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Fashion Tips and Tricks for Women Over 50: Shopping Tips for Spring

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So you’ve determined your body type and figured out what colors look best on you. It’s time to go shopping.

I’ll start with some tips for trying on clothes:

1) Never go shopping when you’re tired or depressed. This sounds logical, but many women think a little shopping will raise their spirits. It won’t. Nothing will look good.

2) Always wear your makeup and make sure it’s a good-hair day before shopping. The same is true when trying on something new at home.

3) Don’t forget your Spanx! If you don’t want to wear them, put them in your purse before going shopping.

4) Never trust a salesperson to tell you if something looks good on you. It’s a conflict of interest.

Now let’s focus on the fashion trends for Spring that you might want to try.

Long dresses or skirts: They’re not for everyone, but if you’re tall, the new floor-sweeping skirts can look surprisingly chic. For day, wear them with flats. For night, a great look is to couple a long skirt with a tailored white blouse—very fresh-looking. Let the fullness of the skirt dictate what you wear on top; the fuller the bottom, the slimmer the top. Don’t skimp on accessories. Add bangles, big earrings, or cocktail rings. Remember, if you wear all one color it elongates your body.

Hot colors and bold prints: Don’t shy away from popsicle orange or hot pink. Try it in a top and anchor it with a neutral pant in khaki, white, or black. If you love an all-over floral print dress, but think it’s too much, top it with a white fitted blazer and cinch it with a wide belt.

Something patterned: A black-and-white print will look smashing with a neon color. If you choose an in-your-face color, make sure it’s in a tailored shape such as a tunic or cropped pant.

Metallics: Glitter isn’t just for evening anymore. A sequined t-shirt looks amazing with white jeans.

Rainbow layers: Brights over brights will update any look. Wear a fuchsia tank under a turquoise open-weave sweater.

Bottom line: You don’t need to spend a fortune or buy a new wardrobe to update your look. A few well-chosen pieces and a handful of new accessories and you’re all set. Happy shopping!

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    Not your fault. We’re all susceptible to compliments even if they are insincere.

  • It’s a joke with my daughters that I always believe what the saleswomen say. I try to think I don’t, but I think I do. Pathetic! But you know how I like stories.