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This was going to be a review – but I could only get through 12 minutes. That’s how long it took me to run gagging out of the room.

I had already seen a number of bad reviews of the show, but I saw a commercial that said that Eddie Murphy’s Donkey character would be guest-starring (or guest-pixelling, or whatever they call it.) and I figured to give it a shot.

If you are a parent, be warned. This isn’t Shrek. It strives for National Lampoon-quality sex humor, which I enjoyed when I was 18. But this was just Yuck. It seems to be a waste of the voice talents of John Goodman, Cheryl Hines, Carl Reiner, Andy Richter, et. al. Maybe the only redeeming quality might be that it gets Siegfried and Roy very upset.

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  • Eric Olsen

    whoa, that’s dyspeptic – thanks for the warning Bruce

  • I decided to read someone else’s review, where it’s claimed that Siegfried and Roy love their portrayal. That’s a scary thought.

  • 12 minutes, huh? You made it further than I have so far. You are a brave, brave man.

    I can’t believe NBC chose this trash to lead in their best sitcom, and, personally, their best show, Scrubs. What kind of idiot would put this in the on-the-hour spot and Scrubs in the on-the-half-hour slot?

  • You’re welcome, Eric — I felt a real curmudgeonly rush while writing it.

  • Pappy

    Actually S and R are involved in the show and like their portrayal.

    It might be funny if the show REALLY made fun of S and R, like treating them like the ambiguously gay duo from SNL. Some obvious homosexuality between the two would garner some laughs from me.

    Besides it not being funny, I don’t like it for these two reasons:

    1.) The show’s main purpose is to promote “A Shark Tale.”


    2.) The show is CHAULK-FULL of blatant corporate advertising. The Mirage, Applebees, 7-11, etc.

  • Siegfried and Roy are credited as producers… Kind of casts a shadow over the parodic value of the show, doesn’t it? I didn’t realise they were involved with the show when I first watched it though.

    Though they’re portrayed kind of straight-ish (emphasis on the ‘ish’), because they’re over the top, but they do bed women and are supposed to be mighty good at it. Strange. 😀

  • I’ve actually made through all three of the episodes to date – and find the Siegried and Roy subplots to be the best part of the show. The episode where the duo go to a 7-11 type store in search of the Big Gulp Experience was nicely silly.

    I agree that Goodman and Hines are thoroughly wasted, but Carl Reiner has a suitably dyspeptic (yes!) delivery.

  • CD

    Watch it for yourself folks instead of taking Bruce’s word for it. People either love the show or hate it and it’s those who hate it who tend to be the most shrill. What the naysayer crowd has been saying is pretty much what was said about Family Guy and even The Simpsons when they were new. There are not many who fall in the middle and those who do seem to like it more for S & R, who have been consistently hysterical.

    I love it so far. I’ve watched each episode a number of times and they still make me laugh. It’s the only Network TV show I’ve found worth watching since the X-Files ended.

    Granted the humor is definitely adult and often in the ‘bedroom humor’ category. There’s been more than one time where my jaw has dropped at what was said/done. Not that I was that shocked at the content so much as I was shocked that it would be on Network TV at 9pm. The humor found in FOTP is more akin to what you’ll find on SpikeTV or Sunday night AdultSwim than what you expect from the Networks. I like to describe FOTP as Family Guy without a lot of the sophistication. For example: I doubt we’ll be seeing jokes about Benjamin Disraeli in FOTP. With that being said, it doesn’t make it any less funny in my book. I think the ability to find humor in both FOTP and in other more highbrow comedy an advantage.

    I also find the complaints about ‘corporate advertising’ lacking much merit. When it first showed (This is assuming NBC/Dreamworks are being paid to do it) I wasn’t sure what to think but as it turned out it has never been blatant or in your face. My personal opinion now is it makes it all the more entertaining to see real life companies, such as 7-11, portrayed as they have been so far. It’s a lot easier to relate to the show when it contains something real and familiar. I don’t like the Idea of this kind of advertising in general but up to this point FOTP has very seamlessly worked the real word into it’s imaginary one. Truth be told, with the rapid spread of Tivos/DVRs you can be sure to see much worse coming down the line.

    Well, that’s my two cents.

  • I like to describe FOTP as Family Guy without a lot of the sophistication.

    That’s true, but I’d also describe it as The Family Guy without one shred of the humor of that show, too.

  • i’ve never seen it, but i did see a promo commercial for it…there were some turkeys sucking in heliumn and then gobbling their brains out.

    i laughed hard at that.

  • “and even The Simpsons when they were new”

    I watch the Simpsons, I like the Simpsons, the Simpsons were friends of mine…. this isn’t the Simpsons.

  • CD

    Tom: Oh well, you know what they say about opinions (including my own). Exercize that tumb and watch something else. I will say Family Guy is by far funnier than either The Simpsons or FOTP.

    That’s nice Bruce, but I didn’t say it -was like- The Simpsons either. I was making a comparison to the inital public reactions, not about the shows themselves.

    If you want to get into comparisons there’s a lot of Simpsonesque humor in FOTP wether or not you realize it or not. There’s one paticular scene from Episode 4 that made me instantly think of Homer and Bart talking. You could easily have taken it and ploped it down verbatum into the Simpsons without anyone the wiser. The Simpsons have influenced a lot of shows since it came out. While it’s long in the tooth ,and not on my list of often watched shows anymore, it will be hard to ever top. Every animated comedy since it has been held up to and drawn/stolen ideas from that same light. Fox even jabbed at Family Guy as a ‘Clone’ of the Simpsons if you’ll recall the one Halloween special. 🙂

  • I love the show, i think its great. You must give all new shows time to grow into themselves, this one has masterful comedic potential. Besides, what kind of tight wad doesnt laugh at the sigfried and roy bits? Cbizel

  • I tink all of you denaming FOTP are idiots. I love the show. It is a guilty pleasure that I do not feel GUILTY about. There has not been 1 episode that I have not spent at least one minute histerically laughing. Any mature person who watches it should be able to brush off the crudeness.

    If you plan to watch this, just so you know, the first episode is definately the worst in terms of sexual references and conduct, which is pretty much the reason that South Park survives today. SP wouldn’t be around if people thought the same about it as they do FOTP.

    Bruce Kratofil must write reviews for little kids shows like Dora the Explorer.

  • UK

    Typical bloody Americans, all you do is slag off decent shows that then get axed. Maybe FOTP didn’t have enough advert breaks to drag you off your fat arses long enough to get yet another steak and mega fries, oh and a diet coke of course!!!!