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Fat Girl Cleavage More Offensive Than Thin Girl Cleavage. Why?

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My breasts have been censored in Arcata, California.

It’s not the first time my breasts have been censored even when they weren’t exposed. Newspapers have refused to run the cover photo of my sixth CD, Whole Lotta Love, in a couple of narrow-minded cities. Some papers and magazines have even refused PAID ads by my record company if they used the cover photo. One reviewer liked my CD but remarked “the cover photo is obscene and in bad taste.” (Hey, I’m sorry my God-given body offends you!) And now, the poster for my Feb. 7 show in Arcata at Mazzotti’s was apparently too hot for this restaurant. They hung up the poster in front with a large bar across my cleavage, in an apparent attempt to cover up my 44 GG bounty.

I am always amazed as to what constitutes obscenity in this country. Why is a fat girl’s cleavage more offensive than a thin girl’s cleavage? Cher, Madonna, Brittany Spears, Liz Hurley, Halle Berry and countless others have all worn dresses cut so low that another inch would show their navel, pubic hair or lack thereof. They parade around on prime time awards programs and are never censored. It isn’t even considered unusual.

But if a fat girl does it, suddenly we have crossed the line of decency. I can’t help it that I have more flesh than thin people. Clothes just look different on me. There is more of me to cover and more of me that shows when I am in the same styles that skinny women are wearing. Why is cleavage any more offensive than a belly shirt or a pierced navel? I happen to think it’s all beautiful but that cleavage is especially luscious. And in a day and age when women are paying thousands to buy larger breasts, why on earth would we want to cover them up?

I am not surprised that the folks at Mazzotti’s gave into the pressure. Apparently a woman with a child came in and said she didn’t want her child seeing such a vulgar picture, so the management followed suit and covered me up. It is just a shame that one uptight person can cause an uproar that forces others to react in such a puritanical way. Did the management really think my poster was obscene? Or did the loudmouth woman bully them into submission because she hates her own breasts and doesn’t want to see mine?

Whatever the case, it makes me sad that people are so threatened by a woman with large breasts who is fully clothed. Yes, my boobs are huge and so is my ass. But that won’t stop me from taking pictures and wearing the clothes that are made for me, even if they happen to offend someone else. Yes, I will continue to wear a bathing suit at the beach, low cut dresses on stage and in photographs and no amount of scorn, censorship or “NO FAT CHICKS” stickers will make me shut up and disappear.

Ironically, my newest CD, White Trash Girl, has a cartoon caricature of me showing just as much cleavage as the photo in question. No one has ever censored the cartoon version of me or mentioned it, yet. Color me puzzled – and stacked.

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  • Perhaps we’re dealing with ‘volumetrics’ here, where the sheer volume of endowment overwhelms the senses and therefore must be controlled by those who cannot control themselves.

    BTW, glad to see you on BC. Led me to your music on iTunes and I’m going to be adding some of your songs to me iPod if there’s room.


  • TA Dodger

    Fat Girl Cleavage More Offensive Than Thin Girl Cleavage. Why?

    Because fat girls are the ones with cleavage. Flashing 80% of a double D will get you censored regardless of your weight, but you won’t find many skinny girls wtih DDs.

  • TA obviously doesn’t live in Southern California.

  • TA Dodger

    TA obviously doesn’t live in Southern California.

    Thanks for reminding me why I don’t. 🙂

  • Ivan Boesky

    Cleavage is good. Greed is good.

  • Tim

    [I am Tim, asshole]

  • hi tim, i didnt know they allowed jerks on this blog space. I have sold over 10,000 of the whole lotta love cd. I don’t think people would be paying for it if it made them vomit. But your stupidity sure makes me want to hurl.

  • Candye, rephrase your comeback:

    “Oh yeah? Well the jerk store called, and they’re running out of you!”

  • candye kane

    hey mathew thanks for your sweet remarks. If you disagree with my blog, you don’t have to insult me to make your point. Tim insulted me and I thought it was unnecessary. who are you? his body guard?

  • Dawn

    Candye, I think Matt was sticking up for you. Matt’s a good guy like that.

    Tim’s a tard, minus the re. He doesn’t qualify for a full insult.

    I think your cleavage doth offend because you are clearly and rightfully proud of it – and it’s impressive in its own right.

    Don’t pay attention to trolls on this site, rest assured they are swiftly and viciously erradicated like the scummy cockroaches they are.

    You are eyepoppingly gorgeous, regardless of your size, so just keep on keeping on!

    “candy, candy, candy i can’t let you go
    all my life you’re haunting me i loved you so.”

    Great song, thanks for making me think of it.

  • Tim

    [I am still Tim, asshole]

  • Interesting, but is the music good?

  • candye kane

    tim, i send you blessings for multiple orgasms and i forgive you for your sad comments.

  • candye kane

    Thank you Dawn, for your kind remarks. you can be my guest at a show anytime. you are obviously a confident and beautiful woman yourself. Too many women are threatened by other women. Your ability to give me such a sweet comment proves what an obviously superior and evolved human being you are. Hope to meet more people like you in this space. multiple orgasms for you too!

  • TA Dodger

    Wait! So if I’d been a total jerk, I would have gotten multiple orgasms… or if I’d been super complimentary I would have gotten multiple organsms… but because I was all neutral I get nothing!



