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Fathers4Justice Accuses Granada of “Violent Conspiracy”

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Fathers4Justice is accusing Granada’s Tonight program of orchestrating a “violent conspiracy” by stage-managing a physical attack by one former member of the organization on two others on March 21st, 2005, which they allege to have filmed while covertly following the organization’s activities.

The incident involved a vulnerable individual with mental health problems who had been plied with alcohol all day by an undercover Granada reporter named Mike Hardy. According to F4J members who were present, Mr. Hardy incited the person concerned to such an extent that he attacked two other members. The attack was then filmed for the Granada Tonight program by Mr. Hardy.

F4J said that program producer Adam Leary had stated in a letter of October 21st that “As part of our filming we recorded physical attacks on two people who were then part of F4J’s management committee – Jason Hatch & Michael Cox – by an F4J campaigner, Paul Nicholson.” Mr Nicholson was subsequently expelled from F4J as a result.

    Fathers 4 Justice believe that:

    1) Granada deliberately manipulated a vulnerable individual (Mr Nicholson) with mental health problems and then subsequently plied him with alcohol during the day of March 21st, 2005.

    2) That he was incited by the Granada reporter to physically attack members of the then management team.

    3) That the Granada reporter then subsequently filmed the attack.

    4) That the orchestrated attack had been intended for F4J leader Matt O’Connor who had been present for the first half of the meeting but subsequently left during an interval.

    5) That the entire incident had been contrived and stage-managed by Granada.

    6) F4J will be making a formal complaint to Ofcom about the incident.

Earlier today Fathers 4 Justice confirmed evidence uncovered by Granada’s Tonight Program, that it had considered plans to sabotage television transmitters in the run-up to this year’s general election, but had ruled-out the action after considering the impact on the public and the democratic process.

Granada plans to air the television show starting Friday.

F4J Activists found Not Guilty in Roads Trial

Five Fathers 4 Justice activists who were facing jail sentences of up to two years were today unanimously cleared by a jury in a retrial at Kingston Crown Court of endangering road traffic users during a series of gantryprotests on major arterial roads coming into London on 2nd February 2005.

The five, Jolly Stanesby from Devon, Paul Robinson from Portsmouth, Matthaus Huber from London, Darryl Westell from Oxford and Graham Manson from London all pleaded not guilty.

All five have now said that they will resume further gantry protests immediately and F4J say that they are planning a week of gantry protests across the UK within the next few weeks.

“The verdict is a victory for common sense, for justice and for all children denied access to their fathers”, says Matt O’Connor, leader of Fathers4Justice.

Well, of course they’re angry!

I’ve noticed our opposition trying to paint fathers as angry ogres, just because they want PBS to give them equal time after showing the anti-father film Breaking the Silence, the children’s stories. I used to become uncomfortable when a father would vent his hurt, anger or frustration in my direction. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable any longer, because I know that passion comes from love. These dads LOVE their children. The dads I support are not violent beasts, they’re loving fathers, fathers pushed to the limits.

George Rolph wrote a great piece on this subject last August. I think this is a good time for a second read:

Should I Apologize For Being Angry?


There is a huge and growing roll of fallen men who have given their very lives because they have suffered massive personal and/or shared damage to their families, their finances and their reputations…Men who, like my own father, have placed shotguns in their mouths. Men who have burned themselves to death in protests. Men who have jumped off bridges. Men who have starved themselves in hunger strikes. Men who have lost their sanity…Men who have gassed themselves in cars. Men stripped of their families, children and reputations…Men who have watched helplessly as crippling child support payments have destroyed their ability to earn or keep a business running. Men who have been sent to jail for “waving” at their children in a passing car and so found themselves in breach of a “no contact order.” Men trapped in horrifying and savagely abusive relationships they cannot escape from or find any help to manage, because the system set up by women, for women, will not allow them in. Men being forced to pay child support for children they did not father… Just how damn patient do they want us to be?

MensNewsDaily Blogwonks has the entire piece.

For more Fathers and Family Rights Movement News visit the Feminist4Fathers blog.


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  • Liz

    re the Granada TV article- I dont think there’s going to be a general election this year? However there is a protest taking place on November 21st at the Royal Courts Justice, Strand, London WC1 from 10 AM to 1 PM various groups protesting, no hidden agenda’s – just a message to the government to stop theiving our children- please see the link (left column) at http://www.troublesover.co.uk or

  • Liz – The TV transmitter thing relates to an (old) story in the UK media from 2004. The General Election to which the item above refers is to the UK general election which took place in early 2005.

  • david allen

    we are many in number, male, female, parents, grandparents young and old. Unite in one organisation the sooner the better or lose again and again.

  • Gordon Bayley

    I am quite disgusted with your program tonight, you pick out extremists in a body of people who are not just fathers wishing to see their children, there are grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins but mainly it is the children who are alienated from their relations. In any group there are always extremists; in my case I had a manipulative ex-wife and manipulative solicitor who stopped me from seeing my son for no just cause, contacting police on my contact days and bringing up fanatasies at court hearings.I have now lost contact with my son because the legal system is inadequate and it is biased. I just hope that the producer of the program experiences what other fathers and I are going through so that then they can write a true picture of what actually happens and what it feels like. All we are doing in fathers 4 justice is to try and get the law changed as it is in Australia and America already to stop the manipulation and alienation of children from ALL of their family.