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Fathers 4 Justice Activists Have A History Of Abusive Behavior

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Fathers 4 Justice is a UK father’ rights organization best known for it superhero protests. The group’s latest protests are back in the news again. However, what supporters of Fathers 4 Justice are not saying is that the group has had serious internal problems. Fathers 4 Justice has a long history of harassing and intimating conduct.

Fathers 4 Justice imploded in June, 2005. Founder Matt O’Conner had written the following in a letter circulating fathers’ rights mailing lists:

For the last 6 months F4J Head Office has not been running a campaign. Instead we have been engaged in a senseless running battle with errant co-ordinators and members who have increasingly displayed flagrant disregard for the rules, regulations and agreements they signed up to and the authority of the organisation.

Theft and deception at branch level has become endemic, violence has been visited by member on member, anarchy and mob rule has replaced order, self destruction has replaced construction, disrespect has replaced respect for our aims, objectives, methods and strategy.

We have been consumed by a culture of poison and malice where gossip and half truths are peddled as fact and where infiltrators and agitators operate with impunity and without challenge.

Worse there are those who promote the patronising deceit that they only seek to relieve our burden and help F4J whilst at the same time ripping up the agreements they signed and were bound by and then conspiring to work against us by failing to attend meetings they agreed to attend, issuing demands, failing to supply information when asked and betraying confidences and loyalties.

The inevitable conclusion of this unedifying, embarrassing and increasingly dysfunctional spectacle must thrill and delight the enemies we sought to defeat. The disaffected instead of maintaining some kind of dignity in retreat email hundreds of members causing loss of faith and confidence and leave open festering wounds in the entire fathers movement where the tabloids and authorities, who also seek to bring us down, can feed.

It’s no surprise that Fathers 4 Justice imploded in such a public manner. The behavior of these men towards their own shows how harassing and intimidating they really are. If these men cannot even get along with each other, how can they possibly organize enough to the point of being effective? They crave media attention with their publicity stunts, which continue to this day, but they have not been effective in seeing their agenda accepted by the UK government. In particular, their drive to see presumptive 50/50 joint custody made into law has been rejected twice by the UK government. Presumptive 50/50 joint custody is one of Fathers 4 Justice’s main goals.

Members of Fathers 4 Justice chapters continued their bickering and infighting after the group imploded. Several chapters removed their web sites from the Internet. The group Alienated Fathers published this missive on its web site shortly before shutting it down.

Most links to F4J articles and their websites have been removed. I have felt this necessary as I cannot, in clear conscience, further support their efforts via this website and thus condone elements of their conduct brought to my attention, especially considering the unpleasant and distasteful responses of Matt O’Connor (F4J Founder) and Paul Watson (F4J Northeast) to my complaints and that of my wife regarding such conduct and the uncalled for, immature and provocative profanity I have read in response to members of other Fathers Rights groups who have questioned their methods. I personally do not approve of F4J’s recent attack on Tony Blair nor the unacceptable conduct reported after demonstrations and feel such conduct portrays Fathers nationwide in a particularly bad light, which opposing organisations would have a field day with. As a representing body of Fathers nationwide I feel F4J have an obligation, as all such organisations do, to exercise common sense and make every effort to ensure they represent Fathers as responsible, respectable, decent, mature and upstanding citizens and not tar us all with the same tacky label of aggresive, immature and irresponsible louts.

Two Fathers 4 Justice members had been expelled from the group for criticizing the behavior of Fathers 4 Justice member Jason Hatch, who dressed as Batman and scaled Buckingham Palace. Hatch claimed that the fathers’ rights campaign had “fallen apart at the seams” as far back as February, 2005. Hatch, and his Fathers 4 Justice co-hort David “Robin” Pyke, had been expelled from Fathers 4 Justice after they had been accused of duping a pensioner out of £500.