  • At least you’re an organism:)

  • candye kane

    Multiple orgasms to you TA and a big hug too.

  • Dawn


    Hey, I call them like I see them – and Eric and I would love to go to a show. He says the music is jump blues and that’s a sound I can get into.

    Tim, I heard the last train to Stupidville just left, if you run real quick, maybe you can still get run over by it, perhaps twice even.

    Dammit, where is the can of Raid when you need it?

  • I’m just listening to your music on Musicnow.com, and think it’s great

    BTW, the Amazon rank is about 12000, up from 59000, so good luck:)

  • By the way, would you call Arcata “narrow minded?” If you’ve ever read the Arcata Eye police logs, you wouldn’t think so.

  • Dawn

    I will leave Aaman and Matt to hash out these profound questions, I am off to recoup my multiple orgasmic wishes.

    Thank you!

  • Gordon Gekko

    “Cleavage is good. Greed is good.”

    Boesky, stop stealing my lines


  • I used to work with a woman whose skirts were so short she needed a hair net. It would have been fine in bar setting, but in a medical office, no way.

    I don’t know why people have a problem with cleavage. There’s nothing wrong with it. Nipples are shown on TV (Superbowl and now wrestling) and somehow the world goes absolutely nuts. But cleavage? No areolae? No full on nips? Puhleeze!

    If people insist on covering your bosom, they obviously were bottle-fed and need to find a better therapist.

    As for size, pardon me for not starving and squeezing myself into a size 6 skirt. Really, when are people going to get over the fact that thin 1) isn’t always healthy, 2) doesn’t measure heart, or 3) doesn’t necessarily translate into some guy getting laid?

    Months ago I told a friend of mine that she shouldn’t let her weight determine whether or not she felt sexy. She shouldn’t let a man or a woman change what she feels inside. And that’s where sexiness resides – within. You can be thin and still not feel or look or act sexy.

    I’m proud of my breasts and I dare anyone to take issue with them. I swear to God, I could smother them between these babies in no time.

  • You’re gorgeous baby, and well, I don’t think Tim is a guy for the Gal’s side; whadda ya like, Tim; ummm, maybe more Boy George? ‘Dissin’ a woman no matter her size is not “Real Hetero” – not that there’s anything wrong with that…dude.. but, mi amigo…
    El Bicho is correcto… So. California – breasts as well, abundant as Candy’s, mujeres pay mucho dinero for…

    I loved your blog and I think you’re truly Gorgeous!!! Take those “Fat Chicks stickers” and just toss ’em/ not worth your time…

    My best (breast) friend has to get her bras custom-made, she’s a FF or something. She’s large on top, but a size 14 on the bottom…

  • Yup, thats a whole lot of lovin’. Heard your music…you rock girl. Time we saw some voluptuous beauties along with the barbie dolls.

  • all cleavage is good cleavage! fat girl cleavage means bigger cleavage and more cleavage. me happy.

  • I don’t think that Candye needs to gauge her self esteem based on how well she fulfills some guys fantasy.

  • I think Candye is gorgeous and her music is mind-blowing.

    This guy Tim needs our compassion for he obviously can only feel good about himself by making someone else feel bad and that is extremely sad. I cannot comprehend what makes someone pass comments like that except that they must hate themselves and the world a great deal.

    Candye meanwhile will keep on singing and keep on doing her thing and that makes the world a much more joyous place!

  • [I am 2pac, I have neither the ability to spell nor a penis]

  • “i didnt know they allowed jerks on this blog space.”

    There are some great commenters at BC, but jerks is a very kind word for some of the bad seeds that sully the site.

    You go, girlfriend!

  • [I remain 2pac, still no winky]

  • Dawn

    2pac, tell us how you really feel?

    But please do it after you have removed your teeny, tiny, itty bitty, microscopic brainclump out your stinky posterior.

    We’ll all be waiting for that momentariy lapse into intelligence…..

    or not.

  • Dawn

    Okay, I gave the Whole Lotta Love a listen. Thumbs Up – maybe all this hullabaloo will result in some sales for Candeye.

    Title track rocks – nothing like soulful white folks making good blues music. I think I might like your version better than Led Zepplin’s.

  • Mike

    [edited stuff]

  • Mike

    [more edited stuff]

  • It takes a hell of a lot more than 30 big macs with fries to get a rack like that. Part of it at least has to be genetic. The food may make you fat, but it doesn’t go straight to the chest. God played a big role in that.


  • Dawn

    Can someone please page Chris Rose, and have him lay a serious smackdown on these trolling idiots, or do we have to run them off ourselves?

    Hey, I got all day to make fun of these knuckleheads – and a full pot of coffee.

    And Dave you are right, I know where 30 big macs would go, and it’s not my front rack.

  • I’m here Dawn; I thought you were enjoying yourself playing with the trolls! Say the word and I’ll send in the cleaners…

  • Eric Olsen

    [now irrelevant]

  • Dawn

    Honestly Chris, you get nothing but the utmost respect from me. Your’s is a thankless, draining job, and you do it with aplomb. Especially the way you handled that Turboglide fellow.

    That was both righteous and highly entertaining.

