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Fashion Tips and Tricks for Women Over 50: Hair

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Are you still wearing the hairstyle you had in high school? Or have you opted for the “I give up” wash-and-wear short cut that requires no maintenance? Well, I’m here to tell you that a dated hairstyle or no hairstyle can ruin an otherwise fashionable look.

To choose the right hairstyle, first you must determine your face shape. Start by pulling your hair away from your face and tying or pinning it back. With a brow pencil, place dots on the widest part of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin. Then half close your eyes. What shape do you see by looking only at the dots? There are seven basic face shapes: round, oblong, heart, diamond, square, pear, and oval. For example, if the dots are wide at your forehead, wider at the cheekbones, are approximately the same at your jaw and your forehead, you’re a round. If the dots are narrow at your forehead, wide at your cheekbone, wide at the jaw, taper at your chin, you’re a pear. You get the picture. If you can’t figure out what shape your face is, ask your hair stylist for help.

If you’re lucky to have an oval face, you can wear almost any hairstyle. However, if your face is round, you want to slim the apparent cheek and jaw width to balance them with your forehead. Don’t wear your hair flat on top and don’t have a short ear-tip length—you’ll look like a moon-face. Instead, add some height on top and keep your hair close at the sides but off your cheekbones and away from your jawline. If your face is square-shaped, you’ll want to soften the angular lines. Again, don’t wear your hair flat on top and don’t stop your style in line with your jaw.

There are lots of styling tricks you can do with your hair to correct problem features. Bangs can distract from a too-high forehead. If you have a receding chin or jaw, fill in the lower part of your face to create a balance—maybe try a medium bob style. If your neck is too short, keep your hair short or wear it up and away from your neck.

If you want to have some fun experimenting with different hairstyles (and make-up, too), try a virtual makeover. You can upload your own photo or choose a model with your face shape.

Remember, when choosing a hairstyle, it should fit your personality, be easy to maintain, go with your facial features, suit the texture and type of your hair, and fit your body silhouette. So please, if you’re heavy, don’t crop off all your hair—you’ll look like a pinhead!

Worried about thinning hair? Try Rogaine. Use the men’s liquid formula which is 2% minoxidil. You don’t have to buy the brand name as long as the ingredient is the same in a generic. It may take several weeks to see results, but for a lot of women, it works.

Your hair can and should be your greatest asset, because the way you style and care for it makes a huge difference in your overall appearance. As your mother used to say, “It’s your crowning glory.”

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