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Depending on where you live, a family vacation can last a few days to a few months.  Regardless of the length, sharing time away with your family is a long-held tradition.  Some families return to the same place year after year, while others try to never visit the same place twice.  Often family vacations are centered around holidays, allowing time to visit extended family members. 

Families travel in various modes of transportation.  Some like road trips, whereas others prefer air travel or cruising.  The destinations are as varied as the families, as well.  Camping is a popular way to travel for budget and eco-conscious families.  On the other end of the spectrum, many families enjoy luxury and international travel. 

The challenge is to find fun and age-appropriate activities for each family member.  It’s helpful to keep a loose itinerary that accommodates each person’s interests.  Searching family travel blogs can assist in planning by helping parents find family travel tips written by other parents.

Whether it be a holiday at Grandma’s or spending summers at the beach, the family vacation is a wonderful tradition that’s important to keep.

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