    Rock on Mr. Rose!

  • My Opinion, That’s All

    I had bigguns, too, but I had a breast reduction in 1997. I never knew my true size because I just bought the largest bras I could find in the 38 (DDD full if I could find them) range and even then it was hit or miss. I’m down to a C. Most people also think if you have bigguns, you must be a whore or a slut, another reason why I had the surgery. I did it mainly because of health reasons

  • MCH

    I never met a cleavage I didn’t like.

  • I always liked a cleavage, even if I didn’t meet it:)

  • Nancy

    I think most of it is jealousy. You have cleavage, and Tim doesn’t – and never will, either, his own or anyone else’s! But seriously, thin girls don’t HAVE cleavage. Look at that poor thing from Desperate Housewives who wore a black gown cut down to her waistline (literally) at the recent Oscars. Geez, she was as flat as a board, nothing to show for it. Johnny Depp has a bigger rack, as someone put it. BTW, Candy – love the name & I think you’re VERY pretty.

  • Tim

    Are you people insane?

    you shouldn’t put your fun bags on an album cover.

    This is delusional.

  • Nancy

    Please post a picture of yourself online so we can judge.

  • Don’t take this as an insult, Candye. it isn’t.

    People who make a living selling the figures of bulimic girls are going to look at you as obscene. To them, you are a pain in the wallet, if not in the ass. The message of your cover goes directly counter to what they are trying to hustle.

    They have spent the good part of a century trying to convey the message that fat is ugly. And here you come along to prove the opposite.

    How dare you!! 😉

  • Dawn

    Tim – Can we see your funbags? Or have they shriveled up and blown away from lack of use?

  • My Opinion, That’s All

    Now, now, Tim. Throwing a temper tantrum will get you now where. There’s always implants. 😉

  • My Opinion, That’s All

    The reason why more people are becoming obese is because the “clinical normal range” for weight is getting lighter. But I do have to admit, when I was a kid, I never saw a very obese person my age. Now there are a lot. And they tend to stay that way when they grow up. HOWEVER — It’s only 50% their fault. It’s also home video games systems, 3 fast food joints on every corner, junk food, candy and “comfort food” sold at even pharmacies. Stuff like that was just not available to low income families in the late 70s and 80s. I won’t even get into the school lunch systems. We’re teaching children that eating crap like this is OK, but as they get older, they refuse to learn proper diet and refuse to change.

    And there’s people like the rest of us, Candye, me, the other posters, who honestly live a healthy lifestyle, eat right and exercise, but still cannot shed the weight. We’re trying to a positive image to the majority of the men and women who don’t fit the Cindy Crawford mentality. And really, that’s unhealthy. Putting standards on people like pedigreed pooches are disastrous.

  • Josh

    I half agree with some of you. Sometimes it is genetics that creates problems beyond our control. For some people it’s obesity, in my case it was acne. I can understand completely when you say that sometimes people just have no choice in the matter.

    I still feel that measures can be taken to lessen the problem. Playing too much Nintendo and eating too much fast food is 100% YOUR OWN fault. However, if even after changing bad habits the problem remains, then blame genetics.

  • Mike

    I think to an extent, you are correct. As far as entertainers go, the cleavage of thin women are seen as adding to the appeal of the artist. If you are not thin, then your cleavage is considered to be obscene. This is probably due to the fact that our society glamorizes appearances in the music industry, and not exactly musical talent. This is made obvious in artists such as Ashley Simpson, Britney Spears, and Hilary Duff, as well as male singers such as Clay Aiken, Marilyn Manson, and Ricky Martin.

  • Dawn

    Mike, that’s very nice of you, but really Candeye deserves the apology – as she is the one who wrote the post and had many unwarranted and nasty comments leveled at her.

    And handled it very well, considering some of the troglodytes dragging their knuckles all over the comments section.

  • M

    Get on a treadmill, pop a few ephedra, and maybe a gastric bypass or 6 and then see if people complain.

    And to all of you complaining about how you ‘just can’t shed the weight’ you’re all full of shit and hamburgers. Treadmill/Benchpress/Ephedra/atkins/lipo/bypass. Don’t make excuses for being fat. Accept it and fix it. Nobody wants to see the cleavage of a girl that weighs more than they do.

  • FAT ME

    cleavage RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Candye, I’m sorry that the ignorati have decided to spew all their twisted visions here.

    The vast majority of the readers here are rather civil. The few that aren’t – well, even peckerheads need attention, I guess.

  • Shark


    Good stuff all around: music, flesh, cheap-o marketing dressed up as an “essay” worthy of public consumption…


    ~BUT… and yall KNEW this was coming…

    this is just more explicit evidence that BC has gone from an interesting, original, esoteric, individualistic “blog critics” web sight to a FUCKING AD MACHINE with no standards for submissions. How fucking sad.

    “All news is marketing — All marketing is news.” ©1997 by Shark

    Wait till word gets out to every garage band and marginalized wannabee rock motard who can’t afford to leave flyers on people’s doorknobs. This place will be flooded with such “stories”.


    oh… and did i mention: FEH?


  • Shark


  • Hi Sharkie, I think we’re all waiting to see your blog so we can learn from the mastur master! lol

  • “I’m proud of my breasts and I dare anyone to take issue with them. I swear to God, I could smother them between these babies in no time.”

