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Fathers are falling left and right

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When is it going to stop? When will fathers be treated as equals, and not as criminals in family court? This week two of my friends have lost all contact with their children. Forever. Why? False allegations of child abuse and parental alienation. This is what they have to say:

“I am destroyed and stunned and empty! A great part of my heart has been cut out and left bleeding infront of my eyes. A vision of horror that will never leave me, not ever!

This pen of, ‘so called,’ Justice, is mightier than the sword, because it cut me so deeply, that it will leave a bleeding wound that will never heal, till the day I take my last breath on this earth!

I now cannot see my daughter again, only birthday cards and maybe a letter at the mothers discression. If I admit to my, ‘guilt,’ and come out of, ‘denial,’ and get therapy, I will eventually see my daughter. This means I will never see her again, because I will never admit to something I did not do.

I am in a dead zone and I know I am strong enough to eventually get my self together, but the heartache will never leave me. this I know.

I did not get Justice this time! But I will continue to fight for it, for others, as I am more knowledgeable now and this heartbraking experience has hardened me to these (censored)s.

Artur x. ………….Justice is coming…………”

“I can’t help my feelings and I am sorry for causing kaos on the groups but my days on this planet are few as I am destined to be just another done over father who goes down the hole.

Police stormed my house last night. I am prison bound for my last time as I am going to come off my heart medication and refuse all food and water as I have lost my will to live.

My two girls used to love me so much but now because of false allegations and PAS they are to scared to see me. Please don’t get upset Teri as the world is unfair but with people like you and F4J ( I am a Australian member ) thru their noble actions can help change the insidious cruel system. My days of fighting with police and looking into the eyes of evil judges are coming to an end. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up.

I will always be with you guys & girls in spirit.

In solidarity-dad4justice

For more information, or to support our campaign for truth, justice and equality in family law, go here: http://feminist4fathers.blogspot.com/ and here: http://www.fathers-4-justice.us

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  • Luckily many people reached out to dad4justice and he’s feeling better now. He has this to say, “I realize now…… that it would be selfish for me to think of doing myself in as I love my 4 children to much to do that.”

  • I know exactly the feelings that conveyed in this message. In my situation the enmeshment, the parental alienation, and control of telephone conversations is escalating the longer that my case goes on. But also as time goes on, my knowledge too has increased dramatically and I will help make sure that others do not make the same assumptions about justice as I erroneously did.

    Hang in there Dad4Justice and keep your head high. Even in the face of absolute defeat, never give up and never accept their decisions as anything more than coercive to make you “fit in” to their ever expanding definiton of Best Interests. Don’t make it easy on the system by laying down and let them simply drive over you. Stand up, because when the car hits you, you too will cause more damage and slow the system down so it can’t cause as much damage to the next honorable Dad. Document everything so your children can see how important they are and that you didn’t give up.

  • I wanted to just post another note to Dad4Justice and let him know that we in Michigan are still standing proud regardless of the intense coercion we suffer due to the abuses of Title IV-D welfare. Kent County Circuit Court and Kent County Friend of the Court in my case have abused the tax payer’s trust by abusing good parents, who’s only crime is that they demand equal time. We are behind you and others that are standing up to affirmative action in the courtroom!

  • dad4justice

    Thank you for the support guys & girls as I am just fresh from the High Court (12th April ) where I caused a up roar when I said to the Judge – the family court is just a brothel that is responsible for 5 years of prejudice & corruption that is a huge miscarrige of justice . I then gave him 33 exhibits to prove that – myself and my four children are the victim’s of this unfair injustice. I said 27 lawyers and countless other family court brothel professionals involved in my case are dishonest- dirty low life liars !!!! He was lost for words. I was not fearful of him as I said – can you imagine what it has been like for a falsely accused Dad ??? !!!!! He did not want to mess with me so I feed him facts for an hour and he didn’t say a word . Wise decision as I was on fire !!!! I said the police have acted like the Nazi gestapo !!!! He reserved his decision and when he left the Crown lawyer said where did I learn law . I said – tell that to my alienated daughters who are sad & tearful they can’t see their Daddy since July 2001 .I then said enjoy your kids at Easter as I will once again sit at home thinking about all the scumbags that have denied my girls the right to bond in love with their dad. I also said to the lawyer I don’t get justice in this Court I will publish everything on the net . She went white in the face and I went home .

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Dad4justice wrote,

    “I also said to the lawyer[, if] I don’t get justice in this Court I will publish everything on the net. She went white in the face and I went home.”

    Apparently there is another forum to try cases now…

  • My Opinion, That’s All

    There’s biasness in courts everywhere. Fairness in the courts without a jury is impossible. When I was a ward of the court (state custody) when I was a kid, I was never allowed to see my mom and I was tossed from home to home and then to prison-like place, then to more homes and to a boarding school type thing. I was all over the place. And they said they could raise me better? I was homeless by 18 with no living skills. And yes, I do blame the courts. If I stayed at home, I would have been stable, with my sister and my mom. There was nothing wrong with my living situation.

  • brooktinker

    I support your cause as wit: The injustice is great and malfeasence rules in a system of public hearings that happen behind beauracratic closed doors. I pray for justice “JUST-US” (bearucratic interpretation) for the parents of the children and their constituational rights.

  • Thank you, everyone, for your touching words. Please tell your stories. Don’t stay silent. Tell the world.