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Fat Actress – has a blog that diminishes her

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Not Kirstie Alley, who I can’t figure out.

Nope, we’re talking – hehehe – Rosie O’ Donnell. Though she allegedly has her own Web site, OnceAdored.

And I say allegedly because she has quite a nifty Web site of her own – no bells and whistles, very simply designed. but her blog is on blogspot.

Also all the posts are poems. I smell the odor of a prank and a jest going on at the expense of the New York Times who ran a piece on Rosie O’ Donnell as a blogger, since December, though only barely and picked it up more regularly in February:

She once had a cuddly relationship with millions as the warm and hilarious television personality with a visible crush on Tom Cruise, but she complicated her public image by quitting her show, announcing she was a lesbian, starting and then quitting her eponymous magazine before producing a Broadway musical starring Boy George. In the end, Ms. O’Donnell ended up with a measure of privacy, but she began to drive her friends crazy with all of her opinions.

“One of them finally said that I should start a blog,” Ms. O’Donnell said in a telephone interview from her home in upstate New York

Away fromm her talk show I always thought she was funny. I didn’t see the talk show much at all – it being in the middle of the day, but when I saw it or just clips, it always seemed manic and a little gooey.

She says in the NY Times piece she hasn’t got what it takes to write a book the way a book should be written – so she comes to the blogs to lay it out there.

Or as she describes her blog on her blog: *the unedited rantings of a fat 42 year old menopausal ex -talk show host * -married mother of four- read at your own risk – my spelling sux (add * ocd * adhd * lmnop * suv * dvd * y not me)

Her blogger profile 5897035 is thus:

Rosie O’Donnell
* Age: 42
* Gender: female
* Astrological Sign: Aries
* Born in the Year of the: Tiger
* Industry: Arts
* Occupation: artist – she said meekly
* Location: ny/miami : United States

About Me

came and stayed out – still love babs – trying to eliminate carbs – praying for peace
You’ve written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

gay is ok – it’s factory installed – like a sun roof – not much one can do about it – lefty, blue eyed, short, gay, freckles – it just is
Favorite Music

* joni mitchell – eminem – kanye west – robert downey jr

Favorite Books

* lauren slater – anne rice – pat conroy – john irving

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  • Here she blogs about meeting Martha in prison.

    Thanks for pointing me to her site, I like celebrity blogs. I go to Margaret Cho’s, RuPaul’s, and Wil Wheaton’s blogs regularly as well as blogs that give you inside scoop on celebrities like popculturejunkies or socialiteslife. Which is odd because I’ve never bought a Star, Enquirer or even a People, and I don’t watch ET or anything else like that. I guess it’s better when it comes straight from the celebrities mouth. But why again does it diminish her?

  • Steve, diminished only to the extent that one, she’s on blogspot, and two, her posts are just weird. Poetry isn’t going to get a mass audience and that poetry isn’t going to have me coming back often. Though I love poetry it is the most subjective art form there is.

  • maybe she doesn’t want a mass audience but a place to put her thoughts/opinions?

    But now I understand the point you want to make.