    Uh, Joanie. I take issue with your breasts.

    Does it really help the site for the comments editing to be just as childish and immature as the comments?

    And I have to somewhat side with Shark because there is a little too much self-promtotion rather than dealing with the issue at hand in the essay. I mean, how is a performance on FEB 7 considered an upcoming show? That slipped past the writer and an editor.

    If trend continues, you’ll need to register the domain MyBlogcriticsSpace.com

  • candye ,kane

    I have read with interest all of your comments. I think the real goal with blogging is to make people think about issues and why they feel a certain way about them. Some of you seem to have strong feelings about this subject but few of them actually seem to be based on fact.

    Obviously, here on this blog, most people can only resort to insults and name calling. You seem to have no idea how you have been manipulated by a culture that tells you that you’re not good enough the way you are. Our media is rife with images telling both males and females(mostly females) that we need their product to make us richer, sexier, healthier and more productive. Based on some of the comments here from some of you, I would deduce that advertising has sold you their hype; hook, line and sinker. You believe that women are supposed to look like Claudia Shiffer or some other super model. Unfortunately most of you will never even speak to a woman like that unless you are paying for it with a major credit card.

    I am proud of my body and proud of what I have acheived in music. For those of you who are concerned about my health, I have low blood pressure, low cholesteral and no diabetes. My heart is in great shape and I work out every day by either walking, swimming or bike riding.

    I am absolutely certain that I am the only writer here to have been mentioned in the Rolling Stone Guide to Jazz and Blues and appear on the cover of Hustler in the same month. So I am sure I am getting laid and acheiving multiple orgasms much more than some of you who are spending all day with your hands on a computer keyboard.

    I also want to address Sharky who said that my blog was an ad machine. Actually, I did not attach my own cd to the blog. I attached the Amazon listed book “Fat!so?” by my friend Marilyn Wann. The editors here at BC decided to attach my cd photo to my blog, by their own volition. I thought that was a very nice gesture. Of course, I love publicity. I am in the music business. This is my job and primary source of income.
    I am also a writer and am working hard on my Memoir tentatively titled “Not just your average illegitimate teenage welfare mom plus size porn star from east l.a.” Based on the overwhelming response I have received here at BC, I am sure you will all be rushing out to buy my book.

    I hope to be an inspiration for people. I know that if a person of my background can acheive a successful career in music, that anyone can live their dreams. If my body repulses some of you so much that you need to work out more and diet, that is also a form of inspiration and I am glad to so inspire. I am on the road a lot and am leaving for a three week european tour on april 14. I will miss you while I am on the road in Poland, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Holland and getting paid for it.

    I am sure when I return back to all the warm and fuzzy love I have received here thus far, that I will feel right at home.

    Love your body and love everyone else’s body too, if you get the chance.

  • MCH

    They used to make of fun of Rudolph Wanderone, AKA “Minnesota Fats,” too, because of his excessive eating and obesity. People were always warning him about his health and worried about his longevity, but he lived until his mid-80s; and in his book “The Bank Shot and Other Great Robberies,” Fatty wrote that every checkup the doctors told him his heart “ran like a sewing machine.”

  • FAT ME

    Very clever how my message was edited to say what I didn’t say. Much like a movie critic gets edited to “……Amazing…..” when what he really said was ” It’s amazing that anyone would pay to see this crummy movie” OH well, I still think it’s humorous.

  • I think it’s offensive because no one wants to see it.

    The same way no one wants to see a fat girl walking around in a skimpy swim suit at the local water park.

    And also in the same way that no one wants to see me walking around in anything skimpy at that same water park!

  • Candye, yeah, it probably has to do something with size. But a skinny gal with ample breasts are still big. I try not to waste brain space on such antiquated points of view of the ‘establishment’. They are f***heads.

    All I know is that you are a beautiful person inside and out. And you ROCK!!! Keep the sales of your CD rolling! Yeah, I do that music business thing…


  • Oh yeah, I forgot to say that this whole attack on bigger women not being skinny pisses me off.

    Look, if you are a bigger gal whose health is not in danger because of it–you know, keeping your feminine lines without having big hams rolling off your arm, legs, etc..–damn, you are still sexy as can be. Skinny does not mean sexy.

    Point being, I am not into the whole ‘fat girl’ trip as an attack on self.

    much love and hugz and all,

  • Dawn

    Shark, seriously, Candeye is right, Eric put in her releases from Amazon. He knew who she was and had heard of her music and thought it silly to not promote one of our writers out there making real music and not just talking about other people’s.

    If you don’t like her boobs, her music or her writing fine, but don’t accuse her of self-promotion, as that would be a lie and and a false accusation.

    Honestly, I am embarrassed and ashamed of how a Blogcritics writer has been treated in this forum.

    Those who contributed, including some regulars around here, to the overall digression and shitflinging contest really need to grow the fuck up and stop being total and complete douchebags.

  • My Opinion, That’s All

    I have a t-shirt that says:

    “if you don’t like the way I look… look away”

    Great Advice. Some people like us big women…and men. Looks have nothing to do with talent. That is, if your a Hollywood actress. Most of those airheads can’t act, but they got the part ’cause they are 2% bodyfat.

