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FeldFunker’s Electroclash Weekly #2

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Here we go with the second issue of my weekly Electroclash column… as I’m rather busy this week, just two reviews of not-so-new CDs, but these are both highly recommend for anyone who’s into electronic music:

Karl Bartos – Communication
I imply you all know Kraftwerk. If you don’t, you’re not into electronic music, and you should not be reading this. *eg* Anyhow, Karl Bartos is the guy that was responsible for most of Kraftwerk’s beats, and this is his first solo album. Unlike the other Kraftwerk guy that went solo, Wolfgang Fluer, he manages to get past a plain re-invention of the typical Kraftwerk sound. Though Communication is still heavily touched by Kraftwerk’s “soul”, it’s a modern, often very ironic and cynical, and beyond all stereotypes of current electronic music. Conclusion: not only a perfect addition to the collection of any Kraftwerk fan, but a new milestone in electronica for me. Rating: 5 out of 5 electronic apemen.

Ellen Allien – Berlinette
Ellen Allien is not only the girl of my dreams (*flush*), but one of the most progressive and unique german electronic artists. Berlinette, though not her newest album, sure raised the bar for everything minimal and electronic. The beats are *very* bulky at times, and classic 4/4 kick drums are rare – actually, I don’t think she has any of these at all! (actually, my own song Groovebot was produced under the impression Ellen’s beats). It takes some time to get into it, but once you’re into Ellen’s groove, it’s fantastic. By the way, the track “Wish” is rather unique (and successful) attempt at creating a techno ballad. Conclusion: Until I get Ellen to marry me, I’ll hug this album once a day. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Itches. BTW, you might wish to check the other releases of her label BPitchcontrol if you don’t already know them.

So much for now – stay tuned, more eurotrash next week.

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