Dave Chick, a Fathers 4 Justice member who had dressed as Spider-man, had criticized Fathers 4 Justice founder Matt O’Connor. Chick has been ousted from Fathers 4 Justice during the implosion. He wrote the following to O’Connor in a widely-circulated mailing list post:

You use, abuse, and ignore countless decent people who have made f4j what it is (although you really are losing the plot of late). Your slagging off of Graham Manson, particularly the bit about him not having any children of his own, shows you to be a very sick man as well as the above mentioned. You did good early days but now you are just a liability causing more damage than good, its time for you to hand the reigns over to someone who can remain focused on the job in hand, rather than you drag the whole fathers / children‚s rights movement back to where it was before f4j began. Where is all the money going? Hhow much of it have you wasted on alcohol and other things for yourself? What did you do with the thousands I gave to f4j and what did you do with the 5 figure donation in 2003. On top of that you showed up at the last day of my trial pissed – do the right thing, better late than never and move aside.

This kind of behavior is not unexpected. In fact, back in January, there have been reports that militant fathers’ rights activists, including Fathers 4 Justice, have been intimidating court staff over the past twelve months, according to the probation officer’s union. A news report from The Guardian said that “[a] dossier compiled by the union, Napo, claims that the names of court staff have been published on websites, threats have been made against their homes, and their offices have been daubed with paint and super-glue put on locks. The dossier, which was sent last night to Margaret Hodge, the children’s minister, also includes details of incidents in which a banner was unfurled on a court building denouncing the staff who worked there as “child abusers”. Harry Fletcher, assistant general secretary of Napo, said the dossier showed that the number of incidents had escalated in the past 12 months.”

A militant fathers’ rights activist had handcuffed himself to Margaret Hodge in a form of protest for about thirty minutes. Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss has refused to meet with members of Fathers4Justice because of their intimidation tactics. She told MPs: “As long as they throw condoms with purple powder and send a double-decker bus outside my house in the West Country there is no point. They are not going to talk, they are going to tell me.”

Butler-Sloss was also critical of the time a Fathers 4 Justice activist pelted PM Tony Blair with a condom full of purple powder. This was done during an anthrax scare, and panic had ensued. She said their protests were “not sensible” and “could not lead to a constructive dialogue between aggrieved parents fighting for access to their children and the legal system.” She also said that “I cannot meet Fathers 4 Justice because they are not being sensible.”

It should not come as a surprise that the same abusive behavior these men have displayed towards government officials is the same behavior they have displayed towards their ex-partners. The following excerpt is from the article The Coming UK Coup. Bold text was in the original article.

Solicitors representing women whose ex-partners are members of Fathers4Justice claim they have been sent abusive e-mails, had their offices vandalised and stormed by protesters and have even been targeted at home.

In an even more sinister development, scores of family law solicitors specialising in children’s issues were sent hoax letter bombs last autumn. Similar hoaxes – made of marzipan with wires attached to it – were also sent to offices of the Child and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), which deals with custody issues.

These men’s ex-partners can’t talk to the press because they cannot reveal their children’s real names. However, they did speak once to a reporter, and made the following illuminating statements:

When details do emerge, it becomes obvious that in many cases, the circumstances are not as clear cut as F4J often portrays them. [F4J founder Matt O’Conner’s] former wife Sophie has said – and he has since admitted – that he had affairs, drank heavily and failed to keep to the initial arrangements for access to their children. Another F4J member, Conrad Campbell, told how he was jailed last year for texting his son on his birthday. But he had been sent on an anger management programme for attacking his former partner, and was under a court injunction.

Lawyers who act for the women also tend to refuse media requests for interviews.

Some outspoken solicitors have experienced the more intimidating tactics of the pressure group. The buildings of the Parker Bird law firm in Huddersfield were stormed this year by more than 15 members of F4J, who graffitied the walls. They presented Karen Woodhead, the head of family law, with a golden petrol can, which they claimed represented her firm “pouring petrol on the flames in divorce and childcare cases”.

Last summer, David Burrows, who was head of the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA), was ambushed by a protest outside his home. Kim Beatson, who chairs the SFLA, said: “They claim they are non-violent but they are becoming increasingly militant.”

Despite articles that say the group is only protesting what it believes is bias against fathers in UK courts, Fathers 4 Justice has a documented history of harassing and intimidating tactics. These men, and the women in the group who support them, do not represent good dads. Good dads who are having trouble with their cases are better off avoiding organizations that have displayed such destructive behavior. They are better off avoiding organizations that feed on their anger and give bad advice.