  • Dawn

    Also, to El Bicho, comments editing aside, Christopher Rose is also allowed to just leave a comment too if he wishes. It really is a thankless job, but in general (there are always exceptions 🙂 I think he tries to do a good job. This site gets about 1000 or so comments a day. If anyone thinks they can do a better job, just contact the editors.

    Gosh, I feel like a junior high principal.

  • Dawn, I’m not clear what you are talking about. Who said that Christopher wasn’t allowed to leave a comment? Not I. Besides, unless he’s changed his habits recently, it doesn’t look like Christopher’s work. He is usually more professional.

    My point was that I don’t see the need of stooping to Tim’s maturity level when editing his or anyone else’s comments. Do you really think calling him an asshole is going to make someone that childish stop his antics? You’re not an Internet novive. You know it only adds to the shit-flinging you are allegedly concerned about.

  • Breasts have been censored in Arcata, CA? Man, back in ’85 I worked for the Burning Spear reggae band and we self promoted a show to fill in a tour date. During harvest season. Man, there was so much nice herb just being thrown on the stage. People were pulling us over and reaching into big Glad Garbage Bags and handing us handfuls of nice bud.

    My point is (yeah, maybe i’ll get accused of self promotion also), What has happened to Arcata, CA? That would be the last place I would expect anyone’s breasts to be censored!!!!!


  • sr

    Mr.Shark#58. Belive it or not Im glad to see you are still out their. Even asked The Great Lady of Song, (Elvira Black) if Shark is still around. She said you were living somewhere in a desert. Just kidding profesor. If Ruvy chastises me because Im not respectal to you Im left without options. Of course Im full of it. Take care profesor. Try not to bite my ass Jaw’s.

  • Dawn


    I didn’t do it either, so don’t be harshing my mellow. I was talking about the one comment he left as himself. Which was kind of amusing.

    I haven’t seen anymore shitty comments – so I guess the genius who did edit it was successful. There’s something to be said for taking the wind out of a person’s sail.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, actually I DO think the tone of the worst comments had to be turned back on the commenters. Sometimes it’s best to call an asshole and asshole

  • Eric Olsen

    and Dawn is right: Candye did NOT link to her own CDs, I did. It would have been nonsensical to leave them out.

  • I have to take exception to the sentence: “I can’t help it that I have more flesh than thin people.”

    Your weight is something you can have control over.

    I have no cleavage to speak of as my older sister constantly reminded me.

    But my sister isn’t fat. People who are overweight are more likely to have diabetes among other problems. There is nothing sexy about that.

  • Thanks for trying to inspire more people to get in to porn. What is wrong with you?

  • Dawn

    Purple T. I am pretty sure I read Candeye give us the litany of her health checkup. It would appear despite her size, she is in relative good health.

    I know perfectly thin people who are total wrecks.

    Size is the end all and be all of all things – that’s kind of the point of the whole post. Why can’t Candeye be who she is without all the ridicule and judgment?

    I guess she can’t even by otherwise normal people.

  • This applies nicely:

    Only 15 percent of obese people see themselves as obese. In a study, they accurately calculated their height and weight but classified themselves as overweight, not obese. By contrast, more than 70 percent of overweight and normal-weight people accurately classified themselves. Interpretations: 1) Fat people don’t know the numerical threshold of obesity. 2) They know it but don’t want to admit they’re fat. 3) We’re getting so fat we’ve lost all perspective on what fat is. (For Human Nature’s previous update on our slipping standards of fatness, click here.)

  • Having worked in the office for anesthesiologists and cardiologists, if you are overweight or obese, you are not healthy. An obese person can kid hersef or himself, but an obese person is not.

    Overweight and obese persons have an elevated risk factor for surgery and if you’ve ever heard an assistant surgeon recount how hard it was to hold back the fat to get down to the surgical procedure, or worse, a paramedic tell about how they had to roll (and I do mean roll) an obese woman out of her bed and lug her down the stairs because she died in bed and they couldn’t get a grip on her because of her rolls of fat, then I think you’d have a different view of the problem of obesity.

    Personally, I would rather not see obese people–male or female–letting it all hang out. I also do not like looking at sumo wrestlers.

    As for people who are too skinny, or are skinny because of malnutrition or anorexia, that is also a health problem.

    My initial response was to the sentence that this fat girl as she calls herself, or any fat girl, can’t help but be fat. That’s utter nonsense.

  • Dawn

    I understand what you are saying PT, and despite my illterate comment (it should have read “not the end all and be all) my point was that being overweight doesn’t mean that a person also has a variety of health issues.

    I am not as thin as Eric is, in fact my BMI says I am overweight, but when we both had to have blood tests done to get insurance, my data showed that I was in excellent health, and I had considerably better numbers in the areas that would indicate heart disease, diabetes and liver function to Eric’s and he works out five days a week.

    So, again, weight does no always imply good or bad health.

    But clearly, being a healthy weight is optimal

  • Disinterested

    Historical examples and anecdotes concerning the potential longevity of the obese abound! Does it not occur to you that such things are hardly the stuff of valid syllogism? It reflects the sort of mentality that would justify undertaking nigh anything non-fatal.

