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FAME! I’m gonna live forever!! (and more on why celebs are attracted to Kabbalah)

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Got a not-very-flattering mention in this blog: http://www.citizenofthemonth.com/2005/06/05/kabbalah-101/
As you can see we are rectifying the situation …

And yes – I’m learning Kabbalah and that is connecting me to eternity. So I actually feel like I’m going to live forever, even if and when this physical body I happen to be in right now checks out in a few decades. As Rav Laitman puts it – we leave all our worldly goods and accomplishments behind when we move on – the only thing we take with us to the next stage is our spiritual advancement. Think about that.

Everyone is concerned right now with why all these big celebs are attracted to Kabbalah – what the connection is between Kabbalah and money and fame etc. The connection is that these people more than anyone else have exhausted all means of advancement in this world. They’ve achieved everything there is to achieve here and naturally want more.

But of course Rav Laitman explains it better than me – here it is in his own words – after being asked why Madonna came to Israel of all places to make her clip:

“I told them that the person comes to a state, when he or she ostensibly achieved in this life all he ever wanted. Nevertheless, he suddenly realizes that he in fact has nothing. He understands that by increasing his desires he will only intensify his suffering, i.e., he will increase the emptiness of his Kelim, his sensations. So instinctively, he begins to search for an alternative method of fulfillment and discovers that this method is at a level that is higher than the usual pursuit of pleasures. We see that, after satisfying their big desires, people like Madonna suddenly feel that it is not the end, that there is more pleasure waiting to be received.”

And again just for the record – a person studying authentic kabbalah is not allowed to earn a single dime from teaching it to others, or from anything remotely connected to kabbalah – to do so would endanger the spiritual level they have reached. And no genuine kabbalist can reside outside of Israel or be away from Israel for any extended length of time – it’s difficult enough as it is to advance in Israel – a land that has special spiritual powers – but outside of Israel it is impossible for people at a high level to advance.

Foremost Kabbalist Michael Laitman, PhD is broadcast live every morning from Israel on www.kab.tv

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