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Farewell to Fashion “You Couldn’t Possibly”

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Future Destination Records recording artist, Farewell to Fashion, play music that is not only emotionally stirring, but also solid, rock oriented and relevant.

Their freshman effort, “You Couldn’t Possibly”, is a unique blend of the best elements of noise rock, emo and punk. The listener is treated to an aural display of talent that is a breath of fresh air compared to other attempts in the music scent to blend rock anthems with punk rock flare. Yes, what Farewell to Fashion is being done by countless other bands out there right now. Yes, some are doing it better, with better mixing and production. But Farewell to Fashion brings to the table a drive and intensity so profound and electrifying, you almost feel as if they are playing directly to you—something that the over produced clones in the “big” business, aren’t doing today.

This album was a breath of fresh air in a world filled with aural stink. After listening to several other punk rock albums in a row, this one could still bring a smile to my face, a tap to my toes and a snap to my fingers. A grade “A” performance.

By Jeff Petermann
Action Attack Helicopter Magazine

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