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Favre “Ends” “Career” With Interception For Third Year

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Brett Favre2007 Season: In the NFC Championship game, Brett Favre and the Packers won the overtime coin toss, but on the second play from scrimmage, Favre was picked off by the Giants' Cory Webster, and the Giants prevailed on the next series, 23-20.

Later, Brett Favre would eventually retire.

2008 Season: Needing a "win to get in," but down 24-17 to the Dolphins, Jets quarterback Brett Favre threw an interception on Miami's 25-yard line with five minutes remaining. The Jets would get the ball back with 17 seconds left on their own 1-yard line, and Favre would start up a goofy desperate lateral play (complete with an illegal forward pass), but let's count the throw that had a realistic chance.

Later, Brett Favre would eventually retire.

2009 Season: Hey look, it's the NFC Championship game yet again, and we're in the final minute of the fourth quarter. Notable Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has his team on the cusp of field goal position, but a 3rd and 15 pass landed in the maw of Saints cornerback Tracy Porter. The quarter would soon expire, and when New Orleans won the coin toss, they wouldn't relent the ball as they kicked a 40-yard field goal to reach their first Super Bowl with a 31-28 victory.

Even though he's under contract for next year, Brett Favre has to be done this time. Unless he'd like to try and stretch this streak to four years.

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  • alwaysfaithfull

    Brett’s back and makin $1.3 million dollars for one hour of football for a coupla months….why not come back?

  • amrush71

    Baritone … it doesn’t matter if they went 12-4 or 4-12. Favre still ended their season with a horrible INT. It’s practically his calling card.

  • Ruvy

    Favre is still tossing a pigskin around? Why the hell doesn’t he have a job doing color for the cheeseheads or something?

  • BigBadWolf

    The Viking’s had 6 fumbles…not 2, or even 4, BUT 6!! They could have had the Tecmo Bowl version of Joe Montana (read perfect) in as Q.B. and they still would have lost. This one is definately not on Favre.

  • Selecting “Groundhog Day” was very clever!

    …and I agree with Baritone, there are several NFL QB’s that wish they were as good as Favre on one of his bad days!

  • Matt’s right: the loss wasn’t Favre’s fault. Without all the fumbles, the Vikings would have been cruising.

    The Saints had been hitting him, and hitting him hard, all night. You could read the thought, “I don’t know if I can take one more of these,” as plain as day on his face.

    So I think he decided to pass, rather than run, simply because (even subconsciously) he didn’t want to take yet another hit.

  • Where do you all suppose the Vikings would have ended up without Favre? 12-4 Season? Doubtful.


  • Big G

    I have only two words to label him…DRAMA QUEEN, or INTERCEPTION KING, or MEDIA WHORE.
    Mr Farve the only member of the 300 career interception club. Here we go again,retire or not. More press coverage, more ESPN time, etc. It will only end in an interception.

  • “He’s the interception record holder for a reason”

    Sort of like how Nolan Ryan has the record for most walked batters?

    And I didn’t mean to imply the outcome was Brett Favre’s fault. It was a team bedshitting effort, no doubt, himself included. I’m just surprised by how he keeps ending his storied career.

  • Olz

    He’s the interception record holder for a reason. Choking bitch needs to retire already, unless he wants to keep adding to his most important record: # of interceptions

  • woody

    I agree, Favre made a bad decision in the final quarter that cost the Vikings the superbowl. He had the opportunity to gain 5-10 yards and put us in good filed goal position. The turnovers got us to a tie, but Farve’s decision lost the game.

  • Favre got beat up pretty bad yesterday. I’ll bet he’s sore as hell this morning. You’d think he’d give heavy consideration to actually, truely, really and FINALLY retiring. How much more can his body take? Who does he think he is, George Blanda?

    No, I wouldn’t put this loss on his shoulders, but Matthew has a point. In tough situations, is Favre making good decisions? I hardly think he “sucks.” At 40, he’s still probably better than 75% of the quarterbacks in the league, but he certainly seems to have a penchant for pressing too hard, trying to do too much. I think he should hang up his well worn jock strap. But then, when did he ever listen to me?


  • I think Favre will be back and just (hopefully) be up front and say “look, Im not coming to much of training camp.” At this point people would be refreshed more going through the usual nonsense. Maybe thats all wishful thinking. But if he came back to erase how he went out before, this is not a good last impression either. Yes, the whole game is not on Favre, but if he just runs it 5 yards they are almost surely in the Super Bowl. He keeps making that kind of decision time and time again.

  • AlbertDAlligator

    favre sucks…favre sucks…favre sucks…

  • zingzing

    this totally wasn’t farve’s fault. if the vikings hadn’t fumbled the ball six times, we’d have at least six points, maybe more, on them at that point. yes, he should have run in the open field he had at that point. but whatever. we deserved to lose. that was shit. we were the better team, except for those 6! 6! times we decided to treat it like a hot potato. what the fuck? for a bit, it seemed like every viking who touched the ball put it on the ground. it was ridiculous. and therefore we lose. stupid.

  • I am of the opinion he should have been done last year. But I have a feeling he will be back with the Vikings next year. Not until we have another media circus of “will he or won’t he”. I mean who doesn’t want another SportsCenter commercial like that?