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Fashion Doll: Once Upon a Zombie’s Belle

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Many people like to recall the original versions of our modern fairytales, dark stories that included Cinderella’s sisters chopping up their feet, the Little Mermaid turning to sea foam, and Rapunzel’s prince being blinded. Prim princesses are good for cutesiness, but these stories give a streak of “grim” to their fairytales. The Once Upon a Zombie line of fashion princess dolls brings new dark versions of the storybook classics licensed from the Toon Studio by WowWee.

belle-boxBelle is among the favorites from the storybooks: bright, generous, strong-willed, and a little feisty. A secret curse has been cast upon the fantasy world has turned her, and five other princesses, into zombies. Instead of the impeccable Belle princess from children’s illustrations, we are presented with an undead, yet still beautiful, supernatural creature.

Here, Belle is imagined as a redhead with waist-length curly hair that frays ever so slightly to show the muss of being undead. She wears an eye-catching red and gold gown with the collar and hems cut jagged and is missing one sleeve to accent her ragged zombie nature. To add to the gothic effect, her dress features a skull at the waist and a spider-web petticoat worthy of Wednesday Addams. Belle’s eyes are wide and haunting: not quite green, not quite hazel, but able to gaze into the deepest corner of a soul, whether man or beast. Fitting to the zombie-nature, she is also barefoot, has hands twisted and reaching like a crypt-keeper, and features a scar on her face that glides through one eye.

Once-Upon-A-Zombie-Belle-DollThe Belle zombie doll is excellent for collectors who want something a little beyond the usual. She is packaged in an almost tomb-like box in a pose fit for display and held carefully in place by several strings to ensure she will not fall loose. As one of six princesses from the zombified universe, she could stand as part of a collection worthy of conversation.

For those who prefer to open their dolls from their boxes for play, Once Upon a Zombie is among the best lines of fashion dolls out there. Belle has numerous joints for maximum articulation at her shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck, hips, and knees. Belle can be posed as a delicate dancer or with rigid arms-out as a walker calling for brains. Her hair is exceptionally soft and may be brushed with an accessory heart-shaped, scar-covered brush. With great design and the new undead theme, Belle can make for hours of original play-time.

Belle from One Upon a Zombie is an excellent addition to the collection of anyone who loves fashion dolls, the undead, or all of the above.

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