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Family Court with Judge Penny Brings A Unique Touch to Daytime Court Shows

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Judge Penny Brown Reynolds has brought a unique touch to daytime court shows. She doesn't just rule on cases involving families — she also finds what's at the root of the problem and starts healing the troubled relationships. Referencing her own difficult childhood she tells litigants that anything is possible. She grew up one of four children raised by a single mother. She was homeless at one point and had to sleep in her car. She managed to beat the odds by excelling in school. These hardships help her to relate to others, while her successes allow her to set an example on how you can't let your situation be an excuse for not trying.

Judge Penny has a strong yet compassionate approach to cases. She has a way of putting someone in their place without stripping them of their dignity. It is quite something to watch. Her style doesn't leave room for the litigants to take the defensive, so they are left actually listening and learning. In one case a daughter complains her mother wears rather revealing clothing. Judge Penny tells the mom she is so beautiful from the inside there isn't a need to reveal so much of the outside. See what I mean? You really can't argue with that now, can you? Don't get me wrong — for those litigants who seem to have trouble listening, the judge will raise her voice to get their attention. However, she is firm and direct without being demeaning.

Judge Penny is also a minister, having been ordained before taking the television bench, which may explain her tough but gentle nature. She has a level of compassion so far unseen in television courtrooms. In one very touching episode a suicidal mother brings her rebellious daughter to court. Judge Penny's questions reveal the pain and anger that cause the teen to act out. The judge shared with the girl that her own childhood was hard and yet she still was able to live her dream. As the case was coming to a close, the judge asked the girl to come up to the bench to speak with her. The teenager promised to try harder, Judge Penny asked how she can be sure she means it. The girl offered her pinky in a promise which brought the judge to tears. At the end of the case the judge said she can only advise from her own experience and that she knows there is so much promise in the teenagers future. She tells the girl she is being held to their pinky promise and sentences mother and daughter to therapy to help heal their relationship.

When I watch Family Court with Judge Penny, I get the feeling I'm watching something special take place in front of me. I believe everything happens for a reason, I know in my heart Judge Penny was brought to television to reach as many people as possible. There is something about this lady, something special. She's like this angel, a gift of pure love wrapped in a judge's robe.

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  • wanda easterling

    Family court with Judge Penny should really be on daytime tv. She is spiritual, inspirational, and gets personally involved. At 5:00am, there is limited viewers, but during daytime tv, I think a lot of people will be affected by her show. If trash programs (Jerry Springer, ect) can get prime times, in these desperate times, we need someone who is as compassionate as Judge Penny.

  • I agree..you can email or call your station and request a better time. Get your friends to also.
    I have a small page up of support…you can email me from there and I’ll also send a email.

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  • Kathleen Siegel

    I love Judge Penny. She has inspired me to try hard to be closer to my sister. I hope I don’t get hurt. I think she is full of hate towards me. I love her and all my family members. Since my mother died we have had alot of problems. I you have some advise please let me know.

  • Cathy

    Now that you know Judge Penny personally, you should write an article about what a witch she is in person. What she did to you would make a great article.

  • pkuiee

    I love Judge penny court tv show I watch her every day at 5:30 and how she is a god send too everyone and hope she stay on tv.

  • Whittney

    I love watching judge Penny and was hoping that I could get her mailing address because as a 23year-old sometimes I feel like need a little encouragement from someone who undertands the obstacles I face in life.

  • Whittney

    I love watching judge Penny and was hoping that I could get her mailing address because as a 23year-old sometimes I feel like need a little encouragement from someone who undertands the obstacles I face in life.

  • Ruthie

    I requested to have this article removed from my listing but its BlogCritics policy to not delete published articles.

    I no longer feel the same way I did when I wrote this article. So please do not form any opinion about this topic from what I have written.

  • Levon Jackson

    I would like to b a guest on family court. I have two young children, I am a single father. My childrens mother is constantly making vicious legal assults at me via false claims, restraining orders, custody motions and depriving of parental rights. I share equal joint custody with the mother, the children live with me equal time. I need her attacks to stop, my children are suffering for her jelousy and selfish attacks. Me and my children need help. Please contact me at levon_83@hotmail.com so I can learn how to submit my case. Thank you!

  • Ruthie

    Levon..the show has been cancelled for a couple years already…only on one season.