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  • MOM

    What makes you think the subject upsets me? On the contrary Teri I love this subject. [edited]

  • Gee MOM, I’ve never wished death or injury on you. I’m sorry this subject upsets you. Teri

  • MOM

    Teri you and you merry band of men need to go recruit elsewhere. We don’t want to hear your propaganda. [edited]

  • In most cases,it is the custodial mother who protects her financial gain, therefore she feeds the child�s mind with lies for it not to leave MOM, also the step parent lying about the custodial parent >> it causes PAS << It is the fathers who try to protect what is left standing for them in order to at least feed themselves and keep a roof over their heads. It is men who lost their dignity without being able to defend themselves! F4J has a bad reputation in some countries, but they grew wiser as well.They did not give up!!!! Best of all, after years, courts took notice and therefore more women ended up as NCP's. This success was necessary in order for us women to stop hunting men as if they are animals in free countries! Now, I don't know what you are going to do about this Trish, but supporting the numbers you continue to pull of the internet in order to keep your reputation amongst feminazis like yourself. [edited] Mona Lena

  • Terence

    It is such a shame that someone obviously as intelligent as you misses the whole point of Fathers angst with Family Law and has developed something of a vendetta against F4J/Fathers groups.


    F4j may well of imploded (What group eventually doesn’t) And yes like every walk of life there is the fair share of twats in F4J.

    What doesn’t change are the issues concerning family Law, children and parents that are painted too black and white and lack simple common sense.

    There are shit dads and there are shit moms but worse of all there is a shit mechanism to deal with the fallout from divorce/family breakdown. A fallout the legal industry gleefully picks up from and exploits for finacial gain.

    Your postings consitently come accross of the pro-feminist anti man slant (Seen by the cut and paste of a wife that was murdered -why paste that -what is the point -should I cut and paste a husband murdered by his wife?

    Instead of constantly gleeing over the downside of F4J and what Matt O’Connor/ Jason Hatch have or have not done why do you not focus on what is best for all parties and especially the children?

  • Trish,

    I’m sorry if you don’t like my writing style, but I can assure you, those are answers. Obviously they’re not the answers you’re looking for, but they’re answers.

    You might think that I only see the good in the fathers’ and family rights movement, but I’ve clearly pointed out to you that I see everything. I don’t see that same comprehension from you.

    You seem to only be able to see the bad. There are “bad” people in all large groups Trish, even female groups like NOW. I think the difference is that NOW has it’s own internal communications, and our entire movement hasn’t gotten to that point yet, so much of what we discuss is still on the net.

    Our lists include positive and negative exchanges. Why don’t you ever point out the posts that prove a father’s love for his child? Do you even read them?

    Do you see the ones from noncustodial mothers? I still can’t believe you tell them you care for them but you would rather see their children in the sole custody of an abuser than in a shared parenting situation. You don’t make sense Trish. Yep, you have an agenda, and it’s not what you say it is.

    Oh, the questions I asked you, I didn’t do that to insult you. I want to know. Remember, I’m all about the truth. I answered…your turn.


  • Trish: “you’re answers to questions, however, were not answers.”

    Duh, that should be “YOUR answers…” That’s what I get for typing and watching “Invasion” at the same time. 😉

  • Teri, you’re answers to questions, however, were not answers. They were rationalizations. You continue to rationalize your support for fathers’ rights groups, including Fathers 4 Justice, even after it has plainly been shown to you that members and leaders of F4J have documented histories of malicious, harassing, and intimidating behavior. Those men do not represent good fathers, and you are doing yourself a disservice by continuing to support them.

  • Teri, I don’t think MOM is NYMOM. Their writing styles are different. And, for the record, I don’t have any shadows or cheerleaders.

    I don’t feel a need to answer your “questions” because they were clearly attacks against me. They were the usual stoppers, [edited]. Not worth answering. I will say that I am a subsequent wife with a stepson. That probably comes as a surprise to you.

  • MOM, and I’m going to assume this is NYMOM since you’re Trish’s shadow and cheerleader…

    You wrote: “You are not fooling us with your sweet talk Teri. [edited]”

    My reply: Sweet talk? You mean the truth? What exactly did I say that was “sweet talk”?

    Yes, I’ve said some mean things to people on the lists. You know why? because I champion THE TRUTH. I expose the truth, on BOTH sides. If I had found most of these guys to be what you describe I wouldn’t be doing this.

    Unfortunately, as in every large group of people, you will find damaged people. Some are damaged from their experience with divorce and unfair courts, others were probably that way to begin with, and it may be why they don’t have custody.

