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Female Activist, Not Pentagon, May be Behind Assange Prosecution

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For months the world has read that the Pentagon and its NATO allies have been behind the attempt to destroy Julian Assange’s credibility by arranging to smear him with rape charges.

Now another source is said to be more likely: a Swedish activist who happens to be a prosecutor. During the first day of a two-day extradition hearing for the Wikileaks founder in London, former Swedish Appeals Court Judge Brita Sundberg-Weitman says prosecutor Marianne Ny just doesn’t like men. “Miss Ny has a rather biased view against men in the treatment of sexual offense cases. They seem to take it for granted that everyone under prosecution is guilty. I honestly can’t understand her attitude. It looks malicious … I think maybe she wants to make him suffer.” the former judge, now a law professor at Stockholm University, testified in a British court.

Sundberg-Weitman said Ny is involved in “sexual politics.” Sweden, which in 2009 was reported to have the highest rape rate in Europe, has passed some of the strongest anti-sexual laws in the world, including one that makes failure to use a condom, if requested, a crime.

Swedish journalist Donald Bostrom, who knew one of the alleged victims, Anna Ardin, said she had lied to him about her encounters with Assange. He said she offered Assange the use of her apartment because she would be out of town. She returned quickly and instead shared the unit with him. Bostrom told AOL News that Ardin told him Assange wanted to have sex with her but she refused. Later she admitted she had lied. “She’d had sex with him right away. She said that she had the hottest man on the planet, and she was proud of it.” The hearing that will determine whether he is extradited to Sweden is expected to take two days.

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  • Interesting take, Robert. As of yesterday, Assange’s attorney issued a challenge to the Swedish prosecutor to appear in court for the purpose of cross-examination. It would be an interesting development were she to agree, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Robert Weller

    roger it makes me sick to be seen as criticizing a possible rape victim or victims. i covered the rape scandal at the air force academy and the kobe bryant scandal. however, every story should be looked at carefully. but when you are writing about rape you need to know that the overwhelming majority of cases are real. in fact a majority may not even be reported. so i can understand, in a sense, why the prosecutor would push this. it seems very unlikely to be true, though.

  • I agree, but in this case there’s too just much at stake not to look at all the possible angles.