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Fashion: Phillip Bloch – From The Red Carpet To Everyday Life

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By the time I had the chance to bend Fashion Stylist Phillip Bloch's ear, he'd conducted 40 interviews. That, along with his longstanding career dressing stars from A to Z, makes him a fashion warrior.  Bloch made a splash with his spot-on delivery as the fashion commentator at the Emmy Awards on Sunday evening for CNN. Bloch, who for years has dressed some of the biggest stars for these red carpet events, was a solid choice for the network better known for hard news. After all, who better to ask than someone who has dressed Halle Berry, Vanesa Williams, and Heather Graham, just to name a few?

As a stylist, Bloch's mission is to ensure celebrities look their best. His goal is always to help them reflect their own style. In other words, what we see the Phillip Bloch stars wearing isn't all about the designer, or the celebrity stylist. It's about them, and that's the art and psychology of being a good stylist. For those who think stars only consult him for the big events, fashion styling has crossed over into everyday life.

"It's not only for the red carpet events, its in their everyday looks. Stars are being photographed when they go to the market, to the bank!" he said. When asked if he saw any trends from the runway being translated onto the red carpet, he mentioned that at Fashion Week in NYC, they'd seen a lot of fresh colors on the runway. Hot pink is one of them. "But, a hot pink dress on the red carpet would be a hot mess!" Bloch prefers to see bright colors as a "hot punctuation. A great scarf, a handbag, can give a new look to an old outfit. Trends are made to be seen in small doses. There's no need to scream when you can whisper."

 While the evening held fewer statement necklaces, but more on the bracelet and earring combos, Bloch points out that statement jewelery can be worked into your daily attire.  "It doesn't have to be a black-tie event to wear great statement necklaces. One can really pull things together. Pair it with a t-shirt, tank top, and jeans." Bloch talks about the "democratization" of fashion. "One doesn't have go to the designers. Great clothes at great prices are found at outlets, on the internet." In fact, Bloch pointed out that one can get a great statement necklace at thrift stores (vintage) or even H&M. "It's not like before. Mix things up!"

And what about that little purse seen on the red carpet? What does the stylist-warrior insist his clients carry? "A cell phone so they can call their family, the car, their agent. A couple of dollars for tips, ID – not that they won't be known but you never know! Oh, and mints. I like Listerine strips, and often give them to my clients."

Which brought me to my next question, my big bugaboo, which is seeing people who aren't wearing the proper undergarments. Whether it's a too-small bra, panty lines under that Gaultier-knock off, or smuggling raisinsHayden Panettierre, many people utterly disregard their foundations. "The stars want to look smooth and glamorous. Shapewear has gotten smaller, you can breathe! He favors Flexees shapewear, which can be found at a number of department stores as well as online. Remembers: when buying shape wear,  make sure you know your measurements, and try them on before you buy.

Earlier this year, I watched him on a show called Glam God. I reviewed it and mentioned that Phillip Bloch was the only reason to watch it. So I asked if there was a development plan for him to have his own show. "Fashion is so difficult to translate into a watchable show," said Bloch, who also told me that he not only likes to dress people for the red carpet, he likes to help "real people in everyday life"Giuliana Rancic look their best as well. He's thinking about a show that would combine fashion and a a bit of competition. But he'd also like it to encompass everything else that he does – writing, acting, and also working with the Creative Coalition, an advocacy organization for the arts. It's a cause he deeply believes in and also lives. Actor, writer, stylist, Bloch is far from a one-trick pony.

1. Phillip Bloch, Stylist
2. Rose Byrne wears Valentino
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