    I’ve seen posts by women that equal in aggression posts written by men. Even some of you here today…

    Like I said, I get to know these people. Some who have gone up against me in the past, and I against them, are now my friends. There is a lot more to these dads than their anger, and that anger is JUSTIFIED.

    I know you can understand their passion. You probably feel it when you think about your own situations. It’s normal. The parents who are suffering who don’t vent end up committing suicide. We’ve all seen that. How many fathers have to burn to death or commit suicide by cop before we start to understand their pain?

    You see, you are the ones making this a war between abused women and men who want shared parenting. They are not on opposite ends of the spectrum. We actually want more of the same things than different things. You just can’t see that, yet.



    I don’t believe you’ve answered my questions. It can’t be what you said. If you wanted to expose the truth you’d expose all of it, not just the negative side. So what exactly is it Trish?


  • MOM

    AMEN Sista Trish! High five GF! You are right on!

  • MOM

    You are not fooling us with your sweet talk Teri. [edited]

  • Fathers 4 Justice members have documented histories of malicious and abusive behavior. That kind of behavior is not limited to Matt O’Connor. It’s not just about infighting. There have been allegations of fraud, theft, and deception as well. Why anyone would stand up for a group of men who engage in harassment and intimidation is beyond me. I’ve seen other fathers’ rights groups members engage in similar behavior. These are men who cannot get along with each other, let alone get along with their ex-partners, and setting up a new group because the old one imploded under its own baggage won’t change that.

    Fathers 4 Justice’s problems go back for more than a year, and it was no surprise to me that the group imploded. “Real” Fathers 4 Justice isn’t likely to be any better. Why anyone would defend a group whose members, including leadership, have such a long history of harassing and intimidating behavior makes me wonder about the real motives of fathers’ rights activists.

  • RAZ

    It is amazing how you all gang up on any one that has the guts to stand up for what is fair and remember the law is supposed to be “in the best interest of the child” NOT the mother or the father.

    Yes I was a member of the F4J movement and I also left in the “imploding” of the group. My reasons for leaving the group as with most original members was nothing to do with the infighting as reported. The gripe really is with the founder Matt O’Connor …. who is a sort of a guy that most of u r referring to. Hence almost all of the original members Women and Men have left the group and most have grouped together to form the REAL Father For Justice. Matt O’Connor is a bad name for fathers movement. End of Story.

    However ladies remember what Teri is saying – there are good fathers just as their are good mothers – bad fathers just like their are bad mothers. Any abusive parent beit a mother or a father should be singled out and should be kept away from the children. You all seem to go on about fathers being wife-beaters and whatever else. Well please ladies check out the research done by most independent bodies on this subject and you may be surprised by the results. In almost all researches done it has been found that women are just as much if not MORE likely to be the partner that instigates violence at home then a MAN.
    Anyone wants to meet a TYPICAL women who uses all the god send excuses to keep a loving husband away from his seven year old daughter then YOU ARE ALL WELCOME to experience my own personal case. Mt ex partner gives the genuinely suffering women a bad name. I have nothing to hide. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and examine my case, which is still ongoing after 2 years of me winning every court case and believe me there have been plenty.
    Come and check out this bad, wife-beating, abusing, paedophile, adulterer. terrorist, and too many other things I have been accused of a MAN and see what sort of women there are abouts that most genuine members of the Fathers rights movements are fighting against.

    I can assure you that if you put your personal pre-determined feelings about abusive men aside for one moment, even most of you if not all of you will be disgusted by the behaviour of my ex-partner adn hundreds of others I will be able to introduce you to through my contacts in the Fathers rights movements.

  • MOM-What is your point? I could post the article about the mom who just dropped her 3 sons into the SF Bay the other day. So? Both genders can be very ugly.

  • LOL- Ladies…you just don’t pay attention. Please, read what I write, okay? How many times do I have to repeat myself?

    But, I’m happy to answer all of your questions.

    Q-“Why would you support men who cannot even get along with each other in an organization setting, let alone get along with their ex’s?”

    A- Any parent who has been kept from seeing their child is expected to be under incredible stress.

    You either are, or know, mothers in this situation, so you should be the most likely to understand this. Women cry or get depressed when they’re hurting, men vent. Just because people express emotion it doesn’t mean they are dangerous.

