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Fantasy Art in Stained Glass

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The Glassmasters company in Richmond does not have a high profile but they have been in business for over 30 years and make really good stuff.

If you have seen their products first-hand it is likely that either you have bought or been given a piece or you have seen them in the gift shop of a major art gallery or museum. Their range includes approved reproductions of original works in many major galleries but what many people don’t realise is that they also do other works, including a few works of fantasy art which I particularly like.

These may be found and bought at StainedGlassPhotography.com but here is The Magical Bubble Fairy as an example This one is from an original work by Josephine Wall and there are two other Glassmasters pieces based on her works. These make really great gift items.

The manufacturing process involves the application of many layers of colour onto the glass, each one followed by a firing in an oven, culminating in a final “bake” at over 1100 degrees which ensures that the colours are totally fused and will not fade, no-how. For about the same price as a delivery of flowers you can buy your loved one something which will last a lifetime.

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  • lily garcia

    I love this picture. I actually own the puzzle. It would be great if you could send me a poster my email if possible..
    Lily Garcia

  • Teri

    Your work is an amazing array of beauty and expression within your self as an individual, as l see in my own eyes it’s another expression for myself that could be incorporated into your picture but with my eyes in a differnt realm as l see within my own reflective uniqueness, l feel together we can see our own sense of well being. If intereted in my idea please feel free to email me. Thanks for your beauty in a time for all of us.

  • Wayne

    I love it, but my girlfriend’s died in the move. Can anyone help me? [personal contact info deleted]

  • That is a beautiful piece! And I agree, Glassmasters does do great work!