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Farrell No Bond

I mentioned last week that Pierce Brosnan won’t be back as James Bond – he recommended Colin Farrell as his replacement. Now Farrell has declined:

    In an interview with Reuters on Sunday to discuss his soon to be released film “Alexander,” Farrell, 28, was asked about a suggestion by the outgoing James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, last week that he get the job because “he’ll eat the head off them all.”

    ….”The idea of me playing James Bond got into the press, but it is not true. I would not like to do it … they should find someone the audience has no history with,’ Farrell said.

    ….Finding a successor to Brosnan as agent 007, the character who has sold nearly $4 billion in tickets since “Dr. No” hit the screens 42 years ago, has been the subject of intense speculation for months.

    Brosnan fulfilled his four-film contract with “Die Another Day” in 2002. The next film is not slated to come out until 2006. Others names mentioned as possibilities to put on Bond’s trademark tuxedo have been Hugh Jackman and Jude Law. [Reuters]

I think for the next Bond film they should gather all of the Bonds — Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Brosnan — together at the old agent’s home.

More on Farrell’s forthcoming Alexander here.

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