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Favorite Indiana Jones Sidekick, According to Poll

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Last week I talked about a MovieTickets.com online poll on favorite Indiana Jones moments in anticipation for the May 22 release of the fourth installment in the series, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This week 2,280 people answered the question: Who is your favorite Indiana Jones sidekick?

37% – Short Round

25% – Professor Henry Jones, Sr.

15% – Date-eating monkey

14% – Sallah

9% – Marcus Brody

Some people may find the results startling. How can James Bond be beaten by Data from The Goonies? It just doesn't sound right. After all, Sean Connery was brilliantly funny as Indy's dad. I don't think anyone else could have pulled it off like he did. But don't underestimate the power of an adorable, smart alecky 10-year-old. It's not surprising that Spielberg went on to cast Jonathan Ke Quan in The Goonies, which arguably is a children's version of Indiana Jones. And let's face it – Short Round had some memorable quotes. Here's a few:

I keep telling you, you listen to me more, you live longer!

I'm very little! You cheat very big!

He no nuts, he's crazy!

Having said that, the rest of the results are odd. Like last time, I don't know if respondents had to pick one of these choices, or if they were free to write in their own. The date-eating monkey doesn't really count as Indy's sidekick. They might as well have counted the elephants from Temple of Doom as sidekicks. I'll just assume that choice was thrown in there for laughs. Marcus Brody didn't have many scenes with Indy in The Last Crusade, having spent a good chunk of the film being held by Nazis. But most importantly – where are the ladies? Marion Ravenwood should be on this list. She was a great sidekick. Perhaps she, Willie Scott, and Elsa Schneider are being reserved for a future poll titled, "Who is your favorite Indiana Jones leading lady?"

Now I'm turning this question to you all — who's your favorite Indiana Jones sidekick?

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  • Brendan Rogers

    Great article! Check out this hilarious Indiana Jones parody starring most of the sidekicks from all four films: “Indiana Jones and the Invasion of the Unnecessary Sidekicks.” Hope you enjoy it!

  • I agree with you on Marian Ravenswood. She is Indy’s sidekick, certainly moreso than either of the other female leads. She has a bigger part in the first movie than Sallah (who is otherwise my favourite) the monkey or Marcus combined, and would have cemented her position if she’d been allowed to do either of the two sequels. Unfortunately Spielberg and Lucas had adopted a foolish (IMHO) policy of having a different female lead for each movie. Marion is like Sarah Jane in “Doctor Who”; the companion that everyone remembers and thinks is perfect.