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Family vacations are a way for families to spend time together in recreation.  Holidays and school breaks are the most common family vacation times.  At the core, the family vacation is a pleasure trip, so the idea is to have fun.  Finding the right destination can be a fun, yet challenging process.  Typically, choosing where to go means factoring in the ages and interests of each family member.  Family travel blogs are a great resource for finding kid friendly destinations that fit your family style.  They often have reviews and travel tips, and are typically written by parents who’ve been there.

Finding time to get away with your family is important to the health of any family.  Being together for an extended period of time, away from the distractions of daily duties, naturally gives way to more communication between family members.  The memories of shared experiences created on family vacations live on forever in the stories family members tell years down the road. These shared activities also help to create a sense of community and define the family as a unit.

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