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Feinstein rocks!

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Third Wise


No, Diane Fienstein has not ditched her political career for a hard rock one (although there are many who probably wish she would). On first listen this CD comes across as a Rainbow release that got lost. Of course, this is not terribly surprising since the band’s namesake and leader was in Rainbow’s predesessor ELF (as well as being Ronnie James Dio’s cousin), as well as being guitarist/founder in the legendary The Rods. As you would expect with this pedigree, the man knows his chops and displays them well on this CD. It’s Rainbow-esque hard-rock/metal (with some Dokken and Iron Maiden thrown in for good measure) with a singer in the Graham Bonnet mold (John West having done time with Royal Hunt and Artension.), ie with a range and power to match the guitar note for note. This is quality stuff that gets better with every listen. Its good to see that Joey DeMaio (Manowar) has better taste in selecting bands to manage than his own band’s music. Until Blackmore pulls his finger out and agrees to a Rainbow re-union, this will do quite nicely.

Rating: 4.2/5

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