    Forgive the temporary digression from the debate at hand, but the health implications of being of sub-optimal weight aren’t a new discovery.

    A famed Hippocratic aphorism testifies to this:

    “Those who are very fat by nature are more exposed to die suddenly than those who are thin.”

    Stick to generalisation and quantification when attempting to formulate an argument, yes?

    As for the woman/poster fiasco, is it not reasonable to assume that, in the interests of her child, she may have responded similarly to any woman being displayed in so exhibitionist a manner? You naively, no, vainly, assume that she finds the sheer size your form offensive, or that her actions are the upshot of jealously.

    You chose to thus display yourself, in reckless abandon of stylistic tact and in the knowledge that you fall outside of the continuum of popular aesthetic desirability. Don’t be resentful of the shattering of the illusion that you may actually be in some way empowered, and don’t pretend, even momentarily, that this whole rant wasn’t intended to evolve sympathy and give a transient boost to your already somatically-reflected ego.

  • Ian

    Get em out for the lads

  • K J R

    This is for anyone who is still out there? I just found this site. So I’m going to try placing an entry/blog here.

    I guess that I should start by responding to what “My Opinion, That’s All” said in #50 above, what “Josh” said in #51 above, & what Douglas Mays said in #66 above.

    I agree that standards in desired weight have changed very much over the past 50 years, and even more over the past 100 years. In that time, food has become much more prevalent and fattening, which has greatly enhanced people’s ability to obtain and maintain more weight. In fact, looking back over history and at other cultures, it seems that only what is hard to achieve is what is desirable. Human nature definitely plays some role in this, but money-making also plays a role. In fact, I even think that companies that push fattening foods are in cahoots with those that push diet products. I don’t, however, agree with the video games idea of causing weight gain. I believe that those games mostly only replace time spent watching TV. In other words, those who will be active will be active and those who won’t be won’t be. I blame the overweight/obesity problem, instead, mostly on eating out more (for convenience) and on psychology. Our society is fraught with divorce and no adults staying home to be full-time home-makers anymore, which brings on much more need for convenience with foods than in the past. Also, with the ever-increasing emphasis on slimness, food, especially fattening food, has become increasingly taboo, and the more we think something is taboo, the more we want it; and the more that something is forced/pushed on us, the more we rebel against it. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about from my own experiences: When I was in high school, I weighed about 130 lbs. and felt chubby, and I really had to battle against getting heavier. Then, once out of high school and out on my own, I gained 10 more lbs. from eating out a lot. However, in moving down south, where there were a lot more guys that were attracted to me at 140 lbs., I found that my appetite actually wound up going down and I came to feel that it was because food no longer seemed so taboo with my weight no longer seeming so taboo. Further, when I quit eating out, I quit gaining weight and, when I exercised just a little and quit having a job that bored me, I was easily able to lose weight. Conversely, later on, whenever I had a bunch of food in front of me that I felt compelled to eat, I felt too full to eat it all. However, when I then told myself that I didn’t have to eat it all, I found that I had room for it all. Another thing that I’ve found is that, whenever I’ve tried to diet, it’s only made me hungrier. Dieting can help one to lose weight, but only rather painfully – with a lot of will power and hunger – and, when you go off of the diet, you gain the weight back. Most importantly, any dieting slows down the metabolism, which goes directly against weightloss. Thus, when the often-encountered discouragement (from extreme hunger and/or hitting a plateau with weightloss because of a slowed-down metabolism) causes one to go off of the diet, one then enacts the now ever-popular “yo-yo dieting” syndrome, which causes one as much weightgain as anything. Exercise, on the other hand, speeds up the metabolism and, not only gets one into better health, but it winds up increasing one’s desires to eat more healthy foods. That’s why, in the case of anyone who wants to lose weight, I would recommend exercising (starting at your own comfortable pace, EVEN IF THAT PACE IS AS SLOW AS MOLASSES AND EVEN FOR JUST A COUPLE MINUTES, and increasing at your own comfortable pace) and eating whatever you want whenever you’re hungry, but ONLY when you’re hungry and ONLY until you’re hungry no more. Any movement forward, no matter how small, is better than no movement at all. Public schools were very bad about teaching this lesson in that they seemed to push everyone so hard in gym class that even the most athletically-inclined were challenged. In fact, one of the biggest problems with weightloss efforts (as well as potential enjoyment of exercise) is with the lack of patience with one’s self. The less patience one applies in weightloss efforts, the more the efforts are doomed to failure. Two big things to keep in mind with these efforts are that what is done to lose weight should be considered perminent lifestyle changes (because once it’s stopped, especially with diet, the weight will most likely come back on) and that even a loss of 1-2 lbs. in a month is still movement in the desired direction – that is if weightloss is desired. Also, I’ve found a plus size women’s magazine to agree with the idea that how you feel physically as well as emotionally is what counts rather than size. For example, at my 10-year class reunion, I weighed 140 lbs. and I way out-danced another female who looked to weigh about 100 lbs. I worked out. By the way, I also lost 40 lbs. twice with the above method that I recommended, and I only gained it back once I stopped exercise and started consuming more calories.