    Remember, I’m advocating these laws because the majority of parents are NOT abusers. You keep forgetting that point.

    Of course many people getting divorced don’t get along. It doesn’t mean they are incapable of getting along, it means they’ve had no reason to have to.

    People who are parents need to put the children first, and that means (fit parents) getting along enough to co-parent. Some studies show that co-parenting lessens conflict.

    Q-Why should we believe you are any better at telling good parents from bad parents now?

    A-I don’t need to know good parents from bad parents. The judges need to know. And I mean with proof, not heresay like they use now. I say get rid of GALs, psychologists, etc, make each judge meet with the entire family and only remove custody if the parent wants that done or if there is physical evidence of abuse or neglect.

    It’s time to push the use of collaborative co-parenting because it’s best for most children.

    Q-Especially since you only know most of the fathers rights people you support from the internet and have never met most of them personally.

    A-I’ve known some of these guys for over 3 years. Yes, there are some I’ve never met in person, others I have. It’s pretty easy to spot the guys who are in the movement for the wrong reasons. And it’s real easy to spot the ones who are here out of love.

    Q-Why don’t you answer the question you posed to Trish?

    A-I am.

    Q-What drives you?

    A-Well, I’m an INFP. We are passionate about our causes. (It also helps me read people, even over the internet.)

    I used this passion to help mothers in the 80’s. I founded The Respite Center for Women and Children. Now I see the need that fathers have for representation and support. They only want what’s best for their children, and since I’ve been a children’s advocate for over 30 years, this is right up my alley.

    Q-Can you tell me what drives you?

    A-I just answered this one.

    Q-Why do you spend your time trying to discount mothers?

    A-I don’t. I never have. The only thing negative I’ve said about moms is that SOME claim abuse or neglect when it’s not true. I say this because I know it to be true. I know men who have passed lie detector tests after being accused.

    I have many noncustodial mother friends. I own an online support group for single parents and 71% are straight females. I love moms as much as I love dads.

    Q-You seem convinced that every mother who fights for custody, or shared custody, is an abuser. [edited]

    A-This isn’t a question, but needs to be addressed. I’ve never said that, not once. I know there are women who get abused by men. I’m not stupid. I also know there are women who abuse. I’m not sure you can accept that fact.

    Q-So what is it? [edited]

    A-Well, IT isn’t what you think, so I can’t really answer this. I was raised in a typical all-American family. My parents are still together, They didn’t drink, smoke, cheat on each other, argue, or abuse each other or us kids. I’ve never hurt my kids either. Sorry, I’m pretty boring really.

    Q-Tell us, please, what drives this obsession of yours?

    A-Well, I think I’ve answered this. I might add that I eyes weren’t opened to this injustice until my son had a daughter. When a 25-year-old law and physical evidence were ignored, when heresay was taken as fact causing him to be denied joint physical custody, that’s when I took up this cause. Equal means equal.

    Ladies, we want equal pay, right? We want the right to die in military service, right? Yet we don’t think men deserve equal rights to parent their own children? We think it’s okay to divorce men, usually against their wishes, then put the kids in day care instead of letting them spend time with their own (fit) fathers? I’m sorry, but I was taught that this is a double standard, and just plain wrong.

    Our society is in desperate need of the influence of fathers on their children. The government has all these Fatherhood programs. We even have fake fathers, like Big Brothers. Yet every day fathers and children are cut off from each other in family court, with no proof of wrongdoing. This is wrong, and needs to stop.

    Now before you get all upset…remember…I’m talking about AVERAGE families, not abusive ones [edited]. Please try to remember that.


    ps. More questions?

  • MOM

    Maybe the above guy is one of Teri’s good dads?

  • MOM

    Sylvania man is charged in wife’s slaying at home

    Crime scene Detective Chad Culpert, front, and police Detective Ervin Bratt leave the crime scene on Littlefield Court. Anaya


    A 42-year-old Sylvania woman was killed yesterday in her home while three of her four children huddled in an upstairs bedroom and frantically called police, authorities said.

    The woman’s husband met police at the front door after the 911 call placed at 3:06 a.m. He was taken into custody and was charged with aggravated murder, Sylvania Detective Mike Yunker.

