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Favorite Super Bowl Commercials: “Caveman,” “Baby Clydesdale”

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The FedEx “Caveman” and the Anheuser-Busch “Baby Clydesdale” commercials were the two Super Bowl Commercials that I considered the best.

Spending 2.5 million dollars per 30-second spot advertisers vie to capture the viewers’ attention. I resorted to viewing the commercials at Ifilm.com, because I missed the Super Bowl due to work. The two commercials listed above, at least in my humble opinion, tied for first place. Of course Ameriquest’s: “That Killed Him” was pretty funny and would be right up there also.

lib_seamus, a blogger on LiveJournal.com, said, “I agree. Those two were my favorites. Overall, I thought the commercials were better this year than the past year or two.”

Pathish had this this to say: “I loooooooved the Hummer commercial. The Hummer was the ‘baby’ of a mating between king kong and some other metal monster. It impressed me enough to go buy a Hummer if I were in the market.”

Which was the commercial that on one local talk radio station in Topeka, KS, callers repeatedly said was the stupidest.

She continued by saying:

“I also adored the Burger King commercial but I hear that this commercial was considered a bomb by some poll or another.

Come on … that commercial was made to be viewed by WOMEN! Men would never appreciate a lady in a tomato dress and one dressed like lettuce than another in a dress that looks like swirling mayonnaise. These components of a Burger dance around in their clever dresses then at the end they fall on this big hamburger bun to become, voila, a handsome Burger King Burger.

Men wouldn’t like this commercial and I remind you, it was the Super Bowl. I hope BK doesn’t discard this commercial if the poll is right. It was so good every woman in America will be out buying Burger King burgers.”

As for the GoDaddy.com commercials, Pat had this to say, “Who would ever hear of Big Daddy if not for their Superbowl commercials?” While an anonymous responder to a post at KevinsView.com had this to say about GoDaddy’s commercial:

“What do big boobs have to do with GoDaddy’s domain name registration service? Is GoDaddy TRYING to force women customers away, cause they are leaving like crazy. Who wants to do business with sexist pigs? Other sexist pigs, I guess.

GoDaddy better hope this commercial brings the boys running. Cause the girls are running away from this garbage.”

To which, I have to agree. It’s time to stop treating women as nothing more then eye candy and acknowledge that they have brains too. I mean come on, it’s the 21st century. Why are we still treating women like it’s the ’60s and ’70s?

I would love to hear what commercials you liked best.

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  • sal m

    my favorite was the budweiser commercial that featured a crowd at what looked like the rose bowl, flipping cards so that on one side of the stadium there was a bottle of bud and on the other an empty glass…by a series of card flips the beer went around the stadium, into the glass, filled it up and then emptied the glass to the sounds of “glug, glug, glug.” the crowd ended it with a big, “AAAAHHHHHH.” very simple and very creative.

  • Best beer commercial was the magic fridge.

    I enjoyed Fed Ex, and “that killed him”.

    Differ on the baby Clydesdale. The horse thinks it’s cool pulling a wagon. What an idiot! I would think a horse would rather be free, playing football.

    Pat’s commercials might be just for her. At the party I was at no one, including the women, liked her choices.

    Always a big fan of chimps, so Careerbuilder.com hits my funny bone. I also liked the way they expanded the world to show the woman working with jackasses.

  • Had the MacGyver MasterCard commercial been shown in the first half, I think more people would be talking about it.

  • I guess the Budweiser “Magic Fridge” was my favorite.

    Do companies see their sales increase after the Super Bowl ads? I liked the Budweiser ad, but I’m not going to run out and buy a six-pack because of it. I wonder if advertisers really get their money’s worth out of these ads.

  • I agree it is time to stop treating women as nothing more then eye candy, so as long as that doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally appreciate them as eye candy, like in a Super Bowl commercial. What a sad, dull world it would be if you couldn’t occasionally look forward to a saucy GoDaddy commercial.

    That said, the only really funny commercial was the Sprint “couch on fire” one. That one just killed me; that Benny Hill theme and the people running around in circles was a total Coke-spewing-out-of-the-nose moment for me.

  • The Benny Hill-ish commercial was funny, the baby Clydesdale ad was sweet, and the BK spot was absolutely one of the worst EVER.