    In regards to what “My Opinion, That’s All” said in #68 above:
    I agree with the 2% body fat statement. I put an adult daughter of mine through IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) because she was into singing and was encouraged by friends. When she told them that she wore a size 0, they said that that was great. I thought that she was half-starved. I also saw many go through that program, and looks was the most important thing. Honestly, I’ve thought that anorexic skinnyness in a society with an over-abundance of fattening food has become Hollywood’s way of weeding people out of an over-coveted career field, and I frankly find the success of any “over-weight” person in that field to be surprising and very refreshing. The term “trail blazer” comes to mind here, and I find “Ruvy in Jerusalem” in #47 above (albeit with some humorous sarcasm) to be absolutely right on! By the way, even though I’m nowhere near a size 0 and haven’t been since adolescence, I’ve never had problems getting laid except when I was briefly married to and true to a fat husband who seemed to have a complex about his own weight. Still, I once wanted to be a singer, but society indicated to me that I wasn’t skinny enough.

    Candye Kane:
    First off, THANK YOU for being willing to communicate with us, um, non-celebrities. I realize that it’s got to be tough. I was lucky enough myself to get to have dinner with my favorite rock star once years ago. Please let me introduce myself. I’m a 45-year-old woman, I’ve been in a stable and semi-open marriage for 11 years, I have long bleach blonde hair, I now weigh about 230 lbs., I always had a well-proportioned chest (even at 120-130 lbs. in my youth my chest measured 9″ larger than my waist without surgery), and I used to want to be a professional singer and songwriter. There are some other things you can also tell about me from what I’ve written here. What might surprise you, though, is what lead me to this site. I was doing a google search under images for “fat cleavage”, and I must say that yours does look very nice, to say the least. I guess that I am what they call bi-curious, and I’ve always had an appreciation for large bosoms on women, but let me get this straight. I’m not trying to come on to you or anyone else here. I really only wanted to look at pictures and the words on this blog got my attention. In regards to censorship, I’ve been around long enough to see both sides of the story. On the one hand, I can see how things can be offensive, but I personally have been mainly offended by women in the weight range of about 120-180 lbs. (the range that seems to have appealed most to my husband and what I weighed in the earlier part of our relationship before he helped me to gain weight with his wonderful cooking). I personally have found it refreshing and a real turn-on to see heavier (more than 180 lbs.) women wearing tight pants or showing their thighs or anything much between the upper chest and knees. (I’m sorry if this grosses you out because I’m not a guy. Forgive me.) On the other hand, I’ve also realized that women covering up sensitizes people to where they become more like they were in the old days – where it was exciting to just see more than a woman’s ankles. In other words, it seems that whoever exposes the most is always going to be considered offensive unless everyone exposes the same amount. However, this mentality that is offended by fat women exposing more than skinny women confuses me. I’ve heard of people not liking to see the cellulite on heavier women’s thighs, which is a sight that also turns on my fat-fetish perverted mind by the way, and I think it’s just incredibly childish that they are the way they are about that. Fat women, after all, have as much right as anyone to expose and air their skin in warm and hot weather because of them getting as hot as anyone in the heat; and this problem about their cleavage exposure is the most incredible thing of all! – especially with all of the prevalence of not only boob-enlargement surgery but MAJOR boob enlargement surgery!! What the Hell!!! Boobs are about the most lovable human physical feature that God created. We eat from them for crying out loud! AND when they’ve been enlarged with engorgement of milk no less. Mmm. (I happen to know, from my own, that it tastes like a cross between melted vanilla ice-cream and melted ice-milk.) In some places, it’s even legal for women to go topless, and I’ve even been to a concert where several women just wandered around topless like it was allowed. I was with my husband and I didn’t really have a problem with it. Besides, I’ve been to a strip joint a couple times with my husband and even bought the girls, that gave us lap dances, flowers by my choice. Unfortunately, there weren’t any strippers as enticingly squeezable-looking as you.

    But anyway, I have another point to make. I really wish that singers didn’t have to turn themselves into sex symbols in order to market their products. It seems as though, if one does it, the rest have to do it to compete. That’s such a pity. Since I found this website, however, I did give your sounds from 2 of your albums a listen from clips on amazon, and I found that your genre of music isn’t really in the realm of what I normally care to listen to. However, I would say that there seems to be no disputing that you have talent in your genre, and I must admit that I particularly liked what I heard of the rebellious and feminely assertive lyrics of “Fit, Fat and Fine” and “I’m Not Getting Older”.

    Congrats and Best Wishes to you, and I hope that you comment on my entry here.

    Sincerely, KJ

  • Terrance Russell

    Ms. Candye Kane I hope that you and your sons are doing well.I would like to say that the U.S. annd the Western world are unfortunetly in the “stone age” when it comes to Big(Plus if you like) women and how we as a culure view them. I’ am a 20 year career soldier in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. and I have seen plenty of Plus-Size women get practically run out of the military due to their size, and their size did not stop them from doing their job, it only made the “Army higher ups” look bad to the world. Ms. Kane I have 2 of your CD’s(Swango, and Knockout) and I love them, I love you for your firey over the top Attitude. Keep up the good work, make young girls and women(like my 13 year old daughter) proud to be in the “not-so-thin club”. Thank you.
    Terrance Russell
    SSG. U.S. ARMY
    Medical Corps.

