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Family Alien – 12th House Saturn, Scorpio Moon conjunct Uranus: Astrology-Based Advice

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alienHi Elsa,

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships. See, I don’t like my parents or my sister. I love them to death… but if I weren’t related to them, I wouldn’t voluntarily associate with them.

Since I’m also getting divorced, I’m wondering if there isn’t something fundamentally wrong with me. My dad once said that the reason for my divorce is that “familiarity breeds contempt”. I don’t think he’s right, but I’m realizing I don’t know what the problem is.

Maybe I sabotage happiness with unreasonable expectations of what it’s is supposed to be. Do I build up some unrealistic, archetypical ideal of family that no one can live up to?

I don’t think I do, but I’m just not sure anymore.

Call Me Confused

Dear Confused,

There are three main issues in your mail, perfectly reflected in your chart.

Number one, you have a reality that is extremely permeable. For example, your father makes a comment and you are completely undermined. He’s wrong… but is he?

You have a reality that dissolves, which is a textbook case of Saturn in the twelfth house. There is very little you can do to defend yourself, but awareness can help. At times you will have clarity but then it dissipates without warning. It’s as if the tide is high, and then it goes out all of a sudden. And you’re left standing there on the beach wondering what you were just wondering and why. Sound familiar?

You probably wrote me during one of those times where you’re just standing there bereft. And chances are excellent that by the time you read this, your reality will have returned and you don’t need this at all. ::smiles:: But here it is anyway… for the next time.

Second, the family thing. You have a Scorpio Moon (family) which really needs to be emotionally connected. You’d be fine if it were not conjunct (hooked up with) the planet Uranus which wants FREEDOM. In this case, you want freedom from Moon things, which are family and emotion, primarily.

See, Uranus is not really of this world. And with Uranus conjunct your moon, you feel like an alien in your family. Not just your immediate family, but your homeland as well. Get it? This is larger than your family. This is huge.

And it brings me to your third point. Relationships! Divorce aside, you don’t have particular problems in love relationship, the way that plenty of people do. Your lessons and your discomfort is not really about the other person. This is all within you, as outlined above.

Good luck.
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