    The body of Rhonda Anaya was found on the kitchen floor of the two-story house at 8034 Littlefield Ct. in northwest Sylvania.

    [Editor’s note: Please don’t paste entire stories from another site in the Blogcritics comments. That’s a copyright violation. Just cite an excerpt and give the link to the full story.]

  • MOM

    LOL! No every mother that doesn’t want her ex to have contact with the kids is an EVIL, parental alienating, false abuse reporting, money grubbing, bitch. Isn’t that right Teri? LOL!

  • parker

    Can you tell me what drives you? Why do you spend your time trying to discount mothers?

    You seem convinced that every mother who fights for custody, or shared custody, is an abuser. [edited]


    Tell us, please, what drives this obsession of yours?

    Get a clue, please…they’re not all bad. Just like dads, there are good ones and bad ones. Some of us can tell the difference.

  • MOM

    LOL Teri! [edited] Why should we believe you are any better at telling good parents from bad parents now? Especially since you only know most of the fathers rights people you support from the internet and have never met most of them personally. Why don’t you answer the question you posed to Trish? What drives you?

  • Cheap shot, Teri, [edited]

    I’m driven by the truth about fathers’ rights activists. Fathers 4 Justice activists have documented histories of malicious behavior. Why on earth do you support a group like that?

    I’ll go for a cheap shot now myself. Teri, by your own admission, you’ve been divorced three times, and also by your own admission the fathers of your children had abandoned them. Presumptive joint custody would not have made those men act like good fathers. Why would you support men who cannot even get along with each other in an organization setting, let alone get along with their ex’s? Fathers’ rights activists are not the poor, beleagured dads stomped down by a biased legal system that you claim they are.

    Besides, F4J claims that courts are routinely biased against fathers is not true. Harry Fletcher, assistant general secretary of Napo, said that “statistics published by the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service [Cafcass] show only 0.8% of fathers involved in family court proceedings are given no contact with their children. He said research by Napo showed that while 42% of fathers had no contact with their children at the start of family court proceedings, this fell to only 6% as a direct result of the process.”

    If you really want to help fathers, Teri, you’re better off avoiding groups like Fathers 4 Justice.

  • Trish,
    Can you tell me what drives you? Why do you spend your time trying to discount fathers?

    You seem convinced that every father who fights for custody, or shared custody, is an abuser. [edited]

    Get a clue, please…they’re not all bad. Just like moms, there are good ones and bad ones. Some of us can tell the difference.


  • Trish: “Despite their protests, they are seeing their agenda adapted in the UK.”

    My fingers were too fast. That should read “Despite their protests, they are NOT seeing their agenda adapted in the UK.

  • I can see why you’d be impressed with them, since they manage to get past security and they still get media coverage. I’m personally not impressed with them. They could fall and get seriously hurt or killed. How would that benefit their children? Plus, they jam up traffic with their stunts, and they create security breaches. I recall reading that O’Conner had said he wanted to get away from the superhero protests, but those protests remain the bulk of the publicity various Fathers 4 Justice activists engage in.

    I don’t think their publicity stunts are very effective, especially considering their documented harassing and intimidating behavior. Despite their protests, they are seeing their agenda adapted in the UK. They aren’t going to get presumptive 50/50 joint custody. They wanted to see mothers who deny visitation for no good reason sent to jail, but they aren’t getting that either. Those moms are likely to get community service, and both parents will be shunted into parenting classes.

    Fathers’ rights activists don’t understand that their activities have resulted not in seeing their agenda implimented, but it has resulted in reforms that are similar to the divorce cottage industries that exist in the U. S. Families will be shunted towards mediation, parental counseling, and similar things that make money for people who work on divorce and custody cases. These things cost money, and parents will be spending money on these sorts of things that would have been better spent on themselves and their children. Fathers’ rights activists often complain about the “divorce industry”, but they don’t understand that their protests are helping to usher in the very “divorce industry” in the UK. For what it’s worth, the same is happening in Australia.

  • interesting reading, Trish. I do remember reading, a good few mnoths ago now, that F4J had been “infiltrated” by violent agitators uninterested in their cause. I guess it was only a matter of time before F4J imploded, but I couldn’t help being impressed with the determination of those protesters who scaled various dizzying heights to try and make their point (including the one I saw first-hand in Nottingham market square)