  • Liz

    Since you’re calling yourself fat then you actually COULD help the fact that you have “more flesh than thin people.” Maybe you could consider losing some weight for your health and for your fans.
    I really do think it’s a beautiful cover. I can also see where other people are coming from because you could totally turn this around and make it seem like you’re trying to sell pornography.

  • Tucker

    Ok I just can’t stand this PC bull that says fat people are just as sexy as normal sized people. They’re not. No one has a problem with your breast size. They have a problem seeing a fat woman’s breasts. No matter who it is it’s disgusting. And just for the record, men do NOT like large breats if they’re fake. All those women that you’re talking about going and getting larger breasts are just stupid whores who can’t attract a guy with their empty-headed personality. And don’t use that “God-given body” excuse. Technically God gave you a baby’s body. What happened to it from there is your parents fault and YOUR fault. So don’t hide behind that. Thin girls’ cleavage is hot, sexy and in good taste. Fat girls’ cleavage is disgusting, a complete turnoff, and in very bad taste except for a few sickos out there. And the only reason no one ever censored the cleavage picture on your latest cd is because the girl on the cover isn’t fat. Cleavage is ok if the person is hot. I rest my case.

  • so fat girls cleavage is not sexy but thin girls cleavage is? GEE I wonder when the world made YOU tucker, the judge of all that is sexy. I also wonder, how I managed to make all that money years ago as a topless, large sized model and even now am in the best selling Taschen coffee table book, Big book of breasts, where all the women are soft and big and have natural breasts? your logic is askew my friend. Cleavage is sexy when the wearer is sexy. The reason my poster was censored is puritanism, plain and simple. The lady who had it censored did it for her three year old child not because she didnt think it was sexy. Obviously, she thought it was too sexy or she wouldnt have asked them to censor the poster at Mazzottis!

  • Tucker

    I have to admit you make pretty good points and I like how you debate. But ever since I was made the judge of all that is sexy, I am the end-all of decisions in that realm. Here’s why your “coffee table book” sold: it’s a fad, it’s unusual, and people like to laugh at things and give gag gifts. It’s the same reason people like so see carnivals, clowns, and freak shows. No offense. The only reason you made money as an overwieght stipper is because of the sickos that I mentioned before. Those Mexican truckers were probably too drunk to know what they were looking at anyways. I agree with your “cleavage is sexy when the wearer is sexy”. However, fat and overweight is not sexy. Therefore, the cleavage of fat and overweight people is not sexy. And maybe that lady who censored your picture did it because whe didn’t want her kid growing up in a world there that is considered attractive.

  • ~Krista

    lol,,,there is some hilarious commentary on here.

    As far as the whole big boobs thing… I think it’s awesome that you have that much confidence!!
    ….but…I’m gonna have to agree with Tucker… “cleavage is sexy when the wearer is sexy. Fat and overweight is not sexy. Therefore, the cleavage of fat and overweight people is not sexy.”

  • David

    Hmmm…it seems Tucker is a…no, I won’t say it. My comment might get deleted, but let’s just say the word I was thinking of rhymes with his name if you catch my drift.

  • David

    Now for the reason I said that in my comment above. FYI, Tucker, people come in all shapes and sizes. Very few people look like those airbrushed supermodels you see in magazines. And, who died and made you judge of all that is sexy, anyway? Honestly, I’d make a much better judge since I’m overweight, myself…and I like girls with more weight on them instead of the stick figures you’re ga-ga over.

  • David

    And, Candye Kane, that lady with the kid who made the owner censor your photo cover should shove something (preferably a big pole) where she can’t see it! Big is beautiful. Don’t let Tucker or anyone that agrees with him bring you down to their level. They’re just jealous or have serious issues with themselves. The only reason I fight down to their level is to let them see what it’s like to be at their level. If anyone thinks I’m being stupid, then congrats because I’m at your level. If I’m stupid, so are you! So there!

  • David

    Okay, one more comment, then I’m going to bed because it’s late and I’m getting drowsy. If people think that thin girls are sexy but fat girls are not, then it proves that you guys have been brainwashed by our country’s stupidity immorals. Don’t deny it, either, because that’s the way of this sick country that insists anorexic girls are sexy. This is also the same country that will not allow natural nudism except only at resorts where it’s “tolerated”. Funny, isn’t it? This country is all for pornography, but they ban simple non-sexual nudity. Okay, I’m done now. Good night. Rock on, Candye Kane!

  • jack

    I think you are very sexy

  • I clearly support you…there shouldn’t be any difference..
    I find Fat Girl Cleavage more sexy and not Offensive…

  • lola

    I am a tall, thin, buxom, blue eyed blonde, and have never had a need to expose my “cleavage.” Why do it? It shows desperate, lack of self respect, and inspires contempt from other people. Men who have their mind in the gutters might be enticed thinking you are easy, but most will dismiss you as vulgar and promiscuous.

    Knowing the effect of breasts on base male natures, why would you want to generate that affect on anyone but the one man with whom you are in an intimate relationship? Read numerous blogs online and you will see the rather contemptible assumptions men and women alike make of women who expose “cleavage.” No one wants to see that. Unless people are in a sexual context with you, they don’t want your breasts shoved in their faces. It’s not sexy. it’s repulsive and gross. Cover up.