaze…

    It can’t possibly be that sandwich!

  • RJ, thanks for the advise but I don’t need a room nor the balls as my appetite is pretty well-fed.

  • RJ

    Oh, you and your balls need to get a room! :-/

  • Thanks Temple, I’d love to share my work with you. Just have to look into the non-x rated part of my brain to pull it all up.

    Bennett…ahem…an in-depth review would have me barred from BC forever πŸ™‚

  • Bennett

    adam – if they were attached to a person it’d be damn hard to go shopping with ’em deep inside.

    Or so I hear…

  • Until these balls come attached to a person, they’ll never beat the mighty penis.

  • Bennett

    I’m thinkin’ we should get an in-depth review of these here balls.

    I appeal to you journalistic integrity!

  • So women need artificial stimulation to show their ‘balls’? πŸ™‚

  • Lady, you’ve got … um, .. um, oh nevermind. πŸ™‚

    I’m glad I didn’t read this tomorrow morning. I have enough distractions.

    Send me some of your writing oh famous one. I think I’d enjoy it. As long as octopi weren’t involved. I’m a pretty